Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartik gets drunk

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devyaani stopping Suwarna. She asks Suwarna not to hurt Kartik and Naira, become that stepmom who was better than a real mom, the same woman who didn’t let anyone miss Soumya, you set an example of a stepmom, you have to pass in this test, a mum’s victory is in children’s happiness and mum’s failure is in children’s sorrow, I m saying this for the last time, I won’t say anything again. Ashi says mom messaged, she is coming to Udaipur. Everyone looks on. Kartik and Naira collide. His name stamp gets printed on her palm. She sees his name. Yeh rishta…..plays…….

Ashi writes K on her finger and smiles. Kartik asks Naira to erase his name. He recalls her words. She tries and says its not getting wiped off. He says try harder, I m sure you will wipe it off. She says yes, you are there to make sure that everything ends. He goes. She cleans his name and cries. She goes. Ashi shows her mehendi to Kartik. Naira looks on. Kartik says we will follow your plan, give me 2 mins, I will get ready and come.

Kirti hugs Naira and says congrats, Naksh told me about your college admission, where is your phone. Naira says its with Bhabhimaa. Kirti asks where do you want to go for dinner. Naira says nowhere, its not a big thing. Kirti says its a big thing for us, you will wear what I designed for you.

Kartik gets lemon juice for Ashi. Ashi asks when are you getting divorced, when is the final hearing. Kartik says we shall talk later, is anyone else coming. Their friends join. The guy gives him a gift and says you are throwing a cook break up party, I feel excited to attend it. Naira looks on and cries. Naksh and Kirti ask Naira to come. They go. Kartik says its not any break up party, its a confusion. The guy says divorce party. Ashi says I didn’t invite you for divorce party, meet my boyfriend Karan. Karan hugs Kartik. He says Ashi’s mom banned our meeting. Kartik says you talk to her now, she talks about you so much. He jokes.

Ashi beats them. The guy says sorry I misunderstood, I guessed that knowing about your divorce from Ashi. Kartik says its fine and returns the gift. Naksh says I m so happy, Naira got the same subjects. Kirti says Pinto recommended her. Naksh asks are you happy. Naira says I miss my friends. Kirti says you will get new friends. Naira says I will make my studies my friend and studies, its time I should concentrate on my life and career, nothing else. Kartik hears this and goes. Kartik and Naira get sad. Chaar dino ka pyaar…..plays…. Kartik thinks of Naira and drinks. Ashi asks him to control. Kartik says I m going to be fine, don’t worry. He asks the singer not to sing sad songs. He asks DJ to play some good songs. Kartik goes on dance floor. Ashi dances with him. Naksh, Kirti and Naira see him. Naksh stops Kartik. Kartik goes to Naira. He gets back to dance floor and dances with Ashi and other girls. He imagines Naira and goes to her. Tareefan……plays……

Naira looks on from far. Kirti says you both go home, I will drop Kartik. Naksh says I will come along, you can’t manage Kartik alone, Naira will go home with the driver. They go to Kartik. Naira cries and goes away. A guy asks why are you crying, what’s the big deal if he left you, we are here, maybe you got fed up of marriage. Naira goes and scolds him for misbehaving. The guy says you are showing us attitude, you will become helpless, a woman always needs a man for support. She says I m enough to take care of myself, get lost. Kartik says I know you don’t need me, what do you want to prove. Naksh sees Naira and goes to her. He asks what happened. She says nothing, they were misbehaving, its my fight, how long will you protect me, I have to face this. Naksh hugs her and signs Kirti to take Kartik home. Naira thinks Kartik will always do that hurts others. Kartik says you intentionally hurt me.

Kirti makes Kartik lie on the bed and sleep. Ashi says sorry. Manish and Suwarna come. Suwarna asks are you fine Kartik. Manish asks whose stupid idea was this, to throw a divorce party, pub owner knows us, he called me to tell about the drama. Suwarna says this happened because of Naira. Naksh and Naira come home. Naitik says you guys got late, I m waiting since long. Naira cries and hugs Naitik. Naitik sees Naksh…. They feel sad.

Its morning, Kartik gets ready and comes downstairs. Everyone looks at him. Kartik asks what happened, is anything wrong. Manish says you have come with a hangover in sister’s haldi, is there anything more to happen. Kartik says no, I… Suwarna says its not his mistake, someone else is responsible for this, I got to know that Naira was there last night, maybe she told him something. Manish says he didn’t drink for the first time, because the one who drinks for the first time doesn’t behave so normal in the morning like him, I don’t drink but I know the people who drink much, I regret that Kartik got addicted to this.

Suwarna says Kartik is not such. Manish says Kartik drinks frequently. She says this is not truth. He says I m his father, I can recognize his moves, I didn’t say because silence retains one’s consciousness, I can scold him too, his eyes speak all the truth. Suwarna says this is not his mistake, he has faced injustice and sorrow by his loved one, its our work to show him the right path, than blaming him. Manish says don’t favor him much, your son isn’t innocent, don’t blame Naira. Suwarna says Naira is the reason, he is heartbroken. Manish asks isn’t she heartbroken, does she get drunk and create scene on roads. Kartik recalls Naira’s words and says she asked to quit drinking, but I couldn’t. Manish looks at him.

Kartik says I will make everything fine. Manish asks what will you do for others, sort out your own life first, I will request the court to get you divorced as soon as possible. Naira and everyone look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Manish is the best character.

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  3. Yes Manish please do tat ask the court to proceed with the divorce asap!!! Why drag??

  4. Your Comment I know this is not sure that Manish ask court for processing …..|O|O
    when Naira and Kartik knows value of each other’s …

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