Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Dadi agrees to Baisa’s terms

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik saying sorry. Manish says sorry you got hurt because of us. Kartik says this will never happen again. Kirti hugs them. Naira smiles. Manish says I love you. Kartik says I don’t need to say, you know I love you more. Manish says Papa will always try that you don’t get hurt. Kartik says its a brother’s promise that you won’t get hurt. Kirti holds their hands and says your try is big hope for me, thanks.

Dadi asks how will we manage Janmashtami between wedding preparations, pandit did not come. Pandit comes. He says sorry I got late, your Samdhi women Rukmani and Baisa came, they took some time. Dadi says they would be thinking about Janmashtami. Baisa calls him and asks do you have my purse. He says yes, shall I send that home or give to your Samdhi, I m at Suhasini’s house. Baisa worries and says no need, I m coming, don’t tell…. The call ends. He sees his phone battery dead. Rukmani says we are gone now.

Dadi says we can arrange Jhanki in pandit. Naira talks to Bhabhimaa, Devyaani and Rajshri on video call and says maybe Dadi called our pandit, I will see. She says Baisa has come here. Baisa and Rukmani greet them. Dadi and Naira ask Baisa how did she come. Baisa says I forgot my purse and came here. Naira says I would have got it. Baisa says I came to give dakshina. Pandit gives her purse. Baisa gives money. He says why not, puja is not done. Naira asks what puja. He says Naksh and Kirti’s….. Baisa says puja for Kirti. Dadi asks just Kirti, its amazing. Rukmani says no, by Naksh and Kirti’s name. Baisa asks pandit to go. He leaves. Naira says I will call Kirti. Dadi says yes call her, she will be glad that her inlaws people came to meet her. She asks Baisa did she come far for little thing. Kirti comes and greets Baisa and Rukmani. Baisa hugs her. Dadi gets surprised.

Devyaani says Naira didn’t call again. Bhabhimaa worries. Surekha says pandit ji forgot his diary. It falls down. Naira picks it. Dadi says I will send it, you sit here and talk to Baisa. She gets shocked reading the diary. She asks Baisa to come and sit in her room, they can discuss about things. Rukmani says we are ready to adjust as you say. Dadi says I will manage this alone, you all do your work. Baisa and Rukmani go with Dadi. Surekha says Baisa is doing puja for you, she is not annoyed, isn’t it good. Suwarna asks don’t you find it strange. Naira says yes, I hope as its seen.

Dadi scolds Baisa and Rukmani. Dadi says I did not talk there as Kirti would have got hurt, I know you are doing Shuddikaran just for Kirti. She shows the diary. Naira talks to Rajshri and says I feel scared as if something is going to happen. Dadi, Baisa and Rukmani come down. Dadi says they are going, get sweets for them so that relations turn more sweet. Naira smiles.

Kartik says we won’t have same caterers. Manish asks why, people praise the food. They argue over their choices. Manish asks why are you offended, I was telling this to that man, I m sorry. Kartik says I m sorry too, leave that, check this. Manish likes on. Kartik says I will check reviews. Kartik and Naira see them and smile. Kartik gives tea to Manish. Kirti gets emotional. Naira goes.

Devyaani asks Bhabhimaa why is she lighting diya again. Rajshri says its good Baisa and Dadi did not fight. Bhabhimaa says I will make sweets. Rajshri asks her to make something of Baisa and Rukmani’s choice. Coffee falls over Kartik’s hand. Manish says I m so sorry, go and dip hand in cold water. Kartik says coffee was not too hot, its okay. Manish sees the coffee fallen on table. Kartik laughs. Manish says I know why you are laughing, I scolded you when milk spread on table, then I used to drop tea for many days, you also scolded me back. He cries and says really a curse affected me that our relation came to this point. Kartik looks at him.

Naira asks Dadi why did Baisa come here. Dadi says she told you. Naira says no, something happened. Dadi says Baisa is changing and wishing good for Kirti, I m glad, its our duty to fulfill their expectations, marriage should not have anything less. Naira asks her not to worry. Manish tells Dadi that he will take Kirti to office tomorrow and distribute sweets and bonus to workers. Dadi says no, she has to go for puja. Naira says fine, we will do puja and then go. Kartik says its right idea. Dadi says no, just Kirti will do puja and come back, her inlaws will be there. Kartik says atleast Naira can go. Dadi says none will go, why do you all go against me, its small puja, Kirti will go and come, you all do your own work. She goes. Manish asks what happened to her. Akhilesh says maybe she is in stress, as marriage is close. Kirti says I know Dadi is much worried for me. Naira thinks matter is something else, does that diary has something. She asks Surekha about diary. Surekha says its there, I will give it when pandit comes. Naira checks diary.

Kartik sees Suwarna taking his mum’s necklace and reacts rudely. He says its my mum’s necklace Dadi, how did you give this to her. Suwarna gets sad.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Kaina1

    Hello guys I hope u ol r going grt well cominf to today episode
    Lets start with first scene that is b/w manish and karthik keerti well I am surprised that manish goenka can say sorry well I now it is supposed to be emotional but guys I find it artificial I mean before kaira marriage keerti used to run behind karthik and he used to be in his world same goes with manish all these years keerti was suffering for domestic violence he was always telling her to adjust more but suddenly when she cried now both of them are like we love you I mean I would have enjoyed it if cvs would have given this track its time to develop but then again they have to show naira great anyways these emotional kind of artificial scene are better than over the top angry drama goenka scene so I wont complain
    Second scene well bua dadi rukmani and dadi goenka well I don’t actually want to comment bothe part are semi right dadi goenka did her maan-mani when it was kaira and bua-dadi is doing same when its keesh after all at the end naksh is the only heir of shinghaniya and in these case ppl go to any extend
    But cvs you show rajshri scene with kaira only I mean did rajshri forgot her chiku I mean no one in shinghaniya sadan ever talks to naksh everyone is either talking to naira or karthik guys its naksh wedding atleast show him show how marriage preparation are going in shinghaniya sadan I mean you showed naksh in naira marriage more than you showed him in his own marriage I mean after rajshri entry I was expecting thing to turn normal but no rajshri shows her love to karthik or naira both of whom aren’t attach to him as much as naksh is attach anyone remember how naksh wrapped himself after his capetown return and delivered it to maheswari and you cvs are showing naira and karthik with rajshri seriously
    I am also not liking how cvs are running parallel track with keesh marriage I mean manish –karthik ,suwarna-karthik,aditya track, kaira 2nd marriage track seriously guys you are messing it up
    stop this and show keesh plz
    bro fenil raf sis missey sis ponkuri di rahul bhiya anjana

    1. Ponkuri

      Firstly Sis Kaina hope ur taking care of urself dun stress ya?☺?

      I agree wit u abt no one is looking out for Narsh? except Baisa… I hve not much to comment abt today episode…

      Hi?? to my Bro Fenil Sis Raf Anjana Ananya Missy Bro Rahul n my YRKKH family ?☺??☺?

    2. Kaina1

      hi ponkuri i am so happy to see you yes i am taking proper care their are times when ihav terrible mood swings but i guess it is part of dpression and my varition has reduced but for that i have to spend 3 hrs with my doctor with 1 hr meditation even i dont want to comment on today episode when they dont show keesh then there is nothing to comment i wish they show more of naksh today no scene of naksh

    3. Hey Kaina
      You nailed it again
      Everything is done in this show lately just to make Naira great
      Am so bored ????
      I switch them off and to think I used to love them.
      Baisa is right with what she is doing as Dadi Goenka did the same for Naira and Naira did the puja and now she will stop Keerti from doing it, just so that she will look great in the eyes of the Goenkas.
      WOW great Naira
      And it is true the family is not gelling with Naksh like before it’s all Naira Kartik Naira bored bored bored bored
      Your analysis are so spot on – I read yesterday’s one as well

    4. Kaina1

      oh missey do comment everyday i miss reading ur comments seriously i am wondering how the hell groom to be can be left alone where in real life or for that sake when kaira weding was there they were only surrounded by so many people dancing aur teasing them where as with naksh not a single person is there to even talk

  2. Fenil

    Awesome Episode.
    Just read Update.
    Naira is looking cute in Red saree ,this type of saree suits her simplest one.

    1. Kaina1

      agreed bro naira should were these type of simple saree

    2. Kaina1

      bhai ab tabiyat kaisi hai i hope u r in the best of health

    3. Fenil

      Now i m perfectly fine.

    4. Kaina1

      thank god bro u are fine may you always be in ur best health

    5. Ponkuri

      Bro Fenil ???me too she looks pretty when she keeps simple☺

    6. Fenil

      Hi5 Sissy.
      Red saree looks so beautiful on her.

    7. Hey Fenil
      I pray you are feeling much better now
      Sorry I have not been regular with my comments – very very busy lately

    8. Fenil

      hey Missy, Now i m fine .

  3. Hello my YRKKH family

    Nothing special about today’s episode.

    More over naira is going to making an issue of this puja in Temple.going to scold bhaisa left and right saying keerthi doesn’t need it.i don’t know much about this Pooja so not commenting about that but she should show some respect to elders.i know singanias won’t support this Pooja then also I don’t know what to tell about this Pooja.i feel bad for bhaisa because she has no intention to hurt keerthi.

    I am also upset with rajasri aunty for not talking to naksh and where is natik.

    Some time I feel sympathy for Manish because of Karthik.

    1. I agree with you Anjana I don’t know much about that puja but Naira did similar – so if Naira did it why can’t Keerti.
      Baisa and Rukmini aunty are so cute together.
      I feel bad for Baisa as no one in the family seems to be listening to her
      When Dadaji was alive her word was final and even Akshara, she used to know how to calm her down with respect

    2. Yes everyone was listening to Baisa when akshara was there.i really don’t know whether they have changed the St writer.

    3. Kaina1

      i to think the same when akshara was there every1 use 2 listen to baisa and if they dont agree they would calm her down with respect but know every1 is being so rude to her

  4. Exactly. Naira has to always prove herself superior.. always over the top acting.. Akshara was much better naira is no where near to her . She just knows how to prove others wrong and herself superior.. overacting ki Dukan hai vh..

  5. Hi everyone in the YRKKH family
    Too busy yah but will give my dossier soon on each character soon – meanwhile Kaina sis is doing a brilliant job in analysing the episodes.
    Kaina you should write an episodic analysis – it will be fun to read
    Advice to the CVs please go back and watch the old episodes of YRKKH before you completely ruin this once wonderful show.

    1. Kaina1

      dude i am just waiting for keesh wwedding track to end then i will bash every1 from rajan shahi to cvs to kaira to naitik to rajshri i mean pure trarck me keesh to chod kar sab ko importance de di and now i know they will spoil naksh character also to so kaira grt

  6. Sachu

    Helloooo dears out here. Hope all of u r doing well. I ve stopped watching Yrkkh long time before. Now I guess I ll stop reading updates also. Means there is a limit for one’s patience. I was a loyal viewer of Yrkkh due to its unique way of presenting relationships. But now I think the writers have run out of ideas and is saturated so only trying to fill the episode with Kaira scenes. But for ur kind information by doing so ur making us hate them more each day especially Naira.
    Wait a sec how did Naira become so great ? She was always immature misunderstanding type papa ki ladli and it was Naksh who was potrayed more close to Akshara. In fact it was Naksh who cleared the MU between bhabhima and Akshara. Its fine if Naira is being mature but y always her in the limelight ? Y she has to find solution for all problems ? Y we have to see Kaira’s childish (now boring) romance always ? I told u guys to have patience n wait for keesh scenes but Iam sorry when Iam myself fedup how to advise others ?
    Whenever I see the wedding promo my blood boils seeing Kaira also. If other leads r also to be shown then there r other jodis also like Rikara y they r all excluded ?
    Now no social msgs, beautiful moments, celebrating festivals together nothing…. Just Naira the great and her solutions! Almost more than half of the cast disappeared…… Disgusting.
    Iam also surprised how there is sudden flush of emotions for Keerthi in Manish’s and dadi’s hearts. No one even used to notice her existance leave alone her pain earlier. Now they cant stand a single tear in her eyes. Keerthi is a strong character. Please dont sideline her like this n Naksh plz dont spoil his character also.
    I wanted to write much more bt as my little one woke up byee for now. Tc all n plz dont take stress anyone by watching this drama because in real life we have much more important things to worry about.

    1. Kaina1

      sachu i agree with every single word you say till know no one cared about keerti existance but now suddenly they are like oh kirti our princess i mean a girl who underwent so much domestic violence but didnt utter a word is know so weak even in wedding promo with chandni anika and keerti naira is there and please help me understand what the hell is she doing i mean other 3 are getting married iss overacting ki duka ko kyu khada kiya hai even my blood boil when i see kaira they are like those SELF OBSSESDED ILL MANNERED PPL


    2. Yes there is no social message.they used to celebrate Independence day in Grand way . the way akshara s daadi explaining everything was awesome.missing old YRKKH.

  7. Gowri Ranganathan

    I hope in todays episode kartik doesn’t get angry on naira for the jewellery

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