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Raman thought for sometime how Ishita is leading life with her husband, and how his life got spoiled  because of shagun.

Raman: and i’m thinking her as a bad girl. all girls wont be bad , only Shagun is selfish and characterless female.

Next day is sunday, Ishita thinking about prateek ans doing her work,

Toshi ji went with Adi to Park.

Raman came to adi,

Raman: Adi  with whom u came.

Adi: uncle i came with my dadi, please come i’ll introduce u to my dadi.

Toshiji lost in her thoughts about ishita and prateek.

Adi coming running towards dadi

Adi: Dadi, this is Raman uncle our neighbour.

Dadi looked at him she felt happy.

Dadi: Raman , how are u , why u dint come home after ur marriage. and u thought we are angry at ur love marriage.

Raman: Mummyji……….(tears in his eyes, wiped immediately)

Raman: Adi u go now and play , i will talk to dadi now.

Adi: ok uncle.

Raman: Mummyji, i came mummyji to meet u, u loved me equal  as prateek. but when i came there, u had shifted house and i could not trace u.

Toshi: How is ur married life

Raman: Marriage nahi raha, she ditched me for money and divorced me.

Toshi: hai rabba…. why is this happening with my kids.

Raman: Mummyji i came to know from adi about prateek, is it so?

Toshi: i really dont know how i gave birth that dirty fellow.

Raman: even i never tought he can do with a girl like that.

Toshi: My daughter in law she is very good. she hides her pain. and now.

Raman: sorry mummyji i heard everything yesterday. how?

Toshi is crying, Adi came to them

Adi: wat happened dadi

Toshi: nothing dear, lets go wind came some dust went inside my eyes , so tears came.

All came home, Raman went to his flat, toshi and adi came to their home.

Toshi came to Ishita and explained everything about Raman, she is not in the mood to understand anything. The day went off, Next day morning Ishita and left home, immediately toshiji called prakashji and asked to arrange some papers and get to her immediately.

After few hours , Prakashji came to with papers they both discussed some things and prakashji went to his hotel room.

Evening when Ishita came toshiji asked her to sign some papers , when ishita asked wat papers are these

Toshi: just insurance papers i’m giving ur name as my nominee.

Ishita: u should have given romi name.

Toshi: no dear, in my name watever it is its urs, and even romi said same thing.

Night when raman came home , toshi met him and took sign from him

Toshi: U dint ask a word y i’m taking this sign

Raman: Mummyji, please i know u better  than anyone , u please carry on with ur work.

Toshi in her heart” i know i became selfish and want to save my ishita life”

Raman” i know u want to save ur ishita life, u r doing something, i dont have any problem”

Next day with prakashiji, toshiji goes somewhere.

Ishita is focussing in her work she dont want to think about prateek and spoil her image in office

and she finished her work too on time.

finally she got court notice about custody.




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  1. superb update so raman and toshiji know each other from before

    1. Jeeshna201

      Thank u so much .

  2. Zaira

    Mm….I read all ur parts n loved them soooooo much?????….I mainly loved the new concept ….parateek is such a cheap person ..?……shocked to know Raman is toshiji son……waiting for the face off if ishrawhen they know tht they work together…… Waiting eagerly for the next part

    1. Jeeshna201

      Thanx , Raman is not toshiji son , he is prateek frnd who studied together.. ill try to update with nice update.

  3. Rashita

    Oh Raman isn’t toshiji’s son… Even I thought he’s toshi’s son because he also signed some papers.. Raman knows tht his designer is Ishita even though he hasn’t seen her.. Them why is he not recognising her name.. ?? Plz give an update soon.. Waiting very eagerly..

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