Falling In Love Again (Part 24)

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Coming to story

Bul- What you want to ask me ?!
Pragya- Not on phone call. Let’s meet.
Bul- Di, Is everything OK ?! we just met few hours ago..
Pragya- Nothing is Ok Bully.. Just meet me soon. Please. I have to ask you about most important thing in my life.
Bul- Ok Di.. Tomorrow when college will be over, I’ll come with Aliya.
Pragya- No….!!! Bully don’t come here. We will meet at the coffee shop near our house. And in the morning itself. I can’t w8 more now.
Bul- Ok Di. Tomorrow we will meet at coffee shop before my college.
Pragya cut the call and had tears in her eyes. Thinking- I wish Bully knows the person. Ohh God why are yoh putting me in such dilemma. As I’m married to Abhishek. But I can’t forget my Mr. Sun even for a second.. Why God why…??!!? Is this all written in my Bhagya !?
Abhi enters the room. Pragya was still looking at phone,lost in thoughts.
Abhi came in front of her.
Abhi- How am I looking !?
(Pragya was scared of his sudden appearance. Mobile fell down from her hand.)
Pragya- You scared me.
Abhi- (making face) Hey I know girls are ready to die for me.. But not because of me. I’m not scary. I’m sweet,little, chubby boy.
Pragya- No. Not in that way.. I mean I was scared because I didn’t notice you coming, that’s why I was scared.
Abhi- Arey yaar leave. See how is this locket looking on me..?
Pragya- very good. It suits you.
Abhi- I have a surprise for you.
Confused Pragya- surprise ??!
Abhi- Yes, surprise.
He turned the locket and it was written Jinny at the back side.
Pragya laughed seeing this.
Pragya- What is this.. Why you wrote Jinny.
Abhi- Hey Don’t laugh. This is my lucky name.. So no jokes (Abhi making serious face)
Pragya- I mean why Jinny. You could write my own name which, I think, is also good.
Abhi- Ya ya I know but this name is magical. So Jinny.. When ever I have to ask something I can just say to it.
Pragya- ok ok..
Abhi- Ok I’m tired now.
Abhi goes to change his clothes.
Abhi- Let’s sleep.
Pragya’s alarm system came into quick action. She stood up from the bed.
Abhi- I mean you also should go and change and then go to sleep as today was also very tiring day.
Pragya rested her alarm system and they both slept.

In the morning Pragya woke up early and got ready. Abhi was still sleeping. Pragya looked him and couldn’t take her eyes off because he was sleeping like a baby. She for lost in his cuteness for a while and then regained senses.
Pragya thinking- You have to go to meet Bully. I have to go early. and before that I have to meet Dadi to take her permission.
Pragya left him sleeping as she was in no mood to disturb him.
Pragya- Dadi
Dadi – Pragya beta..
Pragya touched her feet.
Dadi – Jug jug ji beta ( Long live my child)
Pragya- Dadi I have to go to mandir.. As I daily used to go to mandir.
Dadi- But beta there is Mandir in our house. So you cam pray to God here only.
Pragya couldn’t think of any excuse. So she just started to move without any further discussion.
Dadi- Why are you sad Beta. If you feel like this then go. Don’t get sad beta. God is everywhere. If you get peace visiting temple, you must go.
Pragya- Thanku Dadi.
Dadi- Beta ask any driver he will take you to mandir.
Pragya- Ji Dadi.
Pragya went with driver to the mandir.
Pragya- Rony(Driver) you can go home as I may take time for prayer.
Rony- No worries Mam. I will w8 for you here only.
Pragya thought- If he stays here,how will she go to meet Bul.
Pragya- Ok. But you can w8. Meanwhile you can have your breakfast in that shop.
Pragya pointed to random shop. So he would not know where she will be going.
Rony went there still looking at Pragya and Mandir. He kept looking there only to make sure when Pragya comes out of Temple he will be there with the car.
Pragya- What to do now. He’s still looking in this direction only.
Pragya went inside and when Rony was not looking at her she went to meet Bul.
On her way she saw Bul standing on the other side of the road. Pragya met Bul. They went inside the coffee shop.
Pragya- Bully I want to ask you something very important.
Bul- Yes di.. But what you want to ask ?!
Pragya- yesterday you were telling me something about Mr. Sun. Do you know anything about him ?
Bul- yes di.
Pragya eyes sparkled with happiness.
Pragya- tell me what you know about him !!!!
Bul- I knew you don’t now about him.
Pragya- (desperately) Bully, don’t beat around the bush. Tell me clearly please.
Bul- Di your Mr. Sun is my jiju.
Pragya- Don’t call him jiju.. I’m married now your jiju is only ‘YE’ (Abhi) now. Tell me who he is !?
Bully – That’s what I’m telling you Di. Mr. Sun in none other than my jiju Abhishek, The Rockstar.
Pragya didn’t know how to respond. She kept quite for some time.
Pragya- How do you know that ?!
Bul – When you went to meet Jiju. I mean your Mr. Sun, he was wearing mask. When I came to take you to home, he removed his mask and I saw his face. But I didn’t know you did not see him. You also never asked. I thought you know that’s why you agreed to marry him without giving a second thught.
Pragya broke into tears. She couldn’t hold herself inside. She covered her face with her hands and cried.
Bul – Di why are crying. Please stop crying di. I can’t see you like this.
Pragya gathered herself.
Pragya- I agreed to marriage because Maa already said yes to Dadi. I couldn’t disobey her.
The person whom I was missing every second was with me only. How I could not identify him ? Why did I not feel hus presence ?!! Why… Why…. Why. !!?

Pragya hugged Bul in excitement.

Bul – Di go nd meet the love of your life.

Pragya went out of the shop thinking all the moments she had with Mr. Sun as well as Abhi. Tears were still not stopping. She kept wiping her face. And lost in the thoughts she was crossing the road. She was not bothered about any traffic on the road.


Pragya met with an accident.

Precap- Pragya taken to hospital. Bul called Abhi and informed him about her accident.

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  1. It was a superb episode..finally she came to know the truth…very excited for next episode…best of luck

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    It’s good that you are posting daily now…
    Best wishes

    1. Prabhigya

      Thanku Iyena . Working hard and trying to be punctual 😄

  3. Yup..this episode is really nice..waiting for ur next episode ..post as soon as possible

  4. Woww.. It’s such an amazing episode… I am waiting for ur next episode.. And this episode was emotional too..

    1. Prabhigya

      Thanku Kuttyma..
      One of my reader suggested this revelation to be emotional.. So just trying my best to keep up with all your expectations 😊

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