Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 10th August 2017 Written Episode Update; Aru gets Mukhi ji’s gift

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 10th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

It was morning. Mukhi ji comes to the kitchen where Dharmi was cooking. She smiles looking at him. Mukhi ji turns to leave, then comes towards the stoves to prepare tea for himself. Dharmi says she is preparing tea but Mukhi ji says he makes his own tea for years. Dharmi tries to speak to him but couldn’t. She remembers Mukhi ji saved her from jumping off the roof, then deliberately burns her hand from stove. Mukhi ji turns around and advices her to keep it dipped in water. Rami comes to the kitchen and asks what she is doing. She asks Mukhi why he is preparing his, Mukhi ji says he and Aru are used to tea he prepares himself. When he has left, Rami tells Dharmi that injury is deep, ointment must be put with love.
During the breakfast, Dharmi serves Mukhi ji but he prefers Aru’s. Mastana discuss the competition would be tough today. Aru says she learnt to work with mud already, Mukhi ji stares at her. She agrees she doesn’t have to be over-confident. Sanvi tells her not to lose confidence as well. Rami watches carefully then asks Dharmi to join them too. Aru also likes the idea, Mukhi ji infact leave the table. Aru was worried what happened to him.
Later, Aru comes to the room. Mastana says Mukhi ji left. Aru goes to get ready. The box of jhumki fells off, Aru thinks about wearing them. One of them fell down, Aru finds the gift bag under the cupboard. There was a note with it, Mukhi ji wrote that his love has increased for her in time. He brought the dupatta and wish she wins, so that she makes such dupatta. In the competition, Mukhi ji’s eyes stay as he watches Aru wearing his gift. He comes towards her. Aru compliments he isn’t a miser of words, Mukhi ji asks what he should have written then? Aru says ‘my lovely Aru, with love’ would have been enough. She says it’s really nice. Mukhi ji asks if she liked it. Aru says he doesn’t understand signals at all. Mukhi ji taunts if its signal for something else? Both smile. Rami and Dharmi watch this. The girl child comes to Mukhi ji and compliments Aru. The love her and takes her to play with Chammo. Rami compliments if they are planning to bring their own baby.
There, Madhur and Kaveri thinks about pouring water over everyone’s mud so that it solidifies. When the competition begins, Mukhi ji stops Aru saying if they make anything out of this wet mud it would disperse. Arjun announces that Madhur and Kaveri are preparing the best idol. Aru gets up and goes to get some new mid. Mukhi ji sends her to get some more. He tells her to bring it on her dupatta. Aru wasn’t ready to use her gifted dupatta. Dharmi stood with her dupatta as help for them. Mukhi ji wasn’t ready to take it, Aru smiles, takes the dupatta and hurries for the mud. Kaveri and Madhur’s idol was ready. Aru says time is running out, Mukhi ji tells her to be patient and continue working. They were done with their one’s next.
Abhay was in the car, he thinks about Sanvi and makes a call. It was Dr. Joshi, Abhay fixes a meeting with Joshi and asks him about a favor. He tells him to do the abortion without informing his pregnant friend, and promises his clinic’s extension will be passed. He warns the girl must not know its deliberate and must appear natural. He thinks he is sorry, he doesn’t wish to be child of her father at least.

PRECAP: Kaveri wish Aru and Mukhi ji’s idol is ruined by some miracle. Aru comes to see Chammo having eaten the leaves off the idol.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I feel a deja vu coming on with the story. It seems so similar to that of Suhani si ek ladki. Suhani’s best friend tried to get her husband because of the luxerous life he was living and now Dharmi is doing the same.

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