Swaragini 12th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swaragini 12th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Swara comes and tells Shekhar that he is not having any values, but mannerless. He drinks wine and teases the girl. He is not alone, but has gang of friends. Shekhar asks him to say the truth. He says it is matter of Ragini’s happiness. Lucky is silent. Swara says I will tell the truth. Lucky goes inside silently. Shekhar follows him. Swara looks on. Panditji asks Maheswari to call bride and groom. Lucky comes there and looks angry. Maheshwari asks why you are upset? He asks him to sit for the rituals. Lucky refuses saying relations always stand on trust, but they think I am double standard man. I lives two lifes. Maheshwari asks what are you taking about? Lucky says Shekhar uncle was questioning me. Someone told him that I am characterless guy. He says I don’t think this engagement should happen and refuses to proceed. Everyone is shocked. Dada ji asks Shekhar, did you really askLakshya? Shekhar is silent. Dada ji scolds him.

Shekhar accepts to have questioned Lakshya. Maheshwari turns and says you raised a question on our upbringing. Shekhar asks him not to take our wrong meaning and says it is matter of his sole daughter’s future. Lucky says enough. I don’t like you all to argue because of me. He says even Ragini must be doubting on me. Maheshwari asks him to stay silent. Lucky thinks his work is done. He will not get engaged now. Maheshwari asks who told you about my son. Shekhar says I got a call. Maheshwari asks him to tell who called him. Dada ji asks who called you. Swara shouts my mother. Everyone turns to see her. She comes inside the house and tells that her mum called Shekhar uncle. Dida asks Sumi to open the door. Sumi refuses. Dida says you doesn’t care about your daughter. They hear Dadimaa scolding Swara. Ragini looks on disgusted. Dadimaa scolds Swara and calls her shameless.

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Sumi comes there. Swara asks her to listen to her once. She says she wants to reveal Lucky’s truth. Maheshwari says there is no lucky here. Swara says he is Lucky. Maheswari says he is Lakshya. Swara says he is characterless Lucky. Lucky says he is lying. She says my mum doesn’t teach me to hide anything. She says I never lies and asks him to call Lucky’s friend Omi. Maheshwari asks Lakshya to give his phone. Dadimaa says let it be. We don’t believe her. Maheshwari says I am upset because your son is doubting my son. He asks Lucky to call his friend. Lucky gets worried and calls his friend. Maheshwari asks him to put the call on loudspeaker. Everyone is shocked to hear the ringing tone.

Lucky asks Omi, why didn’t you come to my engagement? Omi calls him Lucky and says I can’t come to your boring engagement party. He says we had drink in the night after partying hard till 3 am. He asks him to get engaged obeying his hitler dad. Everyone is shocked. Swara tells Dadimaa that she never lives double life. She says I wants to save Ragini’s life. I am done with my talking. Everything is left on you now. I can’t change your thinking. She looks at Ragini and leaves the decision on them. She walks off. She sees Sumi standing there. They leave.

Swara and Sumi come home. Swara tells Dida that she saved Ragini from that fraud. Dida says if you would have been at that time then your mother would had been saved. Sumi asks her to stop. Swara says she wants to know about their enemity and the truth. She asks Dida to tell.

Maheswari tells Garodia that he has two sons. Elder son is Adarsh, he is like him. His wife Parineeta is also a good housewife. They will take our name forward. We gave some upbringing to Lakshya too, but our respect is ruined because of him. He asks Dada ji to decide and promises to mould Lakshya like his brother else he will separate Lakshya from his wealth and family. He asks Lakshya to tell. Lakshya says he will do whatever you says. Shekhar says I am not convinced. He says we can’t trust him. If Durga Prasad throws him out of his house then also our Ragini will be grinded. He says we want a good relation for our Ragini.

Dada ji says he is still alive to take a decision. Maheshwari promises that Lakshya will not do anything like such. Dada ji says marriage is union of two families and says we are giving our girl to you. We hope that you won’t let us down. Shekhar is silent. Dada ji says his decision is final. Maheswari ji promises Ragini that she will get respect and happiness in his house. Panditji asks them to make groom and bride stand beside each other. Lucky makes Ragini wear the ring. Everyone clap for them. Then Ragini makes Lucky wear the ring. They get engaged. Everyone congratulates her. Panditji asks them to take elders’ blessings. Lucky and Ragini take their blessings. Dadimaa blesses them. They bend down to take Shekhar’s blessings. He stops his hand from blessings Lucky. Lucky looks on.

Dida tells Swara that both families were united and very loving. There was no enemity. She says Sumi and Shekhar started loving each other. She asks Sumi to tell whatever happened that day. Lucky tells Swara that Ragini’s life will be ruined because of their family. He says he won’t change for anyone. It seems Shekhar hears him.

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  1. Excellent..!!
    I’m in love with the show in particular Swara’s character..:)

  2. Well done Swara.

  3. It’s fresh story line… i love it

  4. I am loving this show.

  5. Strong characters please don’t spoil it with ridiculous story lines copied from other series

  6. I think to save Ragini, Swara will marry Lucky in disguise.

  7. Who is more beautiful se
    Swara or ragini

    1. Ragini

  8. Ragini

  9. Whr is 13 march’s update plzz tell me

  10. Der is gunna be a love triangle between da three but i think that history is gunna repeat itself n swara is gunna marry luck because there personalities kinda suit there bold strong charactters

  11. Y rn.’t they putting yesterda

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