Sadda Haq 12th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 12th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu gives randhir mouth to mouth resurrection. he opens his eyes. yoyo says randhir. Randhir leaves.
Maya says to vardhan how can you endanger students life. Vardhan says everything was under control. Maya says yeah like you knew they were running. Vardhan says there was no poisonous smoke. it was just their brain telling them that its poisonous and that is why they fainted. Well, I have achieved what I wanted to.

Vardhan says what did you learn? Yoyo says that life is the most important thing. Vardhan says its time to announce the winner. As usual the winner is randhir but this time he has tied with someone. It sanyu. She technically solved the problem. she tried to fix the chamber where the smoke was coming from. SAnyu proved that she is a good colleague as well who will help her fellows. SO sanyu and randhir are the winners. Randhir says you should be grateful to me. It didn’t fix the chamber. SAnyu says you should be grateful to me as you are alive because of me.

harsh calls randhir and says they allowed me after so much trouble to call you. I won’t pressurize you for bail. Randhir says I will try to get the bail money for you. Randhir says I will do everything for you. harsh says I am upset because we couldn’t do anything to that girl.

Randhir goes to sanyu and says you are enjoying my dad condition. Randhir says I will call randhir and make your life miserable. SAnyu says okay I bet you can’t bring him here. If you fail you will have to wear my bangles for one day. Randhir says you like to do this drama. Randhir takes out phone, sanyu trips him and he falls. he trips sanyu as well. They start snatching the phone. SAnyu grasps it and starts running in the college. Randhir follows her. Sanyu goes to boys hostel. She goes in a room. Randhir says welcome to my territory. SAnyu breaks his phone. she says sorry how will you that now? he says I will do that from your phone. They start fighting again. Thye are on bed and snatching the phone. Randhir locks sanyu in the closet. Sanyu says bring me out I will kill you. Randhir says now I will fix my phone and call Samir.

Jiggy comes in the room. SAnyu starts knocking the closet and says help open the closet. jiggy opens the closet, sanyu falls out. he is in shorts. SAnyu says wear your clothes. Sanyu says in heart randhir will get Samir’s number I have to think something. She locks the door.

Randhir says you broke my phone I will break your engagement. Sanyu asks jiggy to hack Samir’s phone. Randhir there tries to fix his phone. Jiggy says its parth’s laptop. Randhir calls Samir and says I am the one who broke your engagement. Randhir mechanic. Samir says how dare you to call me. Samir says I will break your bone. Randhir says will you break bones. Randhir says will you hit me on phone? come and meet me. I am your fiancΓ©’s class mate. Come to FITE and meet me. Samir says really? Wow that’s good. Radnhir says have you gone mad? I study with her.
Samir says yeah keep studying and learn something from her. Its actually sanyu talking through voice modulation. Randhir says so you are out of closet. Don’t try to fool me sanyu. how will you hack his landline? Sanyu says where will you get the landline number. Will you get a phone directory? Randhir says I will get your brother’s number and from him I will get your fiancΓ©’s landline.

SAnyu is looking for randhir. Randhir takes her to the room and says I will get your brother number from your phone. You have the voice modulation app too. Randhir calls ankit and says please give me randhir’s landline. His voice is going as sanyu. Radnhir gets the number and says your brother said don’t do anything to hurt your dad but I am now going to call Samir and ask him to come here.

Radnhir throws sanyu on the floor and puts hand on her mouth. he calls Samir on landline. Samir says why have you called on landline? randhir says I couldn’t contact you on phone. His voice is going as sanyu’s. Randhir says I was missing you a lot. Samir says I miss you too.
Randhir says lets meet on lunch. He asks where? Randhir says in my college canteen. Samir says yeah sure. Samir says in heart sanyu is changing after engagement. Sanyu randhir and starts running. she collides with maya. maya says where are you going? and look at your self. Sanyu says to the lab. Maya says go to the lecture. Randhir comes there too. maya says what’s going on here. Come with me. PKC is scolding at yoyo for being late. yoyo says why you wait for me. You can start the lecture. Maya comes with sanyu and randhir and says make sure they never bunk the lecture. he says I assure you they won’t come. Yoyo says sir you said late comers won’t be entertained but you allowed them because maya said. PKC says I will blacklist you.

SAnyu wonders what to do. She says its really difficult to stop Samir from coming. SAnyu stands up and says sir I want to go to washroom. Radnhir says lecture is more important she can’t go. Sanyu says please let me go sir girl’s problem you know. If you don’t let me go I will tell maya that you don’t respect girls. He says no no you can leave. Randhir says sir I wanna to go washroom. PKc says you have some girls’ problem too? PKC turns, randhir runs from the class everyone laughs.

SAnyu says I have to stop Samir. Randhir comes out looking for her. SAnyu stands in lab. Randhir comes in too. Randhir says game over for you sanyu. SAnyu puts traquilzer on his mouth and so does her. They both faint and fall on the ground, SAmir is calling sanyu again and again.

Precap- Samir hugs sanyu. Smair sees randhir and asks what are you doing here? randhir says will you tell him or should I? Samir says sanyu do you know this man?

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Tom n jerry

  2. Jst Love their chase

  3. Awesome tom an jerry…..clasroom incident ws soooooo funny…’…

  4. Cute fight!
    Sandher cute moments kabh hongi?
    Hope Mcp breaks the engagement n sandher gets together again!

  5. Most funny-class room incident

  6. vardhaan u are just great as professor πŸ™‚

  7. the pisode was fab

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  9. Tdys epi – just as i guessed, RD & Sanyu jointly win the 3rd task..
    —I cannot see RANDHIR wear bangles
    —y do i get irritated seeing SAMIR hug Sanyu???

  10. yar ye rd k dad kitne cheap hai hr baar apne bete ko apne prsnl revenge k liye use krte hai aur un k wajah se rd kp suffer hona padhta hai i just hate his dad

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    episode ws awsme but ye chomu bhut irritating h uski shakal nhi dekhi jati

  15. I think precap must be sanyu dream……cross fingure….hope so…..

  16. Guyzz i hv a news dera will be a nw entry..dnt worry it will be a male character…agn dont wry it wnt be opst sanyukta..he is vd’s ex student nd will be nw tchr fr dt

  17. @jyoti dats nt sanyukta’s dream..d prcp is also d nw it cnt be hr dream

  18. well sameer ka name officially chomu pad gya h sb use chomu bulate h even mere classmates bhi

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