Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadda ji being angry. Bhabhimaa makes him calm and they wait for Akshara and Naitik. Ananya comes home and waits for Akshara’s call. Akshara comes and hugs Bhabhimaa crying. She says Naksh is with us. Bau ji asks where is he, did they take him with them. Naitik comes and says Naksh came with us and he is our son and its proved. Akshara says our trust and love won. Naksh comes and says I will play with Chintu. She asks Akshara to tell everyone that Naitik does not have diabetics. Naitik hugs him. Everyone cry happily. Naksh hugs Dadda ji.

Annaya gets a good party in the hotel as she wanted. Shaurya asks did she like decoration. Ananya says its very good. Anshu and Jasmeet say she will have many surprises now. Ananya asks this party of for my friends, no elders. Anshu says fine, we will enjoy our party being outside. Naman hugs Naksh and says he is so happy. Naksh says hug Naitik, as it was his test. He goes to thank Lord. Muskaan says I told you DNA reports are good proof. Akshara says yes, but we know the truth as her husband told everything, that she gave birth to her son but he was dead, doctor said she can’t bear shocks, so his husband took a daughter from orphanage and gave his wife, Geeta is an orphan.

Bau ji says how did they get doubt. Naitik says that man was not here and the ladies came to know about blood not matching, I don’t know how can their love go after the tests. I m feeling bad for the girl. Akshara says they took the girl but we can’t say will her Dadi accept her. Dadda ji says Chikki and Yash are not our blood, still we love them. Kaki says the home looks blank, its Ananya’s birthday and nothing here. Rajshri says lets do something, you make tea and I will make snacks, we will do tea party. Dadi says yes, this should be done always. We should be happy in whatever state Lord keeps us.

Rukmani and Yash come to Akshara’s home. While they do the puja, they greet them. Rukmani says I got Yash here, and why is Naksh not ready, is he not invited in Ananya’s birthday, its surprise party for her. Everyone is surprised. Akshara says she forgot it. Rukmani says how did she forgot this. Naitik says I m unwell and office work was much, that’s why. Rukmani says she has to go home to Nandini and asks them to take Yash. Akshara asks Naitik to send kids. Naitik says I think we should also go. Bau ji says yes, maybe she is waiting for you.

Ananya enjoys with her friends. They praise the party. Ananya says my party will be better than Jia’s party. Shaurya waits for Akshara’s call. Akshara, Naitik come there with Naksh and Yash. They greet her happy birthday. Ananya is shocked and hugs Akshara. Naksh asks are we late, sorry. Dadda ji says its such a big day, you will not say no, I want sweets. Bhabhimaa smiles. Girja brings the sweets. Bhabhimaa gives him sweets and asks him to have it, as its big day for all of them. They laugh.

Akshara says sorry for coming late. Ananya says she knew Akshara is busy. Akshara thanks her. Ananya says she will go to her friends now. Naksh and Yash join the girls and her friends are irked, as it was just girls party. They ask Ananya to send them. Ananya says how can I send them, they are my brothers. Akshara talks to Shaurya and Varsha. Anshu says yes, how did you know this is party venue. Jasmeet says I told them to come here. Varsha says its girls party. Jasmeet says sorry, this may break Naksh and Yash’s heart.

Ananya asks Naksh and Yash to go home as she did not invite them in party. Naksh asks are you annoyed. Ananya says its girls party. Naksh says fine, we will not come in any party now. Naksh tells her friends that they got angry. Her friend asks her to talks to them later. Naksh and Yash make some gifts fall. Ananya asks did they do it intentionally. The girls says boys always do this. Ananya gets upset. Varsha is upset with Jasmeet for doing this. Naksh says Ananya changed by going in new school. Naksh says she scolded us infront of them. They decide they won’t talk to her. Naksh and Yash say they want to go home. Varsha apologizes to them. Naksh says no, we will go. Shaurya says the magician is not coming, Ananya will be more upset. Naitik says we will sort it out.

The girls say Jia’s party was good, this one is boring. Naksh tells an idea to Yash. He says we won’t go home and runs. Rajshri, Sunaina Kaki and Dadi have the tea party. They play truth and dare game. Dadi says me first, don’t go on my age, give me any challenge. They smile. Shaurya says no one will be ready so soon. The girls say lets go home, there are no games and magic here. Akshara tells Shaurya that everyone will joke on them. Naksh and Yash come there. Naksh dresses as magician and entertains the girls.

Everyone clap for him. Ananya thanks Naksh for saving her party. Naksh says lets go Yash. Ananya says sorry and stops them. She says lets cut cake now. She cuts the cake as everyone sing happy birthday song. She makes her parents eat the cake. Naitik feels Akshara’s hand is warm and asks does she have fever. She says no. They take a selfie. Bhabhimaa talks to Devyaani. She says its big thing that Naksh is back. Naksh comes and says Varsha sent the cake for you.

He says he enjoyed a lot and they entertained the girls. Devyaani says he is very happy.. Akshara looks tired. Bhabhimaa says its stress. Naitik says yes, I felt the same, she looks ill. Akshara says no. Devyaani says things take out our energy, it affects our body and heart.

Bhabhimaa asks Akshara to get some items. Naitik asks Akshara not to keep fast as she is not well.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I don’t know about this family can someone please tell me how they related?They are really big family.

  2. Hi. Naitik and akshara have an arranged marriage. Their son Naksh is 8 years old

  3. Naitik’s father is bau ji and devyaani is step mom. Naman n muskan r devyaani’s children from first marriage. Naitik’s real sister is Rashmi(she appears very less)

  4. Naitik’s tau ji or bade papa is dadaaji and badi maa is bhabhimaa. Everyone call her bhabhimaa with love. Bhabhimaa n dadaaji’s one n only daughter is Nandini and son in law is mohit n Yash is their adopted son. Rukmani is nandini’s mother in law

  5. Rest all are akshara’s maaykaa people. Hope the big family is known now

  6. The drama should get intresting!!!! :”/ .-.

  7. Thank you for the information Roopal, helped a lot.

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