Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 28th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 28th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sid asking Renuka where is she going at night. She says I will come back and tell you. He says where she do anything wrong. Anjali talks to Bappa and says Astha is right, if a lie does not harm anyone, then its not bad. Astha comes to her and asks did Niranjan say anything. Anjali says no, but I m sure he doubts on us. Astha says we will be careful from next time. Anjali says its not good if I meet them. Astha says yes, don’t meet them ate ashram, but we can meet at any other place. Astha says fine, I will not pressurize you. Kavya comes and talk to them.

Anjali asks Astha to give Niriyal laddoo to Shlok. Shlok calls Astha and she goes to him. Anjali says I don’t know I can hear Aai from Shlok or not. Renuka makes Sid meet a girl’s parents. Sid is shocked. Renuka says many girls want to marry him. The lady does tilak to Sid and they give him fruits and sweets. Renuka says take it. They leave. Renuka tells Sid that is good. Sid asks what was this, who were they. Renuka says they brought proposal for you. Sid is shocked.

Astha comes and sees Shlok with all clothes over the bed. He is trying to irritate her. She smiles and gives him the laddoos. She says great, your first mistake. He says when did I get irritated, I just took clothes out as I was not getting my shirt. He talks with love trying to not get the negative point. She says yes, do your work on your own, so help yourself. He says let these 7 days pass, I will show you. She says I will enjoy, as who becomes the lose and who becomes the most romantic one. She says I did not learn to lose.

Sid says are you mad mum, how can you do this. She says I asked you, you chose this girl. He says I don’t like any, let me live my life, tell them no. She says its about our respect. Sid says I won’t marry, got it. She asks but why, the girl is good. He says Jyoti….. When I want to marry, I will tell you, till then please don’t talk about marriage. She says you are mad, always changes your mind, if I don’t like Jyoti then.

Anjali asks Kavya to have milk. Kavya says I like this Anjali, not earlier one. Niranja comes there. She asks will he have breakfast. He says no, we are going to Vridh Ashram. Anjali is stunned. He says I could not go inside in ashram, as they asked me, so I will go today to meet all of them. He says I m restless as I want to greet them and share a talk. She says but. He asks what happened, I will feel good if you come with me, come. Anjali thinks what to do now, if he gets to know the truth then. Astha looks for Anjali. Kavya tells her that Anjali went to the place where she went yesterday to give food. She went with Niranjan.

Astha is shocked and rushes to the ashram to stop Niranjan. She tries to inform the ashram mates but fails as they don’t take her call. Astha keeps calling them and says I don’t know how to reach before them. She atlast tells a lady Suman hat Niranjan is coming there. Suman says he has come. Niranjan greets them. They are shocked to see him. Astha gets tensed. Niranjan says you called me by love, so I came to meet you. He says I came here to ask your welfare, how is things going on. They try to hide about Anjali’s parents and Anjali too is tensed.

Niranjan looks around in every room just talking to them. Anjali hides her pic from her mum’s diary. Niranjan says I m happy you took good care of the ashram. Sojal talks to Jaya and gives her the updates of her life. Jaya says first Astha and now Jyoti. I know Jyoti too is after Astha, I just wish she goes back to her in laws. Sojal gets an idea. Jaya says ask Jyoti to go back, use your mind. Sojal says yes, I will go. Sojal brings juice for Jyoti and asks her to take rest. Sojal asks her to give a chance to Abhay as maybe he is regretting. Jyoti asks her not to tell about this topic. Sojal says sorry and says truth is always bitter.

Anjali’s parents hide seeing Niranjan. Anjali thanks the Lord for saving her today. Niranjan smiles and says we will meet again next time. Astha comes there. Niranjan sees Anjali’s parents from far turning with Astha.

Niranjan asks the maid to call Astha. Sita says she went out. Anjali gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. What’s going on?nothing interesting in’s going a boring show

  2. What’s going on?nothing interesting in’s going a boring show except aastha’s mischief

  3. Can someone make Niranjan idiot disappear for good . This is getting to much I am loosing interest in this serial because of him . His BS is getting on my nerves.

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