Hum Hain Na 13th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hum Hain Na 13th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Lakshmi getting annoyed hearing from Satya that Bunty has gone to Saagarika’s house. Mishraji comes and asks why is she angry. She tells Bunty has gone to that bengalan’s house. Lakshmi asks Satya to call Bunty and ask him to come back. Madhav stops Satya from calling and says Mishraji that Bunty has gone to his professor friend chattopadhay’s house as he had called him. Mishraji says chattopadhay is a good guy and there is nothing to worry, asks Lakshmi to calm down.

Bunty reaches Saagarika’s house and gifts her bouquet. Chattopadhay asks Bunty to come in. Saagarika says Bunty that he came at a right time as she has to announce something important. Bunty says he wants to talk to her first. Sagarika’s aunt says ladies first. Sagarika says her dad that his decision was right and she is ready to marry Arindam. Dad and everyone get happy hearing that and Bunty gets disheartened. Dad and aunt hug Sagarika happily and dad thanks her. Sagarika asks him not to thank her and says she should be thankful to him. Dad says he will call his friend/Arindam’s dad and get her engaged her engaged in 2-3 days. Aunt asks why is she in a hurry. He says is is already late. Arindam (actor changed) thanks Sagarika for accepting him. Bunty sadly tries to leave. Arindam asks why is he going without congratulating him. Bunty says he has some important work and congratulates him. Sagarika asks as a friend why can’t he join in her happiness. He says he can do anything for her and says he came to tell them about diwali mela, says they should go and enjoy. Arindam says as a friend he should accompany them. Chattopadhay also insists to accompany them. Bunty agrees when Saagarika insists.

Lakshmi complains daadi that it is already afternoon and Bunty is still at Bengalan’s house. She gets Mishraji’s call who informs that people are coming with an alliance for Ratna. She happily informs daadi about this. Daadi also gets happy. Mishraji says people are coming around 4 p.m. She says she will arrange everything and asks him to bring sweets.

Bunty sits sadly and silently in a coffee shop with Saagarika. She asks why is he silent. He says nothing important. She asks if she has taken a right decision to marry Arindam. Just then, Arindam comes with snacks. He asks Bunty about his plans for marriage. He says he has not decided. Arindam says he can help her. Saagarika says Bunty has decided a girl since childhood and tells it is Satya. Bunty says Satya is just a friend. Sagarika says he should spend time with Satya as friendship can become love soon. Bunty says he cannot think of love. Arindam asks if he is betrayed in love. Bunty says he wants Ratna to marry first. Sagarika says she will get married soon, not to worry.

Lakshmi is annoyed that Bunty has not reached home yet. Mishraji comes and tells her that groom’s people have come. Lakshmi hurriedly gets down and asks Swara to call Bunty.

Bunty gets a call from home and he says he has to leave now. Sagarika asks him to take care and he leaves sadly. She notices his sadness. Goons start teasing a girl. Sagarika gets irked and asks Arindam to intervene. Arindam says these are local goons and he cannot fight with them. Sagarika goes and asks goons to walk out. They start teasing even her. Arindam asks her not to interfere and says they can inform police. Goons ask her to call police and try to touch her. Bunty holds goons’ hand and beats them to pulp. goons apologize him. Bunty asks them to apologize Saagarika. They apologize her and run. Bunty asks Sagarika if he should drop her. She says no and thanks him. He says he is her friend and no need to thank her. He sadly walks out from there while saagarika watches him going.

Lakshmi informs Bunty about Ratna’s marriage being fixed and says she will fix his and Satya’s marriage next.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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