Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 30th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 30th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishan thinks that Preet is doubting that he is not Ishan after Naina’s incident. Sana calls him and he shouts why did she call. She says he cannot mix his fake family life with professional life and she call to inform him that baba is coming to India to complete their mission.

Bilal calls Trisha, but she says it is over and she does not want to keep any relationship with him. He asks her to listen for friendship’s sake. She says she will come and cancel their partnership right now.

At night, Shergill repeatedly messages Preet to call him back. She looks at Ishan sleeping and replies not to message her.

In the morning, Ishan gets ready for mission and lies that he is going to Pamchameshwar. Preet requests him not to go. He says he has to. She starts emotional blackmail, but he requests not to and leaves. She sees his wallet and calls him, but he leaves in car. She calls his mobile, but it is out of reach. Shergill calls her and she shouts why did he call her. He says he know she cannot hear anything against Ishan and is overlooking issue. She says she trusts Ishan. He says Baba who killed her family and Vikrant has come to India and Ishan has gone to meet him instead of Panchameshwar. He is going to find truth and if she wants, she can accompany him.

Ishan meets Sana and she asks if he is tensed that Preet is doubting him. He says Preet is pure and she acts pure, he does not want her doubt him. Their conversation continues.

Sid comes injured with his friend. Family gets concerned and asks what happened. Friend says Sid’s friends bullied him that he does not have control over his fiance, so he fought with them. He brought him home somehow. Preet calls Ishan to inform about Sid, but his phone is switched off. Sana asks Ishan to switch on phone as family may get tensed. He switches on phone, sees Preet’s message, switches off phone back and says Preet is lying to call him back home.

Precap: Ishan calls Badi maa and asks where is Preet. She says she was tensed as his phone was switched off and even left his wallet, so she went to Panchameshwar to return his wallet. Ishan gets tensed. Shergill tells Preet that Ishan must be in room 585 of some hotel and not in Panchameshwar.

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  1. nowadays this show is back and getting more interesting, I wonder how Preet will react when she gets to know Ishan’s truth and Ishan when he sees Preet. The truth should be out as soon as possible, and looks like 26 Jan is nearing more in this show. Again started loving this show after Naina’s truth and they should not also drag this track as show is ending soon

  2. Pls give us a happy ending to this show, preet n ishan love each other , let them find each other through all this drama. Also ishan not really at fault because he has been brainwashed into believing the Indians are bad, if u guys remember he was just told it was the Indian army so that he could become a terrorist for the opposition and he didn’t know about the killings at presets wedding because he was outside.

    1. Ya sadiyya I want Ishan to know about the actual truth and then he along with Preet will protect India and then they both will realsie their real love and confess it and then in the end Ishan doing something to make India-Pakistan Iike one another(something like Bajrangi Bhaijan)

    2. But Ishaan will never protect India coz he is still rizwan khan the terrorist whose parents have been killed at a young age.even if Ishan finds out the truth,will he start protecting India?

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