Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Kartik scolds Naira

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Surekha saying they removed Kartik’s pic. Naira says what do you think of themselves. Manish says its called focus, they will remove Naira’s pic next time and just show hands with jewellery. Kartik says its their magazine and their wish, we should forget this matter now. Kirti asks Lacchi not to make sounds while eating. Lacchi refuses to eat and goes. Devyaani says she is strange, she makes a face always. Kirti says its okay. Lacchi comes to Kirti’s room and sees her jewellery box kept open. Devyaani comes there and doesn’t see anyone. She goes. Naira asks shall I take formals with me.

She shows some dresses and packs bags. She says Mihir said the clients are big people, Either bollywood star or big politician. Kartik thinks maybe I have fever, if

I tell Naira, she will worry. She hugs him. She says I miss you. He says I miss you too. He kisses her. He thinks to message the designer to do changes. Naira says I can’t believe how designs got approved at once, don’t know who can handle this, you have habit to deal with any clients, if they rejected my designs, I would have cried, it will take long to become like you.

Devyaani comes to talk to Lacchi. She says she slept, I will talk to her when she wakes up. She goes. Lacchi hides. Manish comes and asks is the packing done. Naira says yes. He says keep everything you need. Kartik asks are you upset. Manish says I m worried that Jadejas are confirming designs and order, why aren’t you able to sort this out. Kartik gets a call and says just do the changes they want, we have many clients to serve. Manish asks what happened. Kartik says I will manage. Naira gets Mihir’s call. Kartik says this client copies Mihir’s designs, what shall I do about the briefing not given to us. Mihir says both Jadejas and Scindias have competition, it means MK and Goenkas have competition, come to workshop, we have to leave for Delhi. She says I can’t do competition with Kartik. He says you have to face it to survive in market. She says we are taught, families first, I will choose my relations, not work. He says whatever. Suwarna asks Naira to come downstairs.

Manager says Mihir’s every piece is unique. Kartik says then you make the jewellery by him. Naira asks what happened. He says don’t talk to me. She says maybe I can help. He says let it be. Kartik says Chennai clients sent mail. Akhilesh says its sorted, Jadejas have no problem with designs, they have sent the money, they spoke to Mihir. Manish asks how did he know this. Kartik sees Naira. She says I told him, I just shared it. Kartik asks what was the need, they are our competitors. She says I didn’t ask Mihir to talk to him. He says you are new here, we are doing this work since years. She says sorry, I was just helping. He says no business house shares secrets with others, nothing is imp than reputation, our respect will get zero if anyone knows this, you are also our competition. She says I didn’t had this intention.

Manish says lets end this here now. Naira gets sad and goes. Kartik goes after her and says take care, all the best. Maine socha bhi na tha….plays… She waves to him. She leaves. He calls her and says I m sorry. She says I didn’t feel bad, its fine, please don’t misunderstand me, I love you. He says I love you too. She says once this marriage work gets over, I won’t take any work, I will be with you. He smiles. Naira sees Lacchi going in the auto. She says she looked like Lacchhi. She calls Kirti and says I thought I saw Lacchi. Kirti says no, she is sleeping in her room. Naira says it happens something. Lacchi meets someone and gives the bag.

Kirti comes to room and sees the blanket kept over pillows. Krish cries. Kirti goes. Suwarna comes to Kartik and thinks to talk to him. He coughs. She asks what happened, have water, why didn’t you say you have fever. He says I have light fever. Dadi shouts Manish and Akhilesh. Everyone comes. Dadi asks them to call a doctor. She panics and calls Naira. She scolds Naira and says your husband is ill. Naira asks what. Dadi says he is ill, he has fever, he isn’t able to get up from the bed. Naira says I didn’t know. Dadi says you should have known it. She ends call.

Dadi says I would have heard it if you said, you scolded me. Naira says you are saying wrong, I m not arguing. Kartik asks her to stay quiet.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    1. She is new maid in Singhania house. But she has intentions to rob

  2. She is not a maid, she is devyaani’s relative.

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