Ishra abhagya arshi and Naagin love story season 4 part 8

Ishra abhagya arshi and Naagin love story season 4 part 8

Yamini: Meri kali Naagin you’ve been amazing at it

Shesha: this happened because of those people

Tanu: raman abhi and ritik ruined our lives

Shagun: we did this they betrayed us

Tanu: they came and then pretended to love us and then fell in love with someone else

Yamini: calm down thank god you joined me at the right time

Yamini: let’s party

Shagun: I’m Shagun And I will make sure raman dies day by day

Tanu: we will make sure

All villains recall

Tanu: abhi

Abhi: yeah

Tanu: you love me

Abhi: no

Tanu: what

Abhi: I saw this girl and fell for her

Tanu: abhi

Abhi: I’m sorry Tanu you thought I love you but I don’t

Tanu takes a flower vase and swings it at abhi arm and it bleeds

Abhi falls in pain

Abhi has glass stuck to his arm

Tanu: abhi you might be a rockstar but remember today you ruined a girl life and you will never get the happiness in your life I curse you of it

Tanu leaves abhi alone and abhi gets up and goes

Shagun: Raman you said you will speak to Aunty about our relation

Raman: I told you but my mom doesn’t want you as her daughter in law

Shagun: raman

Raman: I can’t go against her

Shagun: you promised me to love me

Raman: I can’t

Shagun: raman

Raman tries to leave

Shagun: I’m pregnant Raman

Raman is stunned

Raman: how

Shagun: it’s your child

Raman: no

Shagun: come lets go to the hospital and see

Raman and Shagun at the hospital and Mrs. Bhalla also comes there angry

Raman and Shagun are on top of the steps standing and talking waiting for results

Mrs. Bhalla: you got this women pregnant raman why

Raman: ma

Shagun: Aunty

Mrs. Bhalla: shut up

Mrs. Bhalla slaps Raman and Raman pushes Shagun due to the slap

Shagun rolls down the stairs and cries in pain

Raman and Mrs. Bhalla are stunned

Raman carries Shagun to the emergency

Doctor: unfortunately she has lost her child

Raman falls down while Mrs. Bhalla consoles her

At Bhalla House

Shagun comes out with a knife from Raman room

No one is there

Raman: Shagun

Shagun: you both killed my child now watch

Shagun moves toward them

Shagun slashes the knife at raman arm and it bleeds and she goes towards Mrs. Bhalla

Shagun scares her and then she takes a vase and hits it at Mrs. Bhalla head and runs away

Mrs. Bhalla faint

Shagun: you ruined me I ruin you

Shesha: ritik

Ritik: shesha you here at my work place

Shesha: yes my baby

Ritik: don’t call me that

Shesha: why

Ritik: were just not compatible

Shesha is stunned

Ritik: I consider you my friend I saw this girl who is beautiful

Shesha: ritik

Shesha: love me or

Ritik: what

Shesha turns into snake

Ritik moves back

Shesha: no your mine come here baby

Ritik: get away Naagin

Shesha: do you love me kiki?

Ritik: what

Shesha: o sorry drake song do you love me Ritik

Ritik: no

Shesha turns into a human and stairs and ritik

A sharp nail stabs Ritik and slashes him

Ritik moans in pain

Shesha: I a Naagin curse you of your love if you even do love you won’t consummate

Shesha leaves

Ritik gets up stunned

Shesha is seen walking toward a center

Shagun is also

Tanu is also

They see each other

Shesha: what happened

They all tell their stories

They are shocked

Shesha: we will get revenge

Yamini comes there

Yamini: you will get revenge

Shesha: Yamini Aunty

Yamini: I want naagmani

The villains join hand

The flashback finishes

All villains at once


All laugh

Somewhere in a room

A women is seen tied up

It’s Khushi

Khushi tries to release but can’t

Riya comes in Khushi mask in front of her

Khushi shocked

Riya: don’t get me mad eat and you can live

Riya removes her mask

Riya: this is me Riya Malik

Khushi is shocked

Precap: couple want to be close but stay apart

The sweet dish ceremony

Shivanya spills oil on the step so Mrs. Bhalla slips and falls

Shivanya: killing

Ishita: costs

Pragya: killing

No couples in this one this is all villains story except Riya she has a strange one will be revealed soon so stay tuned

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Shesha n tanu are obsessed ones who are avenging the boys unnecessarily. But I am shocked that shagun was pregnant with raman’s baby.after comsummating with her leaving her for the mother was wrong on raman’s part. Poor khushi

    1. AHT

      Thanks for the comment the villain are insane this season And this season will get to a shocking point Riya doesn’t love ankit either there is something else I can’t tell stay tuned

  2. Sorry,I couldn’t comment earlier
    Didn’t get to see the part….
    Actually, I had to search a lot for this, then I found it at last
    BTW it’s becoming interesting day by day…
    Please update part 9 soon

    1. AHT

      Thanks for the comment it’s no problem part 9 is delayed due to my family visiting but will update ASAP

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