Belan Wali Bahu 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update: All become pregnant in house

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Belan Wali Bahu 15th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
All women put a pillow around stomach to do practice of being pregnant. Lata shows them how to walk and becomes shy. Roopa says we cant go to them like this. Suzzi says we should go one by one, Shalini takes selfies with them. Lata says we have work in kitchen. Shalini says I am tired. Lata takes her to room. Laddo’s ghost comes there and says what? Roopa how this happened? she says no no, we were just practicing how to be pregnant to show support to Shalini, he says phew, I thought.. she says I already have a child in my life, who is always miffed, stubborn and wears pink shirt, he glares at her.

Suzzi comes to Dada, Dada sees her baby bump, he says how this happened? tell me his name, I will not spare that person, I will kill him. Suzzi says listen to me, we are doing it to make Shalini practice for pregnancy.

Lata tells Prem that they have fake baby bump to show support for Shalini. Prem says I thought we are going to have 5th baby. Naren comes there and sees Lata’s baby bump, he is shocked and runs from there.

Shalini shows fake baby bump to Jitendra and says we all women are practicing how to live with pregnancy.

Lata is showing other woman how to walk down stairs, she says always walk slowly, dont run on stairs. Laddo’s ghost asks Roopa to be careful. they all get down from stairs. Katori comes there and says Lata you are pregnant in this age? Suzzi says you without any partner? Roopa you without husband? Laddo’s ghost says I am here, she goes to bring sugar. Dada, Prem, Jitendra and Naren comes there with fake baby bump too to show them support. Roopa asks what is all this? Prem says we wanted to know how much you people bear in pregnancy too. Dada asks Jitendra to start working as peon only. Prem says we have to practice like pregnant. Katori comes there and sees men with fake baby bump, she says what else I have to see? she runs away.

Prem is hiding wine bottle in his baby bump, he drinks wine, Lata comes there, he runs away.

Roopa is knitting sweater and bows down to take wool ball, he asks her to not bow down in pregnancy. She says sorry.

Suzzi is trying to paint her toe and says to Dada that I cant paint it. Jitendra and Naren are bumping their baby bumps. Shalini says you cant do it in pregnancy.

Dada says to family that men cant bear to bring baby in world, Prem says women are great to do it for 9 months. All men take out pillows from their shirts. Roopa says Suzzi experienced it before marriage. Lata says atleast Shalini got help. Shalini says we have time for this to actually happen. Shalini says we dont want to plan baby for next 4-5 years, Jitendra says yes we wont plan second baby till 5 years. Shalini says how can there be second baby when there is no first baby? Lata says first baby is coming. Shalini says this is fake baby bump. Roopa says what about new guest coming? Shalini says my brother is coming from London, good news was that I have learned to make tea, Lata says what about vomiting? Shalini says I ate stale pineapple, you all thought that I am pregnant? they all nod. Shalini says Lata you didnt understand that it was not the case. Lata says I am not that smart, they all get sad. Roopa says atleast Shalini learned to make tea, Lata says we should get one cup of tea from you. Shalini says okay I will make tea. She leaves. Dada says Shalini and Jitendra have time, we will get baby soon. Jitendra says yes this practice will work.

PRECAP- Prem reads newspaper that a beggar became rich businessman, beggar did some vastu(architecture) steps and his life changed. Katori comes there wearing jewelry and things. Katori says I earned all this on my own, that vastu made me learn all that. Lata’s son in law comes to house and says I have started a new business and I dont need your money, I have started vastu business, they all look on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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