Vighnaharta Ganesh 14th June 2019 Written Episode Update

Vighnaharta Ganesh 14th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with lankesh saying that tridev went to test her and it was not an easy test for her. All the three tridev nod to each and ask ask for bhiksha, devi ansuya comes out with fruits. Narad muni is seeing all this from a distance standing tensed. Tridev say that we have not come here for this biksha. Devi ansuya thinks that have I made a mistake of getting bhiksha, but these rishi bhikshu seem good to me. Tridev say that we have come here for bhiksha of nirvaan daan, it starts lightning. She gets shocked. Brahma dev says that if we don’t get nirvana daan then we’ll leave from here empty handed. She thinks how can I give them nirvana daan by getting clothesless/naked it’s against my wife’s duty and if I don’t give them bhiksha then my religion will get violated. She says in both these situations I’ll lose something or the other. Narad muni says now what will devi ansuya do due to this idea of mine I hope I have not put her in problem. Devi ansuya closes her eyes and says that god please help me and only religious and godly positioned people can dare to ask for such bhiksha and it means that the tridev brahma, Vishnu and mahadev have come here as bhikshuk’s to ask for nirvaan daan to test me. She sees the tridev in the three bhikshuks. She says that now I know what do I have to do. Ganesh says that devi ansuya was right only those people who are powerful and godly positioned can ask for such bhiksha, he asks but were tridevi aware of this situation and what would devi ansuya do. Lankesh says no and tridevi thought that tridev would test her and would return soon as she would fail in the test but when tridev didn’t return after long time then tridevi started getting worried. Devi parvati is waiting for mahadev then devi saraswati and Lakshmi come and devi parvati says that did brahma dev and Narayan dev also didn’t return? They nod to a no. Then devi parvati says that we should find out where they are by our divya drishti. They close their eyes and sees visions of a baby in place of tridev. Devi parvati says we should try again and they see blurred visions and remember what tridev said that testing a pure soul is very tough and it might give mere and opposite consequences also. Narad muni comes and greets them and says it seems you three are very much worried about where are tridev. He says I know where tridev are and they ask him he tells that devi ansuya was not able to understand what to do. Devi ansuya goes and keeps the fruit tray and comes with a water jug and says that I can give you three nirvana daan only when you get small babies and she says if I might have been a dutiful wife then you will become babies saying so she throws water on them and they become babies, her motherly love comes seeing them and she takes them in her arm and lap and says that I will take care of you and feed you and this will be my nirvaan daan for you three. Then devi Lakshmi says that tridev had warned us that these might get us opposite consquenec but we didn’t listen to them and devi saraswati says that devi ansuya proved it that she is the best dutiful wife. Devi parvati says but now we have to get the tridev to their normal forms and they go to devi ansuya’s ashram. They wait outside her ashram for several days and nights. Devi parvati says that we will wait here for you devi ansuya until you don’t want to come. She comes out just then and then they see the tridev in baby cradle. Tridevi say that we are sorry that we tested you and you are the best dutiful housewife and worshipper we declare you the best. Devi ansuya says that please do not apologize to me as due to you three only I got this opportunity of getting tested and becoming the tridev’s mother. And it’s due to you three that I could know motherly love. She thanks them. Tridevi say that please get the tridev to their normal selves as the world and their worshippers need them. Devi ansuya says that I’ll get them to their true selves but you have to promise me that for once you the tridev will get birth by me. They agree. She gets them back to their true selves and the tridev are greeted by tridevi. Tridev say to devi ansuya that we were privileged to be your children and attain motherly affection by you and we promise you that the three of us will get birth by you and rishi atri. She gets happy and narad muni comes and says that I was privileged to witness all this by myself and greets everyone. Ganesh says that devi ansuya succeeded in the test but who took birth from her dattatray or rishi durvasa. Lankesh says that I’ll complete my meditation and starts his meditation then ganesh says that he has is ignoring my question. Lankesh says mahadev went to brahmadev. Mahadev comes there and devi saraswati greets him. He looks at brahma dev but brahma dev is deep into meditation. Mahadev starts getting angry when brahma dev doesn’t respond yet. Devi sarswati thinks that mahadev is getting angry and I should break brahma dev’s meditation and wake him up, she is about to but mahadev stops her. Mahadev’s anger keeps on increasing and he starts shaking his trishul so as to beat his drum to wake up brahma dev. All the gods could hear his drum and everyone greeted him but brahma dev was not leaving his meditation. Mahadev says that everyone could hear my drum’s noise but not brahma dev. Devi Lakshmi says that even after mahdev’s attempt to make brahma dev hear the noise why isn’t he responding. Mahadev another self comes out and largens and he gets angry and his eyes are as red as fire and he makes his trishul bigger and starts leaving fire from his mouth. Devi sarswati pleads him to not harm brahma dev but he pays no heed. She says only one person can stop his anger and that is devi parvati. She goes to devi parvati and asks her to save brahma dev from mahadev’s anger. Mahadev shouts and is about throw his trishul by then brahma dev wakes up from his meditation and sees him this angry and thinks that like earlier he shouldn’t punish me again. The screen freezes on mahadev’s angry face.

Precap: Rishi Durvasa’s avatar is shown which was born by mahadev’s anger for betterment of the world.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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