Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 21st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhant Gets Specially Ready For Anushka

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 21st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Riddhi greets her father and asks about the alliance. KK says your dad brought alliance for Karthik. Anushka asks who is the girl? Riddhi says you are also filmy. Sudhanshu tells about girl Nupur Shrivastav and says she is a MBA and works in her father’s bank. Neeta and KK like her and asks Riddhi and Anushka to see. Anushka says I don’t think he will marry as he never saw her. KK asks her to show pic to Karthik. She gets Siddhant’s call. Siddhant says I talked to rudely today. Anushka says it is ok and says she was middle of something. She says she was seeing pics for alliance. Siddhant asks whose alliance? Anushka ends the call. Siddhant looks at his face and thinks if he don’t do anything then Anushka will go away from him. He comes to Purva and asks her to make him more handsome. Anushka comes to Srikant and Karthik, and tells that Sudhanshu uncle knows Karthik, but then also he brought the alliance for him. Srikant says my marriage was also arranged. Karthik sees girl’s pic and says I shall say yes. Anushka says I didn’t think that you will agree. Karthik says Appa will get best guy for you. Anushka thinks she likes Siddhant and don’t like anyone else.

Purva brings Siddhant to tailor and asks him to stitch nice suit for him. Siddhant says he wants to look best for himself. Purva asks him to tell her name. Siddhant says you are not fool. Siddhant asks him to stitch the clothes now itself. Tailor says atleast he will take 3 hours to stitch. Siddhant says your time started. He asks him to hurry up else opportunity will go from his hands. Purva smiles.

KK is praying in the temple. Neeta comes and stands behind him. KK says you have surprised me. Neeta reminds him that traditionally Anushka shall marry before Karthik, as they are twins. KK says she is little girl. Neeta says they are of same age and tells that they will get proposal for her. KK says Anushka will go after marriage and asks her not to mix her marriage with Karthik, says they will do her marriage late. Neeta convinces him.

Siddhant comes to the Office. Girls look at him. Security guard says Anushka was asking about him. He goes to her cabin. Anushka says today there is a red tag on your name and asks him not to be late. She doesn’t see the difference in him. Siddhant gets upset and goes to his room. Sweety asks if he went to shopping mall. Siddhant says she didn’t notice me. Anushka smiles and looks at him from her cabin. She comes to his cabin and asks sweety to mail case details. She goes. Siddhant comes to Anushka and asks her for lunch. She refuses and says schedule is tight, she will skip lunch. Siddhant says ok and goes. Anushka have coffee. Siddhant says same coffee for me. Anushka says Gandhi ji said change is good. She goes. Siddhant looks for her in the evening. Anushka says she is leaving. Siddhant asks shall we go home together? He says he has to talk something. Anushka says she has to reach home fast today. She leaves. Siddhant removes his suit. He gets his pics clicked by Anushka. She messages him that she has clicked his pic hidden from him. She says he was looking handsome today. She tells that she was seeing alliance for karthik and not for her. She writes poetry. Siddhant thinks she worked hard for him.

In the morning, KK sees proposals for Anushka’s marriage. Siddhant comes there to take Karthik’s signatures. Anushka and Riddhi comes there. Anushka asks if few more pics came and tells that Karthik liked the first girl. Siddhant congratulates him. Karthik tells that they are seeing alliance for Anushka. Anushka and Siddhant get upset.

Sweety calls Siddhant and gives him Dinesh Swamy’s address. Neeta selects lawyer for Anushka, but KK says Anushka will not marry a lawyer. Anushka gets tensed.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Best episode. ?

  2. Nice epi but precap is hurting for anuska. Why kk didn’t choose layer (alliance) fr anu. Any reason? Poor anuska……

  3. Yvonne Codner

    This episode has me smiling. Anushka has finally found the right way to treat Siddhant…yes Anu, let him lose his arrogance, not all, but some. Well for today she is not hanging around for his crumbs…Love his new look. I think KK knows that Siddhant and Anu love each other since they were kids because they were inseparable and still are. Enjoyed epi tonight!

  4. what is the timing of the show? I missed it yesterday

    1. Priyanka Gupta

      Viju, it’s at 23:00 hrs. every night, and repeat telecast at 14:30 hrs. &18:30 hrs.

  5. Priyanka Gupta

    Awesome, lovely episode, too too too good

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