Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th January 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shagun stopping Ruhi from meeting Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla sees Ishita and says this happened because of you. She scolds Ishita for interfering in her personal matters. Raman comes there and calls out mum and Rumi. Ruhi sees him and says Papa. Shagun and Ishita looks on. Raman asks whats this happening. Mrs. Bhalla says look at them, Ishita is here with Shagun. Raman says I can see, this does not shock me anymore, your life is empty thats why you do this, get a life, grow up. Raman says lets go and leaves. Ruhi says Papa, Dadi and cries. Teri bechaini…………….. darad bantlenge hum…………… plays…………………

Raman scolds Rumi for coming to Shagun’s house. Mrs. Bhalla says don’t scold him, I asked him to come here, I can’t

live without Ruhi. Raman says we can’t force them else we won’t get their custody, I will get Ruhi back legally. Ishita pacifies Ruhi and asks her not to cry. Shagun tells Ishita did you see how is Raman’s family, they always broke my dreams, they want to separate me from my daughter, they did not think how will I be without Ruhi.

Shagun books two tickets for London for herself and Ashok. Ishita hears this and is shocked. Ishita thinks what is Shagun doing. She says did I make a big mistake without thinking, one side its Raman and one side its Shagun, no one is thinking about Ruhi. The society club has a meeting. Mr. Bhalla and Appa are there and have a laugh. There are elections to be held in the society and only house owners can take part in it. The people gossip about Ishita and Raman. Mr. Bhalla says enough, don’t taunt anyone without knowing about them, it was my son’s mistake, not their’s.

Mr. Bhalla says Ishita saved my Ruhi’s life, else Ruhi would have died. Mr. Bhalla scolds everyone. Appa gets up and leaves. Ishita tells Ruhi she has to leave now. Ruhi says no and hugs her. Ishita says I will come whenever you call me. Ishita asks her to take care and asks the maid to take Ruhi with her. Ishita says I m getting late, I will come again and leaves.

Mihir sends some medicines for Mihika as she has cough. She reads Mihir’s letter and he has sent a herbal cough syrup. She smiles reading it and thinks about her old moments with Mihir. She gets tears in her eyes thinking about him. Ishita comes to meet Vandu and Bala. She says did I did wrong with Ruhi. Shravan comes to meet Ishita and is all wet. Vandu says I will make him change. Ishita thinks about Ruhi and hopes she is fine now. Ashok and Shagun are together. She says I have filled the hostel papers, are you happy now. He says very happy. She says shall we start the preparations. He says ya.

Ruhi gets scared at night and comes running and says I m scared, there is someone. The maid says she got afraid seeing a toy. Ruhi says I will sleep with you. Ashok says lets go Shagun, we are getting late. Ashok talks to Ruhi and says you will have to sleep there, you are going to hostel, make it a habit and behave yourself, now go. Ruhi says where are you sending me, hostel, I don’t want to go there where there is no one. Shravan is also very cute and Ishita smiles seeing him.

Ishita says I m worried that Shagun is not like you, I think she does not see Ruhi’s needs, she talks about Ruhi a lot, but she does not spend her time with her. Vandu says every mum is different. Ishita says Ruhi is crying a lot, she is so unhappy, the reason is me. Shagun is busy in her life and dreams, about her marriage with Ashok, she does not want to become a mum. Vandu says you said even Raman does not have time for Ruhi. Ashok and Shagun leaves.

Mihika meets Rumi and he gives her a letter. He says I can’t talk to you, Raman asked me not to talk to you, Mihir is Raman’s best friend, he has made Raman against me, he has made Raman fight to me. Mihika takes Mihir’s side. Rumi thinks I will make you hate Mihir and you will find only me. Its morning, Amma is praying. The maid brings Ruhi to Ishita’s house. Ruhi is crying. Ruhi hugs Ishita. Ishita asks what happened. Amma asks what happened. The maid says she is crying from morning, Ruhi says I won’t go to hostel. Ishita says yes, we will not send you and pacifies her.

The maid says Ashok told her something at night and she did not sleep. Ishita calms down Ruhi and makes her smile. Ishita asks does Shagun know that Ruhi is here. The maid says Shagun was sleeping as she came late from the party. Ruhi says don’t tell anyone that I m here. Ishita says you won’t understand, I m sorry but I have to tell your mum.

Raman is talking to Mihir about his deal. Mihir says don’t worry at all. Raman is shirtless. Ishita comes to tell him about Ruhi. She sees him shirtless and turns. He asks what are you doing in my house. She says what will you do. He says did you knock. She says I did, I did not know you are not wearing shirt. She says I came to tell you Ruhi is at my home. Raman says bring her here. Ishita says she asked me not to tell anyone. I informed Shagun too. Raman says why did you inform her. Ishita says who knows she can send my parents to jail, why to take a chance. She tells Raman that Ruhi is afraid, don’t tell this to your family, I m taking Ruhi for shopping to calm her down. Raman says even I will come in five mins.

Raman and Ishita take Ruhi for shopping.

Update Credit to: Amena

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