Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 30th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 30th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manvi comes to her room. She cries thinking of Raj’s taunts. Till when will I have to bear the consequences of Rahul’s mistakes?

The guests like the food. Everyone is shocked and in disbelief. They praise the food. Avanti is irked. Dadi asks Raj to eat it as well. Your DIL has cooked something for the first time. Raj recalls how Upmanyu had made him eat khichdi once. Raj had liked it back then too. He refuses his mother. I am not hungry. Sonali asks him to try it. It is nice. He angrily retorts that he wont eat it!

Dadi asks Manvi where she was. I have to give you something special. The guests compliment Manvi on her cooking skills. A guy compliments Manvi and Rahul. You both look so good together. Nisha and Avanti make faces.

Rahul asks Chotu for food. Chotu says khichdi is finished. Should I cook something else? Rahul shakes his head. I wanted to eat that only. Manvi overhears it but does not react. He thinks she did so much for his family. I don’t know if you will talk to me. I should atleast try! She faints. He holds her. Chotu tells him that Manvi is ill since morning. I tried to tell her to rest but she dint listen to me. Rahul takes her upstairs.

Rahul makes Manvi lie on the bed. She has high fever. Rahul calls Doctor. Doc says I will come, but drape her with something warm till then. Chotu gives water to Rahul. Rahul sends him outside to wait for doc. Rahul puts cold water strips on Manvi’s head. Rahul calls out for Chotu. He drops cold water from the bowl on Manvi by mistake as he turns. She is asleep, maybe under the effect of a medicine. This cold water will negatively affect her health all the more. I will bring someone.

Rahul tells Dadi about Manvi’s ill health. Please change her clothes. Dadi says you married her. Do it yourself. She goes from there. Rahul comes back in the room. How do I do it! He hugs her as he opens her blouse. She wakes up. She looks at her saree. He explains the situation to her. She says you thought to take advantage of me? I told you never to come close to me. why did you do it? He explains that the water fell on her by mistake. She says I knew you are a cheap person. I did not know you will try to take advantage of a ill person. He cannot understand why thinks so bad about him all the time. She feels dizzy. He holds her. She asks her to stay away from her but he makes it clear to her that he will do what he thinks is right. I was not trying to take advantage of you. I was trying to change your clothes as you are ill. She faints. He gets worried for her.

Sonali is confused to see the doc coming home. Dadi tells her that Manvi is ill since morning. She cooked entire food all by herself. She dint tell even Rahul. She fainted. Sonali is taken aback.

Doc checks Manvi. You should have called me earlier. Rahul says she did not tell anyone. Manvi mutters in her sleep. Doc points out that Manvi is under stress due to something. Her reports will tell things more clearly tomorrow. Give her love, understand her feelings. She will recover soon then. The medicines will help her regain her health. Let her rest tonight. Keep cold water strips on her hear for the entire night. Someone will have to stay with her for the night. I can send a nurse. Saloni denies. We will look after her. Doc leaves. Sonali feels bad. None of us knew she was ill since morning. She goes out to bring medicines.

Rahul talks to Manvi. Why dint you tell anyone? You are angry with me. Why are you punishing yourself?

Nisha gets to know from Sonali that Manvi is unwell. Sonali shares that she did everything on her own since morning. I feel bad for her. I said so much to her unintentionally. Nisha is irked. Manvi has gotten mom on her side too? I will have to do something!

Manvi holds Sonali’s hand in sleep. Don’t leave me, Ma. Sonali assures her she isn’t going anywhere. Raj asks Chotu about Sonali. Chotu tells him that she is in Rahul’s room. Manvi Bhabhi is unwell. She is taking care of her.

Sonali asks Rahul to bring medicines from the driver. Rahul feels good. I was sure you wont stay angry with Manvi for long. He leaves to get the medicines.

Raj comes there. What are you (Sonali) doing here? Sonali says she is now in our home. Plus she is not well. She has high fever yet she worked so hard to complete the ritual! I feel so bad because of the same. He asks her if she is supporting Upmanyu’s daughter now. She takes him outside. He says this is my house. I can speak anywhere I want to! He makes it clear that he is allowing Manvi to stay here as Rahul married her. I will never accept her! Don’t expect anything from me. Servants are there. Sonali shares that Manvi was missing her mother. I too am a mother. How can I leave her alone in this state? Raj leaves it on her to decide what she wants to do. Sonali suggests inviting Shilpa home tomorrow. Manvi will feel better. Raj is angry. I hate that family and you want to call them here! They don’t even deserve to stand outside my house. Now they will come inside my house! Do whatever you like. Sonali reasons that they have a right on Manvi. Raj repeats that Rahul and she can decide whatever they like! He walks away miffed.

Sonali comes to Rahul’s room. You should go. I will stay here. He denies. Manvi is better than before. You know about dad’s anger. I will call you if I need anything. She leaves. He checks Manvi’s temperature, and rubs her hands. He puts cold water strips on her head. Manvi asks for water in sleep. He feeds her water. She holds his hand in her sleep. Please don’t go leaving me. He assures her he will never leave her.

Precap: Raj asks Nisha who went to her room other than her and Shaleen. Avanti asks her to speak up. The theft happened in the house only, so the thief must be here itself. Nisha points out that Manvi’s mother and brother went to her room.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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