Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 16th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Ishwari Reveals Family that Sona is Pregnant

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 16th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ishwari prays god not to let Sona break this time, let her child see the world this time, she could not support Sona last time, but wants to now. Soha comes and complains that Golu wants to tie rakhi to Arohi first and then her, she is elder. Golu says it is his wish. Soha says she needs an younger brother. Ishwari hugs her and says brothers like taunting, don’t worry.

Ishwari pampers Nikki next and oil massages her scalp. Riya complains that she loves Nikki more. Ishwari says Nikki was born premature and doc’s told she will not survive, but as a mother she did not lose hope. Sona joins them, Nikki and Riya leave. Ishwari asks Sona to think about keeping child this time. Sona says she also wants to. Ishwari gets happy and asks how will she tell Dev. Sona says she has planned something. She goes to room and asks Dev if she is looking fat. He says she cannot. Sona says she is looking pregnant. He asks what happened to her. Ishwari standing near door signals her son is impossible. Family plays puzzle game next and Sona gives hints via words, but Dev does not understand. She tells Ishwari that her son is a fool. Iswhwari says Sona’s husband. They both laugh.

Next morning, Vicky gets ready in formal suit. Golu says he is dressing like before. Vicky says now everything will be back to normal. Elena brings roti sabji for Golu and asks to finish it. Golu says he likes jam roti. Vicky says he will build body with it. Elena asks him how did he get investor so soon. He says he managed and says he will tie rakhi to his sisters and show them what he can do. Elena thinks she knows who helped him.

Soha gets ready to tie rakhi and waits for Golu. Riya comes with Arohi. Ishwari gets happy. Riya says maami had kidnapped her, else she would have come early. GKB enters with Elena and Golu. Ishwari says Elena that she was waiting for her and asks GKB where did she take Riya. GKB says Vicky cannot come here, so she took Riya to his office, his office is very big and shows pics. Dev comes and asks Riya where was she. Riya says it is a big story and hugs him. Soha complains Ishwari that Golu got many rakhis tied before her and she will not tie her rakhi. Golu says area’s sisters tied him rakhi before. Dev jokes. Ishwari asks Riya to call Nikki and Neha. They all 3 come down. Sona asks them to decide who will tie rakhi. Mamaji says let them decide, he will get rakhi tied by his sister first. Ishwari ties him rakhi and prays for his long life. He gifts her kachoris. Neha, Riya, Nikki tie rakhi to Dev followed by Elena. Elena reminisces fighting with Elena. Dev tells he does not have gift for her. She says he gave him big gift already. Dev says he has and gives gift.

Ishwari fans Sona. Mamaji comments Ishwari is pampering her bahu. Ishwari says her gift. Bose family enters. Mamaji greets them. Sona asks Sourav where is her gift. Sourav gives. Bejoy says he gave a big gift already by solving all legal issues last night. Sona ties Sourav rakhi followed by Elena. Dev tells Golu it is his turn now. Golu says nobody is insisting. Dev asks everyone to insists him. Soha ties rakhi to Golu and asks Ishwari why she gave another rakhi. Ishwari asks to tie it to Sona. Soha obeys and asks why she tied rakhi to mamma. Ishwari says she tied rakhi to her would be brother. Dev is surprised hearing that.

Precap: Mamaji tells everyone that our family was waiting for happiness and asks to click family selfie. Sona looks sad.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Neha1

    Wow…Today’s episode was Superb…????????

    How much Ishwari-Sona tried to revealed Sona’s pregnancy by different ways…..but Dev didn’t understand… Hehehehe.??????

    Finally, Ishwari reveals about Sona pregnancy to the family….???Precap looks interesting.. waiting for 2mrrow episode…!

    Plz all Old fan’s come back and do write your comment…
    @Priya9876, Asmita, Shalini, Sneha, Devga, Ngkrishnakumari, Rekhadhir, Piya, Erina, Chanpreet, Subhashini, Manya…Sorry if forget someone’s name but plz all KRPKAB fan’s come and comment…

    1. Hi Neha ! Finaly your Itchwari accepted Sona.

      I too happy for the closure of KRPAB this week. No need to read all your bla blas.

      Condolence sorry Consolance to all KRPAB fans.

      Long live Sony TC

  2. Pruthvi B Chawla

    Hii guys sorry I was unable to comment due to severe illness but I have a news that can save our show.all we have to do is for the last 7 episodes is don’t watch it online.WATCH IT ON TV.Yes this will increase trp resulting in slim chance for Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi to sustain and watch the advertisements too as it’s the only thing that sony needs.Its a statement of the officials of sony.Last try guys we can and we will save our show.#don’tendkrpkab

    1. Shahina

      For the past 4 months, I watch KRPKAB on TV.But I don’t watch the add breaks.Will that affect the TRP?

    2. So u r only a 4 month old Jumbing doll. SO you may not have seen the older episodes. Good you to write like Vicky.

      My consolance to you. Big bazar offers hand kerchiefs on a special disocunt 2 for 5 Rs. purchase in bulk and donate to all your kRPAB fans.

      Have a fabulas week end and I going on holidday to Goa to clebrate the end of KRPAB and welcoming the serials of Namik and Nikita.

    3. Shahina

      So finally the nameless,genderless creature has got some name called ronita.
      Tum Goa jaao yaa Baad mein jaao , mujhe koi farak nhi padta??

    4. Shahina

      Hello half-baked creature,
      I said I watch it on TV for 4 months,but I’ve watched all the episodes From day 1 online.
      So pls,have ur immature,stupid assumptions with u.
      Dear EDKV fan, Goa jaao rhi ho kya??
      Pls is page mein comment karti raho.
      I’m gonna miss ur idiotic, insensible comments????

    5. Be cool. The curtain is down. Nothing going to save your KRPAB. If morethan 10 lahk EDKV fans could not stop the end EDKV, you few thousand fans of KRPAB not where near even speaking to that rogue khan.

    6. Shahina

      10 lakh fans????
      Oh really!!!
      Good joke.
      Not all epis of EDKV has 10 lakh views on YouTube,here this nameless,genderless creature has again come here to make a joke.

    7. Are bhai bains ka samne banjira nahi bajana hai. Ye tume nahi patta. Waisa bi KBC ara ha hai Amitji ka sath. Amitji ka samne ye Shakir Khan konsi ket ki mulli hi. Tum ye HRPAB fan log ko chinta chode, KBC deklo.

  3. Aryana

    Yes if not TV at least on Sony liv website
    Please do watch there . I don’t understand one thing who upload these videos on you tube if not Sony . Unlike star plus or colours U can get Sony’s all videos on YouTube . And if they are uploading there then y they. Are complaining for trip .

  4. Hello friends

    I was a silent reader

    Some one has asked to write everyone s favourite part so I am writing this.

    Do you guys remember the scene in which dev says I love you to Sona for the first time. Oh God I was also so jumping with happiness at that time.they picturized with lots of reality. It was like a real life situation. when our prince charm comes to us tell he loves us the way v love him oh God it will kill us.v will become the happiest girl in the world.they way they talk over the phone also was mind blowing.

    This serial was so personal for me because,
    In my teenage I also loved a guy like sona.i was also scared to tell him that I love him.i never got the courage.i also wish he should understand without telling him.however it never happened.for him I’m just his friends sister.i accept that fact and helped him in proposing my friend.but for him also no luck in love…. anyway he also got married and living happily.i also find another guy and it was love after marriage….
    Guys if your prince charming didn’t love you don’t worry move on in your life, you will find one day ???????

    1. Shahina

      Yes dr,
      That was and will be the most memorable scenes of KRPKAB???
      And the scene, where Sona dances like a kid saying “he loves me”????
      I was also dancing along with her.
      I’m gonna miss my realistic and relatable KRPKAB???

  5. Sona ka dev ko hint pe hint dene ke baad bhi dev kuchh nahi samjha…… dev tumhi ekdom buddhu
    Cute golu muhlle ki sari ladki se rakhi badhwa li … bigch ki training fail ho gayi… cute dev
    Itne happy moments dekhne k bad bhi kahi man me dukh h ki bs …….. 7 episode
    And time 17 minute……. great sony channel
    And haan bgm chule pe fulke sa fule….
    Will miss u KRPKAB

  6. I just want to dedicate this song to our KRPKAB… for amazing team,amazing actors,amazing story ,and song and haan unforgettable dialogues

    Tum mere ho is pal ,mere ho
    Par shayad ye aalam n rahe
    Kuchh aisa ho tum ,tum n raho
    Kuchh aisa ho ki sony ki buddhi bhrasht ho jaye
    Ye raaste agar kho jaye chalte chalte hum kho jaye
    Main phir bhi tumko chaungi……
    Main raat ki har khamoshi me tere pyar ke nagme gaungi (dev sona special moment)

    1. Shahina

      Dear Niharika,
      Sabko rulane ka iraada hai kya??????????

    2. I’m sure…. mere rulane ke pahle se hi aap kya sara krpkab fandom ro raha hain

  7. This is 4 u devakshi…
    Tum Jo mile the jbse mughe
    Aur sunehari me lgti thi
    Sirf labo se nhi tab to
    Pure badan se hasti thi
    Mere din raat saloni se
    Sab the Tere hi hone se
    Saath ye rhega nhi
    Tum Aur kahi
    Pr main hu yahi…

  8. Shahina

    Yesterday’s epi was bang on.
    Buddhuram Dev Dixit could not get the hint of his wife???
    Golu’s raakhi moments were damn funny,cutiepie Golu??
    But they have reduced the timing of KRPKAB to 17minutes
    This is not done.How can they do this???
    Stupid Sony Wale?

  9. Shahina

    50 beautiful moments in the journey of dev-sona’s fairytale love story(in pics)
    Fuze link??


  10. Aryana

    I was also thinking the same how can they reduced time to only 17 mins yarr .
    Day by day Dev is looking so handsome yar . I don’t know when I will next see shaheer in action .

  11. Varalakshmi

    hi krpkab friends i did’t comment about last few episodes because of the show is going off air next week it hurt more day by day & i don’t no how can i pass a day without kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi
    its very difficult to me & also krpkab fans

    i just love the last 3 episodes the way devakshi handled soha very well her birthday was very special to us also devakshi bedroom scene very nice along with soha
    in 381 episode the way dev cares soha so adorable i like the whole episode
    come to the 382 episode very nice to see ishwari & sona ssoooo adorable the way ishwari pampers sona, sonakshi kithni try kiyi thi dev ko pregnancy bareme bathane ka dumb dev, sona : kaisa buddu beta apka
    ishwari :mera beta nahi tera pathi buddu kitni cute & sweet both of you
    rakhi portion & chulhe pe phulke sa phulhe song
    krpkab its always sweet memorable& worlds best TV Show ever

    1. Shahina

      Very true

    2. Hi vara
      dont be so depressed. Cheer up. Sony TV is bringing new serials with Namik Paul and Nikita Dutta.

    3. Shahina

      Ek ghatiya insaan.
      Different names, and different IDs,different dp.
      But same foul mouth???
      Common 44…blah blah , let me see how much can u stoop low to irritate a fandom.
      You are so obsessed with another fandom.

  12. Wow superb episode today. …realy enjoyed.I wanted to see dev’s reaction when ishwari says that sona is pregnant. ..all fans come and comment pls coz the serial was not ended now the interesting part begins

  13. Wow superb episode today. …realy enjoyed.I wanted to see dev’s reaction when ishwari says that sona is pregnant. ..all fans come and comment pls coz the serial was not ended now the interesting part begins…Hii niharika n shahina 😉

    1. Hi sana

  14. I dont know what i m gonna do after 25???…this serial is life??

  15. Loving these episodes??but why they have reduced telecast time..?.hate sony??

  16. shahina dear apna patience ko kyu bada rahoo.be cool…bolne doooo jho bolna hai.we dont waste our comment for them.
    epi was good.dev phirse budduram bangaya..lekin mazza aayaaa.

    due to my clg tight schedule…i was not able to write big comments and old memories.this saturday we fullfill this..good night

    1. Shahina

      U r ri8 dr
      I’ll not waste my time after this?

  17. How r yuh guys??
    Yesterday’s epi was very nice. .i lyk d reaction of dev wen he got to know tht his wife is pregnant…yooo

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