Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 10th August 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 10th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with rishi saying that this child is a yadhuvanshi and now stays busy in shiv bhakti. Rishi says pranam to go, hanuman says pranam. Rishi goes. Hanuman says such a shiv bhakt should get my help, I have to tell him to put belpatra on lord shiv’s shviling. Hanuman goes to see the boy.
In ashram, the child’s mother scolds him and says you have started praying to lord shiv again, I am fed up of you. Mother says close this pooja path and start helping me. Hanuman sees hiding from behind a tree and says his mother is angry on him for praying to lord shiv. Child says no mother, look at our king chitrasen he is a shiv bhakt too, that is why I have been inspired to do lord shivs bhakti. Mother says look at your age, you are too young just leave all this and come and help men to work, I work hard to earn 2 times food. Child says do not worry mother, lord shiv’s bhakti will help us in our life. mother says you are doing this bhakti that is why you have gone away from your path to help me, I will throw this shiv ling in the well. Child falls at mothers legs and says no mother please don’t do this, don’t take my god away from me, I need my god. Mother’s legs stumble and the shiv ling is thrown away, hanuman catches it and comes inside. Child says pranam rishi. Hanuman keeps the shiv ling on the ground and does pranam to it. Hanuman says mata, this is the shiv ling, lord shiv is the one because of everything exists, everything is because of him and belongs to him and you were about to throw him in the well? Mother says sadhu maharaj I don’t know that, I have been working hard to earn just a 2 time food but he is always busy in shiv bhakti, he has to take education and earn for us. Hanuman says mother being the disciple of lord shiv and his bhakti will earn you everything. Mother says but education is important and without that he cannot earn anything. Hanuman says his bhakti will earn him education that everyone does not get mata. Mother says even education is bought today and we don’t have money for that too, how will my son learn? Hanuman says don’t worry mata, I will teach your son, I will teach him everything and with the help of shiv bhakti he will get you everything. Mother is happy and says yes sadhu maharaj. Child says rishi you will be my guru dev and tells his mother see mother without any hard work I have earned a teacher and this is because of shiv bhakti only, do I have your permission to be gurudev’s student? Mother says yes son and says sadhu maharaj, I will allow my son to learn under your guidance, I will see how my son’s shiv bhakti will help him. mother goes inside the hut.
Hanuman says to the child what is your name? child says gurudev I don’t have any name, everyone calls me what they wish so now that I am under your guidance, you can give me what name you wish. Hanuman says child you are a disciple of lord shiv, the name shrikar suits you. Child says shrikar and smiles. Then hanuman and shrikar sit opposite each other in front of the shiv ling and start praying saying om namah shivay. Hanuman and shrikar sit and pray for day and night for days. The mother sees this and sits in the hut. Lord Shankar and parvati see and parvati says hanuman has taught shiv bhakti to shrikar too, lord Shankar says hanuman who has crossed all the limits of bhakti has become shrikar’s gurudev and will teach shrikar’s mother too that bhakti is never waste.
As hanuman and shrikar pray mother sees this and is inside the hut, she has tears and says when will lord shiv come to help us, my son is deep in his bhakti and has been doing it for days. Suddenly the utensils become gold and hut becomes a house and is covered by gold straw. Mother is amazed and comes out and says is this the award for my son’s bhakti or am I dreaming? Then she looks at shrikar and says this is the award for my sons bhakti, mother has tears. Suddenly the shiv ling shines and mother cannot see, hanuman and shrikar open their eyes and lord Shankar appears. Mother is shocked and she does pranam. Shrikar and hanuman do pranam. Shrikar says lord shiv, I prayed to you and you appeared so early. Lord shiv says shrikar I saw your dedication towards my bhakti and you deserved it. Shrikar says gurudev because of your guidance I have been able to meet my lord today, it is only because of you. Lord Shankar says that a gurudev is like a god and more than a god to a student as he guides to ultimate bhakti. Lord Shankar says shrikar now tell me what you wish for. Shrikar says lord I don’t want anything but till I die I want to stay in your bhakti and my gurudev’s guidance and I want a place in your nitydham after I die. Lord Shankar smiles and says shrikar your gurudev is another disciple, be his disciple and you will get to come in nityadham after you die. Lord Shankar says your gurudev is none other than hanuman. Hanuman takes his actual form. Mother and shrikar are amazed. Shrikar falls at hanumans legs and takes his blessings and says hanuman ji, you are my gurudev? Shrikar cries and says now I don’t want anything in my life, I am blessed entirely as the rudransh helped me meet my god rudra. Mother says hanuman ji, you helped my son and nothing is greater than you. Hanuman smiles and makes shrikar get up and says shrikar you are a yaduvanshi and you family line was under the curse of yadu’s father but that curse has been lifted after your prayers to lord Shankar, the next form of lord Vishnu is going to be born from yaduvansh and now it is cruse free. Shrikar says hanuman ji, you have saved my yaduvansh and for that I cannot be more grateful but I will do your bhakti and lord shiv’s bahkti my entire life until I die. Lord Shankar smiles and blesses everyone and goes.
After years, in Mathura Krishna and radha are sitting as Krishna plays the flute and smiles.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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