Yeh Jawaani 27th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Jawaani 27th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Cheeku disconnects video call and doesn’t talk to Kimaya as he thinks she insulted him and he is a joke for her.

Dodo is frustrated as he can’t get in touch with Gattu.

Sid is getting ready to go to college. Cheeku asks him where he put his perfume’s cap. Sid tells Cheeku to find himself and says dhakkan can’t find a dhakkan. Cheeku is called for breakfast. At breakfast table, his dad is trying to open a cap, but is not able to. When Cheeku goes out, his mum says it’s just a dhakkan. Cheeku thinks she called him dhakkan, but later he finds out his parents were talking about the bottle’s cap.

In college, Sid is talking about bike models with his friends. Devika hears and thinks they are talking about girls. She gets mad at Sid and asks him never to show his face to her.

Cheeku hears a guy telling another guy dhakkan and remembers Kimaya’s words. He can’t believe how she turned his life upside down. He goes to a classroom and takes out his laptop to delete Kimaya’s contact from his list, but is unable to.

Dodo can’t resist and goes to Gattu’s house. Gattu tells him she’s busy. Dodo hears her parents fighting and she goes back in.

All brothers are back in their room. Sid and Dodo talk to each other that girls are so weird. From their conversation, Sid realizes that it may be a misunderstanding and decides to talk to Devika.

Sid is back in college and tells Devika that he knows why she got mad. It’s because she doesn’t like Japanese bikes. She asks him whether he was talking about bike models. He says yes and asks what she thought. She says nothing, see you later. She leaves with her friend. Sid is confused. Devika’s friend asks her if she got jealous thinking Sid is talking about other girl, if there is anything between them. She says she doesn’t know, they shall see.

Dodo is again looking out in Gattu’s house. Gattu is in his room and asks him who he’s spying on. He says on her family and asks why her parents were fighting the other day. She says she told her parents to choose one day in a week, but no, they start fighting any time. He asks why’s that. She tells him to take her out if he wants to hear her tragic story. He tells her how Radhika got mad at him. She says it’s obvious if he asks a girl directly to make out. He’s lucky that he just got a slap, else he would be in jail or hospital for what he’s done. He asks her how she knows she slapped. She says mark can still be seen on his cheek. She wonders how he’s born here, he should have born in Bangkok. From that Dodo gets an idea and says his mission will be Mission Bangkok from now.

Sid returns home happily and tells his brothers how he talked to Devika and solved their misunderstanding. Dodo says they should definitely talk to clear out misunderstanding. Cheeku strikes that Kimaya may be calling someone else dhakkan and he misunderstood her. He runs to a different room to talk to her. He goes online and waits for Kimaya. Kimaya finally comes, but he hesitates to talk to her. Kimaya sends him a message on phone to talk to her. She calls him and he finally accepts the video call. She asks him where the hell he has been and why he’s behaving so weird. Cheeku doesn’t want to tell her, but she makes him say it. He says everything about misunderstanding her. She says she didn’t call him dhakkan back then, but now she will after his behavior. She disconnects the call in anger. After that, she sends him an email saying she won’t break friendship for this reason as she knows his insecurity and low-confidence made him do that. She says she will only talk to him once he makes 2 new friends, hangs out with them, and post his pictures with them. Cheeku thinks he will never be able to do this. He is angry with himself for losing a friend like Kimaya. He says he should write a book on how to break friendship in 10 seconds, a dhakkan’s guide.

Next day, Cheeku is giving water to the plants. Hansraj comes there and Cheeku tells him everything. Hansraj says he can show him as one of two friends. Cheeku says no as she saw him in party already. A peon comes and tells Cheeku that his professor is calling him. Cheeku says he already can’t find a way to pass Kimaya’s challenge and now he’s getting his mam’s stress. Hansraj tells him not to worry, no matter what his mam scolds for, his mission will never stop. Cheeku looks at him with annoyingly.

Precap: Cheeku’s mam asks him for garden’s report. Later, Cheeku asks Dodo how he makes friends. Dodo says people die to be his friends. He teaches him that first he has to find his target and then go and grab tightly. Dodo does that on a girl, but she gets mad. Cheeku tells him that his way is very dangerous. Dodo says, but it works. Later, Cheeku asks Hansraj from where he’ll get 2 friends.

Update Credit to: Tina

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