Hi all,
This is my first story and it is other way story of RAMAN and ISHITA hope u like it


ISHITA IYER: upcoming Fashion and jewellery designer and single mother.

Raman bhalla entering the office and scolds his assistant for not preparing his file properly and he got insulted in the meeting and lost contract
His assistant Deeksha said sorry for him and said wont repeat it again.
( one day before: Deeksha arranged his designs and document properly and gave it to him, but Raman have a habbit of drinking after his work , he consumes alcohol to forget his past where his wife left him for money . so in that he lost his some documents and he forgot that )
As his assistant know all his situation , she was not caring about his scoldingsI.

Ishita apply for a job in MAHI designs and she is very much need of job as she has take care of house and her only son ADI and mother in law and Brother in law too.

Finally after all interview, she get into the company as Raman’s Assistant. she felt very relaxed after getting that job . she thought that her life is settled and she can manage all her household things .
She shifted her house to new Apartment so that she can easily drop her son and get to office early.
After settling her things in new flat ,she got a call from Deeksha that she has to start her design from next day as they got project.

Ishita: But Deeksha my joining date has 2 more dates.

Deeksha: sorry Ishita as we got new contract we need all designers to work on it. so, please u have to make it.

Ishita : But i have other works to settle also

(from behind Raman says: if she cant come cancel her contract)

Ishita: ok, ok fine ill come .

Deeksha : ok fine .

Deeksha informs same with Raman.

Ishitha Mother in law – santhoshi

santhoshi: kpoi gal nahi puttur mein sambhalungi tu ja kaam ke vaste.

Ishita: sorry mummyji , aap na kuch kaam math karo mein aur aap shaam ko karlenge.

santoshi: tik hai ……….koi baath nahi.

Adi : mumma mein park mein kene jaon

Ishita: haan , jao lekin aapna khayal rakhna.

Next day morning:

Ishita opens door and see Raman standing in front of her house showing his back

Ishita: Excuse me

Raman: wat is this nonsense… ur milk packet see how bad it became in front of my house and see that newspaper got spoiled too.

Ishita: ok fine, ill take care of that from tomorrow, no need to scream for that, u can tell that with care and in low voice.

Raman: aab tum mujhe sikhaogi kaise baath karni hai.

Ishita : no, mujhe aur koi kaam nahi hai kya. ki aap ko thamiz sikhane lagi rahoon.

Raman: wat do u mean, mujhe tameez nahi hai.

Ishita: shayad aap ko kaam nahi hai lekin , mujhe zyada kaam hai , mere paas time nahi hai ki mein aap ki lecture sunthi rahoon , disgusting.(shut the door on his face)

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    Really nice ff..dear

  2. superb start nice update pls continue soon

  3. Zaira

    Very good start …loved the start very much…ishita being a single mother n him being a fashion designer is a completely new story……??

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