Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 26th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhant Challenges KK To Ruin Him

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Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 26th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siddhant tells KK and Neeta that he needs their blessings as they are his saas and sasur. Neeta asks her to call her sasumaa from now onwards. Siddhant asks KK to meet him in the lawn. Nupur tells Karthik, Srikant and Riddhi that Anushka didn’t think about her familyreputation and Vedant and says this news will get trend till evening. Purva calls Karthik and says sorry, says they can’t come in the engagement. Karthik asks her not to come and tells that engagement happened angrily. Purva asks why is he sounding angrily. Karthik asks her to ask her selfish brother Siddhant. Riddhi tells Karthik that you think Anushka is special, even Srikant feels that only special guy can keep her happy. She says when she told everyone about the special guy then why you all are having problem. Srikant

says we are angry as Siddhant eyed Anushka. Karthik says he is very ambitious and used our sister to get our money. Rao ji congrats Siddhant and asks him to say sorry to KK while going. Siddhant asks him to listen in a rough tone and asks him to stay as a Servant and not to lecture him. He asks him to move his tail infront of KK and says I am going to be son in law of the house and asks him not to mess with him.

KK comes and asks Siddhant to come out. KK asks what you wanted to say. Siddhant says sorry and tells that I have done so much hidingly and I have realized that I shouldn’t have done this. KK asks him to forget the past and says Anushka loves you and that’s what matters to me. Siddhant says I love Anushka a lot and can do anything for her. I am saying sorry for other reason. Siddhant says I will make you understand and asks him to keep his legs on ground. He tells him that whatever happened with Sudhanshu was because of him. He has sent those pics to you and tells that Sudhanshu was innocent. He says I had provoked you against Hira which led to her murder. I didn’t want anyone to die. He says I have told Neeta about her film and folds his hands and apologize. KK is shocked. Siddhant says I want to say sorry to many, but thought to start with you. KK asks why did you break my trust. Siddhant says I have done what you have done with my pitashri.

KK asks what did I do with Prabhakar. Siddhant says you have backstabbed him, first you won his trust and then murdered him. KK asks do you realize what are you saying? Siddhant says I know you have killed my father and gave poison to him using Reddy Corporation book. He says my father licked the poison reading your book. I know you got the plane crashed. He says you got my pita ji’s postmortem done by your doctor, who lied to us. KK says what are you saying and says Prabhakar died of heart attack. Siddhant asks him to stop his acting and says I know your real face. He says I want to give you one thing which my father couldn’t give you. He asks him to think it as his resignation also. Anushka comes to the balcony and smiles looking at them. Siddhant also smiles and asks KK why your smile vanished. He says are you thinking I will use your daughter against you. He asks him not to think and says I am not cheap like you, and this thing separate us. He says I am prabhakar sinha’s son and my love is 100 percent pure. He asks him not to involve Anushka in the war and asks him to get ready to get ruined.

KK asks him to mind his thinking and imagination and says I have nothing to do with Prabhakar’s death. He says I am a big man and can smash you like smashing an ant. Siddhant says I am not afraid as Siddhant Prabhakar Sinha is standing here. He says one Prabhakar Sinha made you what you are today and other Prabhakar Sinha will ruin you. He walks out. KK thinks of Siddhant’s poetry and the happenings.

Siddhhant comes home. Gayatri asks him about his injury and asks him to tell everything, says she can handle. Siddhant says today was Anushka’s engagement. Gayatri tells that Purva insisted to go, but she refused. She asks did you go there? Siddhant says yes. Gayatri says what is going in your mind. Siddhant asks her to understand. Gayatri says I also used to like her, but KK killed your Papa. She says we have no relation with anyone, not even with Anushka. Siddhant tells that he got engaged to Anushka. Gayatri is shocked.

KK tells Rao that he will take Anushka out of Siddhant’s clutches. Rao asks will you refuse. KK says no and tells that Anushka herself will refuse to marry Siddhant.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Ho .. siddhant mother told fight in right way …
    But what is the necessary to tell whole thing to KK…
    The way siddhant fighting before with KK is sahi right way to fight with KK

  2. Hmm loved the confidence of sidhant…He plays that guy with an attitude really well

  3. Nice episode

  4. I never watched, it is one of the best serial. The way siddhant fighting before with KK is sahi right, Lawn may KK & Siddhant ke bechme may jo sambhashan huwa, itna style muje waisi dekthe raha. Siddhant ka body language and Balcony my Anushka ka smiling very very amazing.

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