Muskaan 16th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Sir ji gets badly trapped

Muskaan 16th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gayatri coming to the brothel. Tabassum looks on shocked. Ronak gets a laundry man and asks Muskaan to take rest. Muskaan says we have to teach kids how to work hard and be independent, we can’t make them depend on money all the time. She sits to wash clothes. He says fine, listen to me. She says sorry, I m tensed about Gayatri. He says don’t worry, Sir ji’s crimes will be known. Sir ji worries when Vikram and his staff raids the office. He gets Tabassum’s call. He doesn’t answer. Rakhi sees Gayatri and asks how did you come here today, its good. She jokes on Gayatri and laughs. She says you won’t get anything here. Gayatri says I have come here to get soil for making Mata idol, I will give something in return, I decided to do Tula daan according to the weight of my family,

my entire family will come to this brothel. She calls Bua, Ronak and Sir ji, and asks them to come to the brothel.

She tells them about Tula daan she wants to do for getting the soil. Sir ji doesn’t hear her voice well and is shocked. He says what’s this new drama now. He calls Tabassum and asks are you fine, why didn’t you tell me about Gayatri. She says I called you many times. He says IT has raided the office, you should have messaged me, be with Gayatri, I m coming. He goes to Vikram and asks him to continue the raid, everything is open, staff is here, he will come back in some time. He leaves.

Muskaan and Ronak come to the brothel. Muskaan sees the place and recalls her childhood. She asks do you want to see my past according to my perception. She says Sujoy and I used to play here, we played many games, this is Aarti’s room, she used to read books here, she liked reading books, she loved colors, she kept her room colorful. Gayatri and Ronak look on. Muskaan says Aarti used to see me from this window, I didn’t hear her always, I used to make drawings in childhood. She gets her drawing book and shows to Gayatri and Ronak. She shows a chest and says mum used to hide me in this chest, she got me here by hiding me, she wanted me to stay away from everyone, she didn’t wish me to become part of this brothel.

Muskaan cries and says this couldn’t happen. She sees her old stuff, books and school bag. She says this chest used to hide my toys and books with me. Tabassum comes and says your entire family is here. Gayatri says this won’t take much time. Sir ji comes running and sees his entire family. She asks why did you call me here. The girls run and hold his leg, calling him Sir ji. He gets worried. Gayatri is shocked. She asks do you know these girls. Tabassum says everyone knows him, he doesn’t know them. She insults Muskaan.

Gayatri asks them to come for Tuladaan. Vikram comes with staff. He stops them and says there will be IT raid here. Sir ji is shocked. Vikram says I followed Sir ji and came here, I got to know that this brothel is also on your name. Gayatri and entire family are shocked. Tabassum thinks if he asks for brothel papers, he will see Sir ji’s name. Sir ji says you can’t blame me, I have no relation with this. Dolly says he is my dad. Sir ji asks do you know Vikram. She says yes. Bua ji scolds Vikram. Vikram says I will check the papers and find out. Tabassum says I run this brothel. Vikram sends his staff with her to find papers. Sir ji worries.

Dolly blames Muskaan and says Ronak made Vikram do this raid. Sir ji says Muskaan just wants to ruin me. He points gun at his head. Gayatri is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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