Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 13th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Rohit strictly warns Rani

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The Episode starts with Rohit seeing Rani and scolding her. She says I m Pooja’s mum. Some time back. Rohit comes to Nishi and Yash. They ask you here, how was the hotel stay. Rohit says it wasn’t fine, she had called me, I told her not to call anyone of us. Nishi calms him down and shuts the door. Sonakshi comes for the shoot. She sees Rani. She says I will just come. Sumit finds her tensed. He asks what happened to you. Sonakshi says nothing. Sumit says just tell me. She says I feel strange, I m nervous, I don’t know if I could do such scenes or not. He says don’t say that your inlaws will have a problem. She says I didn’t tell them, you know Naren. He says yes, only villain of your house, Naren Sippy, what about Rohit.

Sonakshi says he encouraged me. Sumit says what’s tension now, start keeping the world at your feet, we are friends, you can trust me while doing these scenes, your duplicate will do the close scenes. Rohit says don’t worry Netra ji, I m coming. Veena asks are you going to hospital again. Rohit says no, I m going on Sonakshi’s sets, Sonakshi is nervous to shoot romantic rain scene, will you come along. She asks him to talk to Naren once. He asks what did he say. She says actually, Naren believes that Sonakshi shall leave her work, she is married now, romantic sequence and rain dance… He says you are saying like we are from some orthodox family, let it be. He goes. Veena says I just hope Naren doesn’t see this rain dance sequence, else it will be a fight between father and son again.

Sumit and Sonakshi shoot. Sultan asks her to get romantic feel. He says there is no chemistry, it looks fake. She says sorry I m trying. Sonakshi says Rohit… Rani sees him and hides. Sonakshi asks him to go and sit in the van. Rohit says I came here so that you perform well, don’t worry. Netra thanks him. Sonakshi asks did Netra call you. Rohit says so that you perform well, you don’t worry, what would the people say, they should say you are acting and romancing better than before, there is a surprise, you know who has come to see the dance. Pooja comes and says I didn’t see live rain dance before. Sumit says thank God Rohit you have come, she is taking 15 takes, do something. Rohit says just see her magic now. Sumit and Pooja go. Rani sees Pooja. Rohit says forget you are dancing with Sumit, think you are dancing with me, just Rohit and Sonakshi. He goes. Sonakshi closes eyes. Sultan shouts rolling….

Sonakshi imagines dancing with Rohit. Sonakshi and Rohit are seen romantically dancing in the rain. They have an eyelock. Sonakshi’s imagination ends. She dances with Sumit. Sultan says superb…. Everyone praises her perfect dance. Pooja and Rohit take Sonakshi. Netra calls duplicate for the scene. Sonakshi asks Shankar to get ginger tea for them. Sonakshi leaves in the car. She sees Rani and asks her to come, she will drop her. Rani says its fine, I will go by auto. Shankar says there is auto strike. Sonakshi asks Rani to sit. They leave. Sonakshi asks her to sit relaxed. She asks who else is there in your family. Rani says no one. Sonakshi asks what happened to your daughter. Rani says my daughter doesn’t stay with me. Sonakshi asks why, where is she. Rani sees Sippy mansion. Sonakshi says we had to drop her first. Shankar says Rohit asked me to drop you first. Rani says I will go by auto. Sonakshi says relax, Shankar is trustworthy, don’t worry.

Rani sees Pooja there. She cries and recalls Rohit’s words. She says I have to do this for my daughter. Rohit comes there. He gets shocked seeing Rani. He sees Pooja inside the door. He drags Rani outside. He says I told you to stay away from Pooja. She says Sonakshi got me in her car. He asks did you tell her anything. Rani says no, I met her on shooting. He asks am I mad to believe you, stay away from my family, else you will go to jail. She says Pooja is my daughter, I m her mum. He says shut up. Shankar says madam you here. He says she has come with Sonakshi. Rohit says take her soon. Rani leaves and recalls his words. She sees a taxi and asks Shankar to stop the car. She says I will go by taxi. She goes by the taxi. He says Sonakshi does a lot for her, she shouldn’t. Rohit comes and asks Sonakshi why did she get Rani along, what does she know about her. Sonakshi says she was my duplicate on shoot, how do you know her name.

Sonakshi gets shocked seeing Pooja’s pics in Rani’s bag. She comes to meet Rani. She asks who are you, how do you know Pooja.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I loved the way Rohit supported Sonakshi for the dance, he is really the BEST husband.
    But wat he is doing to Rani is a bit INHUMANE?? ?, after all she is Pooja’s mother, so y is he prohibiting her to even meet Pooja ?? ?.
    I think Sonakshi is gonna to know the truth soon?? ?.
    And at the same time Rohan-pari’s affair will also be exposed???, actually they deserve to be together, let them rot together on the streets??? while Tanya raise her child alone or find someone else more deserving.???

  2. SerialLover

    Guys, how many of you are waiting for the crap Muskaan to end?
    I mean, other serials are just emotional drama, but Muskaan is a fools’ show, never showing good things, that is man not buying even after that blast, doing same old crap with daughter that he had done with her mother, and killing others so easily and getting away from law, etc.
    Even Ronak: left his studies in the middle to marry Muskaan and teach a lesson to his father, and now is a big entrepreneur signing cheques in lakhs, just in 6 years??????

    1. Iloveindianseries

      I started watching it because of the six yr leap and it was kind of good at the start but now its gotten worse. Ronak acting was really good in kasam and now its just gone to rlly bad. Like musakaan didnt even finish her sentence in jail. Roshni and kushi are rlly cute tho.

    2. Don’t get offended but this is KHKT page not Muskaan’s page.

    3. SerialLover

      I used to post comments there also, but nobody replied. So just asked here if there are other people frustrated with the crap as much as me. No offence. 🙂

    4. @seriallover: ha ha ha… Good idea. I had never heard of this show before today

    5. Loved the episode Rohit is a #HusbandGoals supporting his wife whenever she needs him is the best. The dance sequence was awesome but I would have loved it even more if they would have shown some steps with Sumit it would have given a full feel of imagination.
      I don’t know in which age Naren is living that he can’t understand his DIL’s profession and her intentions. She is trying her best to keep everything in balance.
      Now coming to Pooja’s parent sceret I am dying now with the suspense that how Rohit is connected to all this? But no worries Sona will find it out next week.

  3. Sona close to truth. But Am not understanding why Sonakshi is being dragged in all these Pooja’s mess. If it was Naren then why there is no sign of worry on his face. And Rohit would be a kid when Pooja was adopted. He remember Rani’s face so correctly and even she just confused me.. just waiting for truth revelation

    1. @pankh : I have the exact same set of questions . I think it is Naren , they are probably have all this drama to mislead the viewers . Don’t you remember the climax of Oct 22/ whatever date that was . The plot was a let down after all the build up . I think this is going to be similar . I just hope it has nothing to do with Rohit

    2. Ronakshi I think 26 September Wala plot was okay okay I wasn’t expecting it too be so much I was only excited about Sona’s story which was as expected.
      Now Naren can be cuz Rohit was saying that whatever you did Mom doesn’t know it that is why she thinks you are perfect.

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