Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th March 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th March 2013 Written Update

Akshi is excited.. she goes to get naitik’s kurta. She doesn’t find it.. She smiles and says, we’ll see.. abhi naitik will come and ask for his kurta! If she wont give him in 2 mins, he will crib like a kid! Naitik comes and dsays, “my kurta”! Akshi says 2 mins and turns, just to find naitik all dressed and ready.. her face drops. Naitik says see, i wore the kurta already.. didn’t trouble you! akshi sadly smiles He tells akshi to get ready too! Akshi sees two sarees and wonders which one to wear.. she is about to ask naitik when naitik gets a call
Naitik goes away and akshi feels sad.. She decides what to wear, remembering the times when she never decided anything without his inputs, but again naitik gets a call. he doesnt comment on her saree and she gets sad.

Varsha is telling the ladies that see, if so many of us talk to the princi, i am sure she will trust us! Since theres a pooja, the princi is going to come late! So the ladies decide to wait there only.

Akshi gets fully ready.. she goes down and sees naitik alone! She smiles and walks towards naitik who has done all the work so that Akshi wont get worried! She remembers the time when he always used to praise her? he doesnt comment on her saree and she gets sad. Naitk comes after his phone call ends and tells akshi that his clients are coming, attend to them properly! Then naitik says that i want to tell you something special.. Akshi says what? Naitik says, “Put a kaala tika on Duggu.. he is looking very handsome!” Akshi smiles sadly

duggu comes and tells akshi that she is looking very beautiful.. akshi says thank you.. duggu says that waise toh she looks beautiful everyday, but today she is looking more beautiful! Akshi smiles.. duggu goes away.. G3 and bm enter.. g3 tells bm that don’t worry! Akshi asks what happened.? It seems yash is unwell so mohini cudn’t make it.. Akshi says don’t worry, you can go to their place after the pooja.. g3 and bm like the idea..

Maheshwari’s enter..everyone is really happy! duggu comes and says that today is his abhishek Rj explains duggu the procedure and duggu says that he wont get giftseveryone laughs!

Ananya tells duggu that he is looking good today! Duggu tells the same to Ananya! Ananya says that yes, I am gone on my bua (akshi) na Naitik feels happy and tries to hold her hand.. but akshi unknowingly moves forward and kisses ananya.. Naitik remembers their first diwali, when she had kissed him Varsha couldn’t make it.. theres a small conversation on that.. Naitik tries calling akshi but she goes inside..

Kids come to know that yash wont come! Duggu gets a bit sad.. but ananya explains him..
Both nishmi and mohini cant come.. Vish enquires about Dj.. he is in his bedroom.. Vish says that they will call him once they start the pooja

PRECAP: The pooja is on.. Dj comes and asks what is all this? WHy so much rush? Akshi tells him that today is shivratri, theres the pooja.. Dj asks bm who is this girl (akshi) ?

Update Credit to: Stutz

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