Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 13th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Roshni faces Kabir’s attack

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 13th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roshni calling out Baazigar for the help. Baazigar gets up and flies. Aman comes to the jungle. Jinn looks at him and the red moon. He moves aside. Aman sees the red moon. Jinn says you got late, we were waiting for you, me, red moon and death…. red moon was waiting for you since long, you have finally come, go to the red moon and get burnt. Roshni sits on giant Baazigar. He flies and takes her to Aman. Aman walks towards the red moon. Roshni sees Aman. She jumps down in front of Aman. Kabir/Jinn looks on. Aman sees Roshni. She gets sad and recalls his words. She stops him from going to the red moon.

Aman asks her to get away from his way. She says you will burn if you go near the red moon. He says let me burn, I can’t hurt my family. She asks what about your family and me. He says don’t be adamant. She says I promised myself to save your life. He says I promised myself to save my family’s lives. She pushes him away. He breaks his chains. He gets the chains to catch her. She gets saved by jumping away. Roshni needs to attack Aman to stop him from going to the red moon. She gets the sword from her back. She runs to Aman and attack. Aman defends the attack. Jinn looks on. Aman holds the sword. His hand bleeds. Roshni cries. Aman pushes her away. He sees the red moon. She runs to attack him again. She attacks Aman. Aman bleeds. Jinn looks on puzzled. He thinks it will be sunrise in some time, red moon will melt, Roshni won’t let Aman reach the red moon, I have to do something.

Jinn chants something. The red moon melts. Jinn opens eyes and sees the red moon melting. Jinn takes the red moon fire into the arrow and shoots at Aman. Aman heals his wounds and stares at Roshni. Roshni sees Kabir shooting the arrow. Roshni holds Aman and protects him from arrows. She takes the arrows on her back. Aman turns normal seeing her. Kabir get shocked. Roshni cries. Aman sits in shock. Kahain hamari….plays…. Aman hugs Roshni and recalls her words. Aman removes the arrows from her back. She bears the pain. He says nothing will happen to you. He calls out Baazigar. Baazigar is fallen somewhere. Aman says I will take you to the hospital. Roshni says its too late now, its the mistake of the little heart which connected me to you, this connection won’t break. He says you should have not done this.

She says I m a selfish girl, I did this for myself, if anything happened to you, I would have died, I have a secret, I thought to never tell you, my love was one sided, I know you don’t love me. Aman cries. Roshni says I should have not loved you, I believe in logic, but my heart believes in magic, it fell for you. He asks her to be quiet. She says let me talk, you are so talkative, you talk a lot, our love story couldn’t have any happy ending, like you treated me, I would have not come back, love is at one place but self respect is own place, our story was sad, but best, it was one sided incomplete love story, even then it was beautiful, you should have let me bid goodbye to you last time, your eyes are little, even then you try to become hero, I will miss you.

Aman asks Roshni to wake up. Dadi slaps him and says Roshni is dead.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Sad episode..can’t see love in aman’s eyes.. roshni suffered a lot and finally she died..hope Roshni will be back.

    1. @Seema
      Actually I don’t feel pathetic for Roshni but rather Aman instead???,
      coz Roshni has become a MAHANATA by exaggerating her sufferings??? but Aman he is getting blamed for things which are not actually his MISTAKES.???
      He didn’t throw Roshni out on purpose but at that situation he had no other choice.???
      But after that he was the one who got blamed??? even now the same thing is happening.
      I agree Roshni sacrificed her life for Aman out of love but did he ask her to do it??????
      However as seen in the precap, everyone is gonna blame him by making Roshni No more a Angel ? but a goddess for such a SACRIFICIAL DRAMA ?? ? and for sure she will return to accept all the glorifies.
      While on the other side Aman will just be the prey of all the blames.???
      So it is actually Aman who is to be PITIED right now not Roshni.???

    2. Verma4

      I can see that you are the kind of parent who will not hesitate to throw her kids under the bus without a second thought.

    3. @Verma4
      Well I don’t have kids yet!!!????
      But you seem to have already thrown your kid under a running train???

    4. @Lisa
      I agree with you, Roshni has been a mahanta ki Devi which is common with all female leads in every Hindi serial and it’s too hard to digest for audience. But I personally don’t like Aman character he has been shown too arrogant and proud..Aman and his mother kept on insulting her for being a courtesan daughter or being a can’t judge anyone by their profession or financial status…
      Though I don’t watch all Hindi serials after watching initial episodes I stop watching because of same dramas. I don’t understand serial makers are women but they keep on showing all female leads sacrificing their self respect, ego, happiness, and their life too. They don’t understand audience expectations. YJHJK was supposed to be a magical show but no different than other dramas. I don’t understand why jinn(arhaan behl) is hiding war was supposed to be between jinn and ayana. Anyways hope they will show something interesting in the upcoming episodes instead of punah janm or leap roshni shall be alive by some magic ??

    5. @Seema
      Thank you Seema, and I do agree to a certain extent with your opinions on AMAN???, while on the contrary I never felt him to be PROUD???, he is ARROGANT but not always???. Parveen, you are right is just hell bound to insult Roshni. ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️
      In total, I’m not disagreeing with your perspectives, you have all the right to point out your feelings, ???
      I just am saying what I’m feeling ???
      And thank you for sharing your opinion with mine regarding the GOLORIFACTION OF FEMALE LEADS???.

    6. As always ur d one spoke logically otherwise there wl b he dont deserve her he should suffer he should gt jealous he should run around her like puppy type blind hatred nd blind female lead fans
      Nd abt critisising based on profession s wrng
      bt roshni s d 1 initiated more hatred by aman by hiding her mother’s cheap tatics
      Nd nw ppl has d audacity to blame aman fr dat also
      God aman koi mahan nahi hai roshni ki tarah kuch bhi andhe ki tarah accept karle
      She hid so many things nd aman reacted acc to situations which di nt at all wrng par yeh hypocrite female lead fans samjungi nahi
      Unko sirf mahan roshni ki padi
      Hate this type of hypocrisy in reel nd real life
      Those who r supporting this type of mahans i feel yeh log real lyf mei imalwaysright mode mei jake life karab kardungi

    7. @Priya
      Thank god, Priya???, after reading your message, I feel so glad tat atleast there is someone who is okay with my take on this MAHANTA OF FEMALE LEADS in indian serials???, and also I feel you think the same like me.???
      Wat u r saying only is wat I had been trying to say???, some ppl r just blaming Aman for Roshni’s condition, when he didn’t do anything at all???.
      In most of the situations he reacted with Roshni only in the way any HUMAN BEING would have reacted naturally???, but people are just finding fault with him calling him PROUD and ARROGANT???.
      Well I never felt Aman’s character to be proud???, coz he is the NAWAB OF LUCKNOW, but never any of is dialogues nor actions revealed he was proud abt tat???, but yeah he is arrogant at times???, however he also used to be very CARING towards Roshni, so if she had tried to convey her INNOCENCE atleast once to him, I’m sure Aman would never have been arrogant towards HER.???
      Acc, whatever happened betw Roshan, the major FAULT was with ROSHNI as she never communicated with her husband???, she jumped into PROBLEMS all by HERSELF, and wants Aman TO UNDERSTAND AS IF HE IS SOME SUPERROBOT???.
      Really it is hypocrisy to support FEMALE CHARACTER just because she is A BIG SACRIFICIAL DEVICE???.
      THANKS AGAIN Priya, It’s really a GREAT relief to see your message here!!!!???

    8. @lisa & Priya
      I agree with both of you even I don’t like these mahanta ki Devi characters. But male leads are also pathetic.
      Aman married her forcefully for his mother remember in the same nikah episode he said I have money I can do anything wht I want. In the same episode after his mother was fine remember how he treated her. She did a favour to them so at least he should have behaved nicely.
      Roshni is a dumb character in spite of knowing she is in khan house for one month only she helped Saima, I don’t understand what kind of love it was in which u can’t protect your self respect. After Sameer entry she tried to say Aman that he is misunderstanding her but he didn’t listen.
      If you remember aman’s mother used to say that a courtesan daughter is characterless why didn’t she said anything to her daughter when they got to know about her daughter’s video. Salma said a perfect thing that if the same thing was done by his sister or his mother then he wouldn’t have thrown them out of the house.
      The problem is with both the male and female leads which can never exist in real life and if they exists they can never be happily married. Though jinn also don’t exists in real ??

    9. Yeah, Aman didn’t ask her to give her life. But Roshni loves Aman. A person in love would do anything for their loved ones. Would you see your love dying infront of your eyes and won’t do anything? If that’s the case, then don’t give it a name of love. As love can’t be selfish.

    10. @Anonymous
      What are you saying abt???
      R u saying Don’t give Roshni’s sacrifice THE NAME OF LOVE???

  2. Don’t do this please maker do some miracle please

  3. ShraddhaSharma392

    Painful episode….????????? eyes were filled with tears seeing pain of love and death….
    I wonder why didn’t dadi tied thread to bazzigar, it would have been alive today as well…???????
    Just love the show song…

  4. Why praveen is crying she need this roshini never come back in a aman’s life ??

  5. Ye jadu Jin ka

  6. Yes, it was a painful episode Aman’s love realization with Roshini’s death☹️?. But since it’s magical fantasy show✨?, it’s sure Roshini will be back to life by next week and baazigar too?. Mystery is yet to be revealed about Aman’s real mother, Parveen or Rubina?. Hope to watch Roshan romantic scenes in upcoming episode??.

  7. Yes, it was a painful episode Aman’s love realization with Roshini’s death☹️?. But since it’s magical fantasy show✨?, it’s sure Roshini will be back to life by next week and baazigar too?. Mystery is yet to be revealed about Aman’s real mother, Parveen or Rubina?. Hope to watch Roshan romantic scenes in upcoming episode??.

  8. MaddieDaddie9966

    Painful episode…Really felt very bad for Aman…Hoping to see Roshni alive due to magic by next week…

  9. naina a,k,a, yolande

    i am just mesmerized by Aman

  10. Ya..this show may have gained more popularity if this show wasnt hosted earlier in hotstar..nd people won’t watch it in trp always go down..

  11. This show would have gained more popularity and more trp if starplus doesn’t host shows previously on hotstar…roshan chemistry is amazing???????????????????

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