Savitri Devi 19th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Dr. Kabir stoops low and traps Sunny

Savitri Devi 19th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanchi telling Dr. Kabir that they will not dance on his tune. Dr. Kabir asks her to relax and says he wanted to make a good start to our friendship. Dr. Kabir hears Sanchi’s phone ringing and comes to the room. He picks Sunny’s call. Sunny tells him something and cries. Dr. Kabir takes his address and goes there. Dr. Malhotra scolds Sanchi for doubting on Dr. Kabir. Veer asks her not to say if he doesn’t know anything. Sanchi tells Veer that she is sure Dr. Kabir was there. Veer says they will find out about his game plan. They hug each other. Dr. Kabir comes to the address given by Sunny. Sunny asks him to check his friend. Dr. Kabir checks and says he is no more. Sunny tells them that other friend recorded it and that he is innocent. Dr. Kabir asks him not to worry and not to tell anything to Sanchi and Jaya. He steals Sunny’s mobile. He smirks. Sanchi and Veer try to search proofs against Dr. Kabir. They try to check on his laptop and type wrong password twice.

Dr. Kabir sees the video and thinks he will make Sanchi dance on his tune now. Sanchi and Veer hide hearing someone coming. Dr. Kabir’s assistant comes there talking to him and keeps the file there. Veer types hospital name and laptop open. They see Los Angeles Ticket and think he was not there. Sanchi is doubtful though. Sanchi sees Sunny’s missed calls and talks to him. Sunny says he is fine and ends the call. Dr. Kabir and his assistant is hiding there. His assistant tells that they have checked fake email which I sent you. Dr. Kabir smirks.

Savitri asks Priya about Vikrant. Priya says he is fine. Gayatri asks Priya to go to stay with Vikrant. Priya tells Savitri that Vikrant doesn’t want her to have any trouble and loves her a lot. Savitri says Gayatri has fulfilled her duty as a mother. Priya warns Gayatri and says she won’t let or Vikrant play with her life.

Sanchi and Veer come to a candy floss shop. They have it while a song plays….They see Sunny walking in the middle of a road and a speedy car is about to hit him. Veer runs and rescues him. Sanchi hugs him and asks what happened? He says he was thinking about an exam. Veer says we will drop you home.
Sanchi comes to her cabin in the morning. She sees the gift and opens it. She finds bangles and note with it in which he has written that the bangles are made for her. She recalls Kusum giving it to her and determines to find proofs against him.

Sanchi asks Dr. Kabir, what does he want. Dr. Kabir tries to forcefully make her wear bangles and tells that he wants to rectify her mistake which she did by marrying Veer.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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