Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Naira imagines confronting Kartik

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Kartik not to hurt Vedika. He says I wanted to do everything alone for Naira. She says Vedika wants to share your sorrow, you are lucky, you got her home, don’t you understand this, she is a human, she also has a heart and feelings. He says fine, I will try. She says no, you promise me, you remember your promise, think of Vedika, either break the promise or keep it completely, its Naira’s birthday, did you forget Vedika’s dad….

FB shows Kartik angrily talking on phone. A truck goes towards him. A man runs and saves Kartik. He gets hit by the truck. Kartik gets shocked. He shouts uncle…. get up, what did you do, you saved my life. He shouts for help. He says we will go to hospital. The man says my daughter Vedika, take care of her, she has no one in the world. Kartik says yes, I will take care of her. The man says promise me. Kartik says I promise, nothing will happen to you. The man dies. Kartik sees Vedika’s pic in his wallet. FB ends.

Suwarna apologizes to Vedika from Kartik’s side. Vedika says don’t apologize to me, Lord has hurt my heart so badly, everything is forgiven. Dadi says you are hurting the people who are alive and dead, how long shall I wait, stop for Naira’s sake, Naira is gone, think of the people who are around you. Vedika says Kartik loves Naira, I love him equally. Dadi asks don’t you see it, Vedika loves you, accept her, Lord made you both meet. Vedika says don’t know why we met. Suwarna says Kartik isn’t able to keep his promise to your dad, he loved Naira a lot. Vedika says he still loves Naira, I saw his love in his eyes, I have no problem with this, this thing attracts me towards Kartik, this give me a hope that I will be much lucky if I get half of such love, I m sure that he will keep my promise, I m doing this by my wish. Dadi goes.

Naira comes home and sees the surprise birthday celebrations. She sees the fruit cake and cries. She hugs Kairav. Kartik recalls her and cries. Naira cuts the cake and feeds to Kairav. Kartik cuts the cake. Yeh rishta kya…plays… Naira thinks I m annoyed, but I love you Kartik, I wish you didn’t ask that question, we would have been together. Kartik asks what if we aren’t together, we are in each other’s heart, whenever we meet and in whatever world, I will tell you how much I miss you. Liza says I have a game, my Nani used to say, put the candle in the glass and break it, if candle doesn’t get blown off, then wish will be fulfilled. Kairav asks Naira to do this. Naira drops the glass. Candle blows off. Naira asks them to have food. She goes with guests. Kairav sees the candle lighting up. He smiles and makes a wish to get Papa.

Naira makes Kairav sleep. She thinks of Kartik. He asks about Kartik. She says my dad used to make cake and celebrate my birthday, he used to run a restaurant Krishna, what return gift do you want, chocolates, gift. He says I want gift from God. She says fine, what did you ask. He says Papa. Lights go. She worries. He asks how will I sleep now. She says I will make you sleep. He says I will try on own, God send my Papa, I want my Papa. She cries and goes out. Kartik appears and asks what did I do, you left me, you kept all of us in darkness. She says yes, I left, you forgot why I left, why did you ask that question, why did you doubt on me, you ruined three lives by your doubt, you asked me and got answer, you would have not got peace, you will also cry like me, you would be missing me right, if you didn’t had love, why did you say you are proud of me and I should work, why did you hurt my heart, you forced me to run away, I ran away from your doubt, who were you that day, it was some stranger, your eyes had doubt instead love and trust, I m bearing the punishment. She asks him to just go. He disappears. She cries and says I have to be strong. Kartik wakes up and looks around. Manish comes to the park and sees him sitting on the bench. He says I m finding you since night. Kartik says sorry, I slept here. Manish says I need to talk. Kartik says I know what you want to talk.

Manish says then do something, you need a partner. Kartik says I don’t need a partner, I have Naira’s memories. Manish says its not enough, why are you punishing yourself for that accident. Kartik says it was my fault. He goes. Manish looks on shocked. Kartik leaves riding a bicycle.

Kairav says today…. Naira says we will go out and enjoy. He says its a weekend today, its Sunday, there is no School. She says sorry, I m stupid. She thinks he won’t think of Papa now. He goes to play. Kartik recalls everyone’s words and rides the cycle in speed.

Kairav says I will get my Papa if number is right. He calls Kartik. Kartik is at accident site. Kartik answers. Kairav says Papa.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Naira is such a blo*dy fool
    She always has to give extreme reaction to every action
    Though Kartik asked her wrong question but the way of his questioning was not that wrong
    But great naira has react extreme way so foolish way
    She didn’t even think of her new-born baby
    She didn’t even tell her child name of his father
    So cruel naira
    She should have left kartik and leave separately but no she has choosen path of running away
    I am feeling bad for kairav
    Neither naira is capable of giving him Father’s love nor she is letting him to know his father’s name
    So poor child

  2. what bullshit… karthik ne sirf aram se question pucha tha.. naira has also so many times done and said things which she shouldn’t.. but people doesn’t run away from people whom they say they love.. but all naira knows is to run away from things and situations.. and that’s only what she can do.. immature and selfish to the highest level.. kuch ata jata hai nahi.. bs mahan banane and dikhawa krna hai ki family ko pyaar karti hai and all… such a fake person she is.. if you don’t have any story left just end this show!

    1. Right… she didnt even tell her kid about his dad. For one question. I understand but to just eliminate a father from kids life is so selfish. I remember in krpkab when they seperated sona came back to solve everything to giver her child a father. She gave her daughter a choice to meet her father and even told her that her father’s name and said he is a good man. But its so foolish to expect such maturity from them. Naira kartik both suck big time.

      1. yeah exactly all that Karthik did just to ask a question and it happened because of so many reasons, but Naira doings is totally immature, and stupid she should not have run without even trying to tell Karthik that he has a child.Infact it was not Karthik but she who spoilt all their lives, if she would just down and made things clear to her husband, i’m sure he would have understood because he had been always supporting all throughout her life, remember he even exchanged his sister’s child, and went through all the pain during naira’s memory loss. but all that Naira is doing is selfishness atleast she is having Kairav with her, but Karthik even though has his whole family is all alone, he is not able to make his family understand his condition. What if, Karthik had moved way before the 5 yrs, then who would Naira have blamed agin him right??? Everything is just supposed to be his fault, she is supposed to be sati-savitri?,,,,arrey marital life means there should be a mutual understanding between husband and wife, here Naira should tried to understand karthik’s emotions standing in his postion not snatch his happiness, if now he moves on with vedika, all the loss will be only for Kairav that too because of his brainless,overemotional mother

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