Yeh Jawaani 12th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Jawaani 12th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Cheeku tells kimaya that he dont have feelings for her..Kimaya cries and tells they should move onn…and live in future he is right..kimaya forward her hand and tells friends…Cheeku says yes and both shakes hand…Kimaya says bye and goes….A boy plays guitar and sings song “tune jo kaaha main woh sunta raaha..khaamaka bewaaja “…Gattu and dodo…laughs and talks while Cheeku and Kimaya is sad….In the college Cheeku and Kimaya bumps into each other books falls from Kimaya’s hand Cheeku picks and gives her…Rythm goes on..Song still goes…kimaya goes in lift…
A customer calls Sid and scolds him tells that cannot handle a problem…Sid apologises and keeps..Sid tells why everthing happend with him….Sid sees Devika message saying missing him and need hug…Sid calls and flirts with Devika…Boss comes and see and scolds Sid….Cheeku sees Kimaya update in friendsbook…that today he got a lost friend again..Sid boss comes amd scolds shouts at him..tells that Sid”s father may havent done the job…Sid controls and apologises…Boss gives warning…
In next scene Dodo and Gattu is sitting…Cheeku comes…Cheeku remember”s about kimaya how she celebratrated the b”day and gets happy…Dodo tells that now Cheeku and kimaya is friends Cheeku says yes and goes..Dodo and Gattu laughs saying friends…Devika asks Cheeku where is Sid…Cheeku says he dont know
In the campus Devika tells Dodo that what happend Sid not calling her..and last seen is not active on chat group…Dodo tells its simple funda..Dodo tells Sid wanted to stand on his legs wanted to became independent..
Devika thinks how Sid boss scolded him..and gets worried tell all happened because of her
In library kimaya and Cheeku are studying…Kimaya tells Cheeku to be open and talk..Cheeku tells he was planning for the Us exams…Cheeku tells he wish before that he would have concentrated on studies rather than rubbish things…Kimaya tells whether he is blaming her…Cheeku tells no…drops books from her hand…Kimaya comes in a room gets shocked to see decorations…ballons and all…Cheeku comes and tells “Happy birthday”…Cheeku opens the laptop and wishes again Happy birthday…Cheeku brings cake..Kimaya smile and gets happy..tells it is amzing and unbelievable tells that she dont got a better b”day gift like this….kimaya blows candles…and cuts the cake…they both eates the cake…Cheeku and Kimaya dance…kimaya realises she was just dreaming abot dance…Cheeku says friends are friends…Cheeku tells kimaya to.blow…Kimaya was about to blow but Cheeku blows….Cheeku says kimaya should cut the cake but Cheeku cuts…Cheeku shows a bite of cake to Kimaya but he eats it..

Precap:Kimaya goes in a room and sees a boy doing Shayari..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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