Punar Vivah 12th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Punar Vivah 12th March 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 12th March 2013 Written Update

Yash and Aarti were leaving the room with the family photo frame..

Akash says… cant u understand u have to leave everything meaning the photo frame also.. keep it..

Yash got angry … he was stepping front in anger when Aarti holds his hand and takes the photo frame and keeps it..

Akash says.. bhabhi ji is more intelligent than you.. she keeps reminding you of the promise that u made along with which is u cant raise ur hand on me..

Meanwhile Aarti keeps the photo frame and takes out the photo..

Aarti says.. take this Akash bhaiya.. this photo frame is yours but u dont know its lifeless which was given life by this photo .. by Yash’s love and respect and now its back to being lifeless.. everything that was Yash ji’s is yours now but house isnt made by things but love and respect and i am sure like Yash ji u will keep bring the love and fill this photo frame again..

Yash smiles.. Aarti looks in anger..

Aarti moves to Yash and holds his hand showing Akash and both of them move out…

Ishita looks at Akash.. Akash is angered..

Aarti and Yash come out of the room and Prateek and Vidhi are there…

Prateek hugs Yash crying and says.. bhaiya u take my room.. plzz bhaiya…

Yash says.. hold yourself..

Vidhi says .. yes u take my room also..

Prateek says.. we will all live together .. it wont be a problem..

Yash says.. it doesnt matter where we live.. but our love should remain..

Yash and Aarti go..

Vidhi says.. thsi isnt right.. how can Yash bhaiya live in a servant’s room…losing to love, mummy ji asked such a thing to Yash bhaiya..

Yash and Aarti reach the room .. Jee Le Zara being played in background…

Yash stands by the window sad and looks out..

Aarti looks at the photo crying and pastes the photo on the wall..

Yash looks crying.. he goes to Aarti and helps her in pasting it.. Yash looks at the photo intently touching it..

Aarti is about to touch Yash’s shoulder but crying holds back and runs towards the little mandir in the room…

Yash keeps his head on the wall …

He sees Aarti crying by the murti.. he goes to Aarti.. Yash holds Aarti’s shoulder.. Aarti turns back and hugs Yash…

Akash is rejoicing in the room… and says.. this is right.. this feels like king.. what an awesome mattress..

Ishita says. and u listened to me.. i told you if u go on my words.. u’ll reach heights.. now they will live in the servants room and u live in this awesome room.. this has to happen .. how ur life is entwined with mine.. what is in my destiny.. u will get it..

Akash looks angry..

ishita says.. why are u looking that.. ok let that be.. but say a small thank you..

Akash says.. i wont say thank you.. this is all my destiny.. dont keep hopes with me… pack ur stuff and go to your parent’s house.. u have a great destiny no.. u will get someone..

Akash pushes Ishita.. the necklace falls and Ishita sees it…

Ishita says. i wont go.. what i want is in this house..

Akash says.. what is in this house that u dont leave me..

Ishita says.. u wont understand that..

Ishita picks the necklace and flaunts it..

Akash says.. ask her whatever, she smiles… she makes me angry..
Gayatri says.. get preparations for bhoj..

Paridhi says.. what is bhoj?

Bua says.. bhoj is done when in front of the world, u accept your mistake…

Paridhi says.. will he accept it.. do u think so..

Bua says.. he will have to.. when Bhabhi has accepted..

Papa S looks angry… everyone quietens..

Gayatri says.. why did u go quiet..? because ur bauji is here..we arent doing anything wrong.. he did something wrong.. we are giving him a chance to correct it..

paridhi says.. u r right mummy ji.. that is what Bauji says… that family doesnt stay up with lies and bcz Bauji got my radio station job left because i kept it a secret..

Papa S is angry..
Gayatri looks down…
Paridhi looks straight…

Akash sitting on the office mattress says.. whatever was yours is mine now… dont sit on this mattress but sit on the ground..

Yash looks at him..

Yash is in the office side doing work ..
Pankaj and Prateek come there and see him sad working…
Yash sees them and says.. Pankaj bhaiya.. prateek come in nah..
They come in looking down..

Yash says.. what happened bhaiya.. why are u serious..? and chote why r u sad..? dont be sad over Akash’s issues.. this is a want of younger brother.. in some day, it will subside and things will be right..

Pankaj says.. u are really good Yash.. u have a golden heart..

Akash says.. just now I heard something… Younger brother’s wants.. whatever he wanted asked for it.. in some days, he will let it go.. but lemme tell this, this is not my want but my right and i wont forget that ever in my lifetime…

Akash shouts at Yash.. dont look at me like that.. go and get tea for me.. and if it gets cold by the time u get it, i will throw it on you…

Prateek looks sad..
well.. Akash is saying what is running on his head..
Yash is doing things according to his promise..

but Pankaj.. even if Akash is taking Yash’s place.. Pankaj is the elder brother.. he can say things to Akash and Gayatri cant stop him bcz he is elder… grrr.. Pankaj is so spineless.. never does anything when needed…

Akash sits on the mattress with his legs spread and says.. Yash bhai, do i have to remind you all the time that whatever was yours till 30 years is mine now and dont sit on this mattress but m not that bad u also sit down but on the ground because for 30 years, people have made me sit near their feet only..

Yash looks at him..

Akash says.. sit sit.. even i want to see how a person who has been on carpet will sit on the ground.. u also will understand what kind of a life i have lived…

Prateek says.. Akash..

Yash stops him and sits down..

Akash says.. ohh u are not used to sitting without help.. but atleast u sat.. but Yash bhai is absolutely kalyugi ram.. do u know how people used to talk to me.. he shouts on Yash and says.. go and get tea for me.. and if it gets cold by the time u get , i will throw it on you..

Prateek says.. my bhai is not ur servant..

Akash says.. i am talking… Yash bhai.. u know how i used to feel.. bu thow will u know till that happens with you.. so go and get tea for me..

Yash gets the tea and Akash throws it on Yash..
Yash moves back holding his chest in pain..
Prateek and Pankaj gets angry..
Pankaj says.. Akash..
Yash somehow holds him..

Akash shouts.. u have got tea or juice… told u if the tea is not hot i will throw it you

Update Credit to: AbbyluvsMaan

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