Tere sukoon ke liye ho jaau mein fanaah IshOm ff part-62

Hi friends, I am back with the update. It is a bit long. I hope you don’t get bored reading this. Here is the part.

Chapter 62

The fight

Ishanya got surprised seeing the state of Omkara but what shook her was the emotions in Omkara’s eyes. She just couldn’t bear to see in to his eyes any longer and averted her gaze to Rudra and Shivaay.

“What happened? Is everything alright?” She asked.

“Yes, everything is alright! You don’t have to worry!” Omkara replied in rude tone surprising everyone.

“Why are you talking like this Omkara? And are you drunk?” She asked in shock as Omkara never used to drink more than limits.

Omkara just closed his eyes and wiped his tears while all the three just looked at him.

Omkara stood up from the stool and took a step towards Ishanya saying, “What do you want to know Ms. Ishanya? What ha?!”

Before Ishanya can say anything he continued, “You want your matters to be private and want everyone to respect your privacy, but you can’t respect others privacy, right?!” He asked in a bit loud voice.

“It’s not like that Omkara….” Ishanya tried to say hesitating to speak, but Omkara cut her in the middle and said, “What is it like then? Explain me! What is it like?”

“Om relax. Why are you getting hyper?” Shivaay asked.

“You think I am getting hyper? No Shivaay, I am behaving very correct! If you know what she did, you will also talk like this only!” He replied confusing Ishanya, Shivaay and Rudra.

“What had I done Omkara?” Ishanya asked in confusion.

“Look now you don’t even realize what you have done! But it’s ok! You just leave from here and let me be all by myself.” He replied very rudely.

“How can I leave you in this condition? I am your friend Omkara.” Ishanya said with concern.

“You are my friend? Really?” Omkara asked showing fake shock, which irritated Ishanya. Now she too lost her cool.

“Why are you beating around the bush? Say it straight Artist!” Ishanya snapped at Omkara.

“You want me to talk directly? Then listen! I am angry that you haven’t hugged me till now.” Omkara said shocking the trio.

“What?!” Exclaimed Shivaay and Rudra.

“Now that you know what will you do? Will you hug me?” Omkara asked shocking Ishanya more.

“Come hug me.” Saying he went towards Ishanya and when she tried to step back he grabbed her by shoulders and tried to pull her to him saying, “Hug me, come!”

Ishanya tried to stop him by keeping her hand on his chest not to get dragged into his arms. When Omkara wasn’t stopping she slapped him on his left cheek and came out of his grab.

Shivaay continued to look at them in shock while Rudra said, “lo! Jaag gayi slapping fairy!”

Omkara just looked at her smirking and started to laugh with tears in his eyes.

“HahahahaHa……Leave hugging! You won’t let me even touch you! And you say I am your friend!” He said as he lost control over his emotions which were pent up in his heart for so long. Ishanya continued to look at him in shock.

“But, but, but, you will let that ex-boyfriend or I should say future fiancé hold your hand and you happily walk away on me with him, what an irony?!!” He said as taking all of his frustration, insecurities hurt out which got built in him because of the walls Ishanya made around herself not letting him cross it and get close to him.

Ishanya now understanding what made him hurt said, “I am sorry Omkara, I just asked you to leave that way. But I was just…….” But Omkara hadn’t let her finish and said, “Yeah, you were just trying to spend some time with your not so ex- boyfriend of yours.”

“Omkara you are misunderstanding, I haven’t accepted him he is going to get married as per the schedule.” She said trying to make him calm.

But much to her surprise Omkara said, “So, how does it even change anything!” as he already guessed that she won’t be going back to adi, when they were in the silence as it made him see clear pushing his hurt and insecurities. The reason of his anger now is that even after trying so much Ishanya isn’t letting him be close to her and just blocking him up like always.

“I didn’t understand.” Ishanya said in confusion.

“You won’t! That’s the problem Ishanya! You never try to understand me! Never let me see your scars. Never give me a chance to heal them! Never let me know your pain even after regarding me as your friend.” He said opening up to her.

“And now today I got know how unimportant I am for you! You tell me that I am your friend even after all this. How should I take it?” He asked already shocked Ishanya.

“When did I said that you are unimportant for me?” Ishanya managed to ask him coming out of the shock.

“Words aren’t need when actions speak. You wouldn’t have walked on me like that if you feel I am important to you and not just unimportant you don’t even trust me. If you do, you would have allowed me to know your pain your past but you always block me” He said with tears in his eyes.

Now Ishanya too had tears in her eyes.

“If you think like that then let it be! What can I say when you have already created your version of things you won’t see my side.” Ishanya said while tears slid from her eyes.

“What else you will say, when you know that whatever I said each and every word is true.” Omkara replied her rudely.

Ishanya just looked at him with tears and ran from there. Seeing her running away Rudra said, “You are going to regret it later, O!” and went after her.

Shivaay just stared at his brother while Omkara just looked in the direction Ishanya went with tears.

“Omkara, we need to talk.” Shivaay said looking seriously at him.

Omkara wiped his tears and just nodded at him.

“But not here, come with me.” Shivaay said and dragged him to the pool side.

There with Ishanya, she went to her room and started to pack her things in hurry. Now her eyes don’t have any tears but has anger in them.

She is just dumping her things in the bag when Rudra knocked on her door. She looked at him for a second and then continued her packing.

“Why are you packing your things slapping fairy?” Rudra asked her trying to sound innocent.

“Cut it Rudy, I am leaving and you very well know why, so don’t act smart!” She replied without looking at him doing her work.

“I know, O had hurt you and you want to break your friendship with him. But slapping fairy this isn’t just O’s house this is mine and Shivaay bhaiyya’s house too. You shouldn’t leave and that too like this if you really consider us your friends.” Rudra said to her in serious tone.

She paused and looked at him for a moment.

“You have a point.” She said blankly.

“But I am breaking my friendship with Shivaay too and please now don’t ask the reason. I am not in the mood to talk.” Ishanya said surprising Rudra.

“Ok I won’t. But you still consider me as your friend, aren’t you?” He asked with hope.

“Yes, I do.” She replied making him smile.

“Then don’t leave. You can ignore both of them I won’t force you to be friendly with them.” He said.

“Ok.” She replied and then started to unpack the things and Rudra too went in to help her sighing in relief.

‘I know now you are angry with O and that’s why not able to see his love for you like I did, slapping fairy. But I hope when your anger subsides you not just realize his love for you and also accept it.’ Rudra thought to himself while helping her.

“Now tell me, from when did you started loving her?” Shivaay asked shocking Omkara after they reached poolside.

Seeing his shocked expression Shivaay said, “After all you did just now anyone can say that you are so desperate for her love.”

“Now tell me, when did you start loving her?” Shivaay asked again.

“Honestly, Shivaay! I don’t know.” Omkara replied confusing Shivaay.

“I really don’t know from when did all these feelings started.” Omkara replied shrugging.

“But you do know that she won’t love you. Aren’t you?” Shivaay asked and Omkara’s mood became duller.

Omkara nodded his head and replied, “But I have hope that one day she will.”

“You would lose it after coming to know about her past.” Shivaay said.

“You know about her past?!” Omkara exclaimed in shock as Ishanya hadn’t told him about her past and always tried to hide it from him but told his brother.

Shivaay just nodded his head in yes and said, “Trust me Omkara. I always think only good for you and Ishanya is not correct for you.”

Omkara felt a bomb had just dropped on him. He never thought that Shivaay would have any problem with Ishanya and him being together. Infact he thought he would be very happy. He hadn’t expected this at all.

“What are you saying Shivaay? I thought you will be happy for me.” Omkara said coming out of the shock.

“I would have, if it makes you happy.” Shivaay replied.

“Why do you feel it doesn’t make me happy?” Omkara asked him.

“Because of her past and your issues.” Shivaay replied making him more confused.

“But whatever had happened in her past, that doesn’t change my feelings for her.” Omkara replied.

“I know!! That’s the problem! Look Omkara you have your issues to deal with and she have hers. She can’t give you happiness until she clears her issues and moves on from her past which is not easy at all and you need someone who can love you completely without any complications as you already are sensitive to these things.” Shivaay explained trying to make him understand.

“But I love her, Shivaay! And I will continue to love her no matter what!” Omkara said.

“Om, please don’t force me to make her leave not just from this house from this city or even the country if needed.” Shivaay said warning him.

“You can’t do that Shivaay!” Omkara exclaimed.

“I thought you regard her as your friend.” Omkara said in disappointment.

“I do and I respect her a lot more than a friend.” Shivaay replied in serious tone.

“Then why?” Omkara asked.

“Because she can’t give you the happiness you expect Om.” Shivaay replied.

“I don’t have any expectations from her Shivaay!” Omkara said.

“Oh! Really! But whatever happened just few minutes back says something else!” Shivaay said getting anger now.

“That’s because I lost control on myself.” Omkara tried to explain him.

“They are your real feelings Om. Don’t deny them. It’s good that you have started accepting lies as a part of the life but it shouldn’t be too much that you start to lie to yourself!” Shivaay said making Omkara see the point.

Omkara sighed and said, “Ok, fine. I admit that I expect her to love me back. But it happened unknowingly. I hadn’t developed it by myself. And I very well know that it can’t be fulfilled. I am ok with it. I am not sad or upset about it.”

“Stop it Om! If you are not upset about it you wouldn’t have created such a scene! Just look at your state!!” Shivaay yelled at him getting angry at his brother.

While Shivaay was trying to calm himself Omkara thought about his words, he felt he was right. But he is not going to admit it to him as he feared his reaction.

“The truth is I love her and will always love her no matter what. Even if it hurts me and Shivaay this is my life you can’t decide for me. If her love gives only pain to me, I am ready for it. I will endure that pain. So please, don’t interfere.” Omkara said to Shivaay with finality in his voice.

“You say that it is ok for you and you will endure pain. But doing is more difficult than saying Omkara. I am warning you. You won’t be able to handle and I don’t want to handle it. I don’t want you to go through any pain.” He said showing his concern for Omkara.

“I know Shivaay, you just want me to be fine. But trust me I am fine and I will be fine.” Omkara replied.

“Ok then let’s make a deal. If your love for her is that strong make her fall in love with you or just forget about her.” Shivaay said surprising his brother.

“What are you saying?” Omkara asked.

“Yes make her fall in love with you in a month or forget her and try to move on.” Shivaay said challenging him.

Omkara looked at his brother in shock. ‘He very well knows that she won’t fall in love with him then why is he doing this?’ he thought.

“Why are you doing this?” He asked directly.

“To ensure your happiness. I can’t see you upset like this again. Just decide if you want her love or not and end this self-torture.” Shivaay replied.

“I want her to love me back.” Omkara replied

“Then stop sulking silently and pursue her. But if she rejects you promise me that you’ll move on.” Shivaay said.

“I can’t promise that Shivaay, as I can’t stop loving her but I can promise you that I won’t let my heart break or get depressed about it. I will continue to love her and also be happy.” Omkara said seriously.

“That would do for me.” Shivaay replied and hugged him.

Omkara hugged his brother back being determined to get Ishanya’s love.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    omkara letting out his frustration before ishaniya…his dialogues and how ishaniya reacted were written very well .very emotional sad that ishaniya is angry with omshiv.liked rudra stopping her from leaving and thinking y she is not seeing om’s love for her.shivay om conversation was touchy.om should know her past n accept her with it.liked shivay saying to him to make her fall for him.liked om saying that he will continue loving her but won’t go into depression

    1. Veera

      Thanks for the long comment. I am so glad that you liked the developments of the story. Om had to let out his frustration sometime and it happened as he couldn’t bare it anymore. We can say that we are happy in just giving and don’t expect anything but it becomes tedious and hurting after a certain limit to keep giving without expecting. Rudra may seem like a kid but he has his own understanding and sensibilities. He just choose to ignore many times as he have his brothers who will take care but when it came to his own brothers he too comes in action. Shivaay just want his brother not to hurt himself in love and shivaay’s deal is the much needed push omkara needed to pursue her as he was just silently loving her till now.

    2. Veera

      Sorry, i just realised how long the reply is! But as i said i really love to discuss the story with you all. Hope you don’t mind.

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    I love the wmotional turmoil which is going on right now

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  3. AMkideewani

    I love the emotional turmoil which is going on right now

  4. AMkideewani

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      Yes, i got it dear

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    Dear Veera
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    Awesome Chappy !!
    Outburst of Om came out before Ishanya and well written Ishanya’s reactions with each point of Om’s outburst !! She gets angry finally she sensed he started love her ….Rudra and his slapping fairy scene was super cool !! Shivaay & Omkara’s confrontation make sense but I never like Shivaay You can’t throw someone just because you want your so called brother happy …whatever who cares !! Challenge what will be the reactions of Ishanya when She will gets to know about it !!Loved it !!

    1. Veera

      Thanks for the long comment. I am glad that you liked the chapter. Well Ishanya hasn’t sensed that om loves her not ‘yet’. Shivaay’s like that only when it comes to his brother’s and family. Even i don’t like that but that’s his character trait. What will happen when she know about the challenge you have to wait for it.

  9. Veera

    Thanks for the long comment. I am glad that you liked the chapter. Well Ishanya hasn’t sensed that om loves her not ‘yet’. Shivaay’s like that only when it comes to his brother’s and family. Even i don’t like that but that’s his character trait. What will happen when she know about the challenge you have to wait for it.

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