Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone being ready to go village. Dadda ji asks where are we going. Bhabhimaa says we are going for Muskaan’s marriage in the village. Dadda ji says its good, I will not come back to his jail. Bhabhimaa asks is this jail for you. He says I was joking, where will I go leaving you. Bhabhimaa says we will miss you all Akshara. Akshara says they will come soon. Muskaan hugs her asking her to come soon. They all leave in the bus. Akshara says we need to talk to doctor first.

Naitik says yes, we should meet him and know what happened. Akshara says we can tell him when we know it. Ananya says she has to go loo after everyone get ready. Varsha takes her. The bus comes and they all smile. Devyaani greets them and all relatives meet. Rajshri asks them to wait, as Ananya went. Rajshri asks them to have tea. Devyaani says we will have tea in bus, we will get late. Bau ji says yes, we all will sit till they come. Naksh comes out and does not see elders.

Akshara and Naitik come to him with Naira. Akshara says Naira is sad, as they all went. She is asking you to talk to him. Naitik says I was thinking shall we got for breakfast today. Akshara says Naksh will decide where they will go and what they will eat. Naksh stays silent. Akshara asks him what is the matter, why is he silent, did mumma do any mistake. Naitik says how will we go if you don’t say.

Akshara shows him the drawing and why he made this. Naksh recalls the incident and runs. Naitik says till we get this out of his mind, he will be sit in peace. Everyone sign in bus and Karishma asks Naman why did he not get AC bus. Naman asks her to have fresh air sent by Lord. Jasmeet asks for oranges and Mohit passes the orange juice.

The driver says there is nothing here, and they are shocked. The driver says there is just jungle till 10kms, and they get doubtful of the place. Karishma says we went through different way. Naman says I think he is taking by shortcut. The driver asks them to be sit well. Shaurya says we have to be alert. They all cover the windows by curtains and Karishma feels more uneasy.

Akshara and Naitik come to Naksh and ask them again what they did. Naksh says you are bad, you don’t love me since Naira came, everyone love Naira, you left me outside market, I know you don’t like me, I will not stay with you. She hugs him. He says leave me. She says you are my life. Naksh says you saved Naira, not me. She says I will not let you go anywhere, I m your mum. She cries and says I love you a lot, you are my baby, you came in my first, you made me mumma, how can you feel I love you less, its not like that.

Naitik says I always felt she loves you more than me, she fights with me because of me. She says she once left Naira with Naitik and went to school with him. She says I always try to be with you and not leave you alone. Naitik says mumma did not know you were in market. She says you told me that you went to Nandini, I thanked Lord for keeping you safe. Naksh says lie, you knew it, and you left me. She says I did not know, how would I leave you being your mum, you are mistaken. She says she will tell everything to him.

Bhabhimaa says its such a lonely way. Devyaani says yes, don’t know when will we reach. Akshara asks how can he think this, and why did not clear, she is his mumma, he has right to ask, she will answer, you don’t be silent like this. Naitik says we love both kids same, you both are equal to us. Akshara says I m sorry, I could not understand whats going on in your mind. Naksh says I m sorry too and hugs her crying. Naitik smiles. They show him a drawing book with Naksh being with them and Naira. Naksh smiles and hugs them.

Bau ji tells Alok that they will reach there in few hours. Alok calls Naman and asks where did they reach. Naman says some point. Alok says I came to know about loot incident on that way, be careful. Naman says thanks. He tells everyone that Alok asked us to be careful. Rukmani tells about the old times, and Mohit signs her to stop scaring. Bhabhimaa asks why did she not say this before. Rukmani says she went from here for first time. They all remove jewelry and Rashmi hides it in the bus. Few people stop them. They all panic and think they are coming for loot. The driver is unable to start the bus. Shaurya says we will face them. They don’t succeed in calling police. Shaurya asks them to be there and goes to talk to them. He asks what do they want. The man ask for help, and shows his wife pregnant, and they have to take her to doctor. They request Shaurya to give lift. The man says I know you will doubt on us, but help us. Anshu says maybe they are lying. Dadi says they would have attacked till now, they are asking for help. Shaurya is puzzled and looks at elders.

Devyaani asks Alok’s family, if there is some problem. Alok says the village has swine flu and can’t keep marriage here. Naksh says we will go tomorrow there and plans with Akshara and Naitik.

Update Credit to: Amena

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