Sanjivani 4th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Sid and Ishani expose Asha’s crimes

Sanjivani 4th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sid scolding Asha. He says I have done a lot for you, I sacrificed my love for you, why did you do this, Ishani has tried to save me, but I didn’t believe her, I believed you, you risked Guddu’s life, you drugged me, why did you do this. He gets angry. Ishani says I m so happy that Sid learnt the truth. Sid says I have lost my surgeries and Shashank’s trust, I have hurt Ishani, I gave you everything, you ruined my life, answer me, I won’t hurt you when you are pregnant. He asks are you really pregnant, or is this also a drama, your plan backfired, how can you play with people’s lives being a doctor, even if I forgive you for my career, Guddu and Ishani, but you should get punished for risking patients’ lives. She cries. He says I will snatch your white coat and badge, you are a murderer, I will throw you out of the hospital.

Vardaan thinks it will be fun, friend will become a murderer. He gets shocked seeing Rahil fine. Sid drags Asha downstairs. Asha cries and asks him to leave her. He gets Asha to Juhi. Everyone gathers and looks on. Sid says whatever happened with me, Asha is behind it, since the start, I supported her and gave my name to her child, she cheated me. He tells everything. Rahil also tells what Asha tried to do today. Juhi says I m shocked, Sid, Asha is your wife, and Asha if this is true, Shashank will start enquiry on you, strict actions will be taken against you. Asha worries. Juhi says Sid, if this is true, allegations on you will get away. Vardaan comes and says you are right. He starts scolding Asha. He says I don’t know what to say, I also believed the blames on Sid, sorry I feel bad about it. He asks Asha not to dare say any word. He says we have cursed the best doctor because of your misdeed, how could you do that, I m ashamed to call you a doctor, I will deal with you soon, when Shashank returns, I will call a board meeting.

He asks Sid does he have the proof for his blames, any video or audio recording. Sid says I m the proof myself, Ishani also knows everything, when this happened, Rahil was also there. Rahil says yes, I m ready to give statement. Ishani says we have seen her. Vardaan says come on doctors, try to understand, Ishani, board meetings took decision after seeing the proof, you remember, everyone has seen Sid’s mistake, who will believe him now. He says Ishani, its your personal matter, everyone knows your relation, you have shattered after Sid and Asha’s marriage, these factors will be considered, it will be a big issue, help me to throw her out of Sanjivani.

Vardaan says now I doubt that Asha wanted to spoil Sanjivani’s name, I want the proof for truth, so help me, don’t you have any proof against Asha. Sid says you will get the proof. Ishani says you want the proof right, fine, you will get it. Sid says we will get it. Ishani says we request you, arrange the board meeting when Shashank comes. Vardaan says I promise I will fire Asha when you get the proof. Sid sees some flower vase. He throws the flowers. He recalls whatever happened. He throws the red colour water at Asha. He stains her white coat. He says people regard doctors as Lord, you are a devil, you wanted to kill patients, you don’t deserve this coat. He throws the glass vase. He goes out. He sees some men breaking stones. He recalls everything. He breaks the stones. Ishani comes there and sees him. Sid says I wasn’t wrong, I have brought my anger and guilt out. She says you are a free bird now, you can relax now. He holds her and smiles.

Sid says I love you Ishani. They smile. Vardaan says person doesn’t get of marriage easily, this will become our trump card now.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. MaddieDaddie9966

    Yess…finally psycho Asha’s true colours are revealed…I am super happyy…….
    Exciting promo..waiting for Sid’s confession….
    Sanjivani back on track….

  2. Verma4

    kamal hai Manne pata nahi chala ke tanne expose ho gayi.

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