Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 4th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Aman and Roshni part ways

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 4th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aman saying Roshni won’t stay in this house. Everyone gets shocked. Parveen asks Dadi not to stop Aman today, Roshni is accepting everything now. She threatens to die. Dadi cries. Aman holds Roshni’s hand and takes her out. Thodi jagah….plays… Sara and Saima cry. Aman says such a woman had snatched my dad from me in my childhood, since then I hate every characterless girl, I never felt that you are like them. Roshni cries. He says you deserve Sameer, go away from this house and our life, never come back.

She says you heard whatever I said, please listen what my heart is saying, just hearts say the truth, listen to your heart, our relation will manage everything. He smiles and asks relation, you said our marriage is a deal, we are namesake husband and wife. She says I m not talking about marriage label, Lord had made connection between hearts, like ours. He says we have no connection. She says connection is lost due to hatred, keep your hatred aside once, whatever people say, you will see the truth. He asks how shall I forget whatever I have seen and heart.

She says like I forgot, you married me for your motive, you threw me out of the window, I heard I m not suitable for you, even then I believed you, I gave you many chances, can’t you give a chance to this connection. He says I m listening to your heart, it says you aren’t suitable for my family and me, there can’t be any connection between us, there will never be any connection. She says you are very rich, but the money can’t break or make any connection, my fate cheated me and got me connected to you, I can’t break this connection but I m breaking this relation. She cries. She says for the last time…. She goes close to him….

Paas aaye….plays…. He gets away. She asks him to take care. She leaves. The tree bud turns black and falls down. Saima and Aftab get married. Sameer thinks I have snatched you and Roshni today, you don’t even know I did this. Roshni recalls his words and cries. Saima says sorry. Aman says its not your mistake, forget everything, start a new life. Everyone cries. Aman does Saima’s bidaai. He hugs his family. Roshni sees an old lady in cold. She gives her shoes. Aman gets sad. Salma goes out and sees Roshni crying. She asks what happened. Roshni says Aman ousted me and broke relations with me. She hugs Salma. Salma asks her not to cry. Aman goes upstairs. Kahani hamari…plays…. He sits thinking.

Salma says Roshni didn’t do this for money, but love. Parveen says its a good drama, why did Roshni withdraw 5 crores. Saima says for me…

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Dey better tell d truth,I’m tired of Aman behaving like somebody dat don’t reason

  2. MaddieDaddie9966

    Finally…I guess Saima will reveal the truth to Aman….The precap says so…
    I hope the precap will not be misleading…
    Waiting for Aman’s reaction once he knows the truth…

  3. @Amen
    It’s not Aman AMEN, but rather Roshni who is behaving as if she has no brains with any logical reasoning inside it!!!???
    Seriously I should say after Naira she should be given a SYMPATHY SEEKING a*sh*le b*t*h AWARD of Star Parivaar!!!???
    This was the worst episode of this serial???, and Roshni the second worst b*t*h of Star Parivaar, after Nair of Star Plus!!!?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️
    I can’t really get what she is trying to say?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️, when she was all abt of CONNECTIONS and stuff, she was just saying NONSENSE???,,,,and how the blo*dy hell can she even expect Aman to TRUST and BELIEVE her after all the kants she has done and brought it upon HERSELF, WITH HER OWN WILL, just in the name of CONNECTION????, wat a f**king stupid logic she is givin????????
    I really felt like slapping that a*sh*le woman today, ???
    CONNECTION in a relationship is made by TRUST and LOVE???, and MARRIAGE, HUSBAND, WIFE are not just LABELS of the SOCIETY, isn’t it accepted in every religion tat marriages are made in HEAVEN, y so????????
    If all these were just labels, then they could have just had a live-in relationship!!!???
    I’m TOTALLY AGREEING with Aman today, after all wat else can we expect him do???????
    Should he have allowed Saima’s marriage to brk, just 4 his goddamn a*sh*le wife???????
    I’m sure Aman would have fought and supported 4 Roshni if she had made some effort to just reveal certain truths to him???, if not abt Saima, then atleast abt her Ammi and Sameer, without explaining all these things, how can she expect Aman to trust on her and their RELATIONSHIP??????‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️
    Such a disgusting b*t*h,,,???
    I don’t know y all of are just blaming Aman???, and that pitying that a*sh*le Roshni all becoz she is 1 f**king DRAMA QUEEN, who is just constanlty pouring out her tears and trying to win SYMPATHY!!!!???
    God, I really hate such WOMEN who just cry??? all throughout their LIFE in REALITY, THIS ROSHNI is just one of those who is born with empty head with no brains at all???.
    I was even disgusted Saima, but gud that she is reavealing the truth tomo, thank god even Salma is revealing the truth.???
    Really ROSHNI IS a f**king b*t*h who jut knows to CRY???,,,,,she has absolutely null ANGELIC QUALITIES!!!!???

    1. Karma's big sister

      I have been watching you a lot, I tried to avoid you but you turn up in my comments a lot, I wish I could block you. Lisa, I could call you a vulture but I don’t consider you a vulture only something a vulture will eat. B*tch!!!! You like that word a lot so babe let me use it on you, you are a f*cking animalistic b*tch, a dog in every sense of the word.
      You ma are the reason God created the middle finger, I think your a** is jealous of the shot that comes out of your mouth, i have decided you are a very jealous and insecure person as your jealousy makes you attack your fellow women a lot, sorry you are so ugly but think of it this way you are adding laughter to the world after all if laughteris the best medicine, your face must be curing the world.
      I didn’t want to insult you but rather enter a battle of wits with you but you ma’am appear unarmed, stupidity is the only gift God gave you, hence I pity you as with that ugliness and stupidity your inferiority complex is justified. I wish I had never come across you andnim jealous of all those who are blessed to not come across you.
      There seems to be no joy in your life as you spend yoirbtime online hating fictional characters, all you doin talk sh*t online, you talk so much sh*t I don’t know if to offer you mint or toilet paper, feel free to insult me back to your incredibly bitter’s heat content but babe I won’t reply, I regard you with indifference and so much pity so here’s my last advice get laid it might take that bitterness out of your heart I’m sure you can find someone too lazy to mast*rbate all the very worst and may you continue to live in bitterness and jealousy, I hope all the days of your life the bitterness you dish here comes back seven fold, F you, b*tech.

    2. MaddieDaddie9966

      Calm down Lisa! We can maybe hope for Roshni to change from a cry baby to a brave, senseful girl!
      Lets hope for the best!

  4. Hope in 2mrws episode, Aman would realise his mistake?.In Precap, Salma and Saima saying truth☺️ but will he believe it or not ? for that we have wait for 2mrw‼️‼️

    1. @Arushi
      First of all, wat mistake ?? did Aman do tat he has to realize it???????
      It’s not him but tat a*sh*le woman Roshni ???who should change her f**king senseless attitude ??and make a better wife to him.???

    2. Thank you ?? secret obssesive lover ???of Roshni, go and marry that Angel with devil qualities and live your life in heaven???
      Good bye
      a jealous inferiority complexed b*t*h??

    3. The previous message is addressed to “Karma’s big sister “?? ? who doesn’t know what is KARMA ?? ?

  5. Wow the level of abusive language on here ?

  6. When will aman will bring roshini back in his life

  7. Every single day we see a comment from Lisa critising Roshni. Its a fictional charachter for god sake. The actor is acting the way she should. I think her acting is amazing. No matter how many times they make her cry in the show. The directors are telling her what and how to act. So if u could please stop critising her id really appreciate it. This is not meant to insult you or anyone just my view and opion on it

    1. Oh hello, if it is just a fictional character ?? ? then y are you praising her ???,
      If people can praise then we can also Criticise if something is wrong!!???
      Well, Meera, u think the only thing to do is to CRY all the time, running away from problems without trying to face them.???
      I agree the actress is trying her best, but her CRYING ?? ? is the worst part of her crying ??, have u noticed the movement of her lips at that moment??????
      And 1 more thing, no matter what the situation is, wat is happening, all she does is crying ?? ?
      It’s super di
      It’s super disgusting ????

    2. As i said the directors are telling her what to do.

    3. Hello, are u also DUMB like tat Roshni???, the directors give the actress the script and the scene to enact, ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️
      The acting comes from within the actress, tat is y not u and me can become an ACTRESS????, coz it is a PROFESSION which requires a LOT OF EFFORTS & TALENT???.
      i ALREADY said, Aditi is putting in efforts but the way she is enacting her CRYING EMOTIONS is just super disgusting???, because she is doing too much of it???, especially the movement of her LIPS, eew!!!???
      Are u also BLIND while being IGNORANT AND FOOLISH to such things???????

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