Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Naksh takes Kirti home

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aditya saying if I m true, then none will stop Krish from coming to me. Naira slaps him. Kartik drags him out and scolds him. Aditya goes and thinks everything can be cured, but not doubt, it will be fun now. He says now my revenge will be fulfilled. He smiles and goes. Naira says we know Aditya is a cheap man, tell Kirti that we don’t need paternity test. Kartik says sorry Naksh, its not easy to hear this, but we get our relations tested in such times, you are sensible, you won’t do my mistake, right, trust your wife, she loves you a lot, she can never cheat you, don’t hurt her, relation will end if love and trust end. Bhabhimaa asks Naksh to end the matter. Naira gets dizzy. Everyone holds her. Kartik asks what happened, come with me, you aren’t fine. Naksh worries. Naira signs Naksh to agree. Naksh asks Kirti to come home with him. Kirti asks really. He nods. Naira and Kartik thank Naksh. They give Kirti’s hand to Naksh. Dadi thanks Lord.

Surekha says Kirti is lucky to get a husband like Naksh. Kartik says Kirti and Naksh have much love. Naira faints. Kartik shouts Naira… Bhabhimaa says you did good to get Kirti back. She wards off bad sight. Kirti hugs Naksh and thanks him for trusting her. He makes her away. He says don’t be happy, I had to do all this. Naira gets up. Kartik says doctor asked you to rest. She asks how is my baby. The balloons shower on them. They smile. He says there was a call from lab, tests were positive, we are going to become parents, Kairav will become big brother. He hugs her. He says you will get supplements, your pregnancy will be perfect. Everyone smiles and wishes them.

Naksh says there are many problems in your Maayka so I had to get you, I can’t forgive you so soon. Kirti cries. His watch gets stuck to her bracelet. He removes it angrily. Kartik and Naira say we can tell Kairav that he is going to become big bro. He gets the family tree. She smiles. They put a baby’s pic in that. Kartik’s pic falls down. Dadi thanks Lord and prays. She says I want to prepare for the baby coming. Gayu thinks Naira is my sister, her happiness also matters to me. She says I will also help. Dadi says yes, stay at home, I will go to temple and come. Naira looks for Kartik. She prays to get help. She cries and worries. She gets some paper. She comes to Kartik. He asks what happened. She says I was looking for you. She smiles and hugs him. He says wait, what’s this. She says I was worried for you, heart gets afraid when I don’t see you. He jokes what if you go out of the house and look for me. He takes her pics. He talks to his baby. He says I was packing a gift for you, you have come, I will give it to you.

She likes the little anklets. She says its just like Krishna gave me in the dream. He asks really, its good, it means our choice is same. She says I got this paper and came here. Kartik says so baby has got you here. She asks what’s that. He shows the jars. He says husband makes a chit for his wife, she reads the message every day, it keeps her and baby happy. She thanks him. She reads, your baby will become angel guide in the times of difficulty. She asks why did you write it, I m tensed. He says calm down, it can be any little difficulty, we will become mum and dad during this pregnancy. He lies in her lap. Wind blows. He says we can’t tell anything of weather and life, it can change anytime. Kirti cries. Naksh takes his bedding and leaves the room. Everyone celebrates Naira’s pregnancy. Naira asks for Kartik. She shouts. She sees Kartik and smiles. He goes away. She says where are you going. She wakes up from the dream. She looks for him. She slips down the stairs.

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  1. wat is it with the males in this show doubting their wives……I mean rly it was bad enough when it was kartik but naksh 2 god the makers r ruining their characters…..

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