Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 9th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 9th January 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 9th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with akshat entering avni’s room and asking her that what talks are they doing, avni tells that they are talking nothing. Then akshat tells them that will they come for a long drive. Avni says that of course they will come but will mom and dad allow, akshat tells that he already asked them and they said yes. He tells that they also have to give daal baati and the photo of the girl. Then he tells them to get ready and he will remove the car. Then akshat goes and there avni tells devika that bro is looking so happy today. They all go in a car. There raj’s sis has done the preparations and she has made the cupcake and has decorated the plate with flowers and kept in the middle of the show table in the hall. He looks at the cupcake as if he is a detective. He tells sis that alas she has made the cupcake and sis tells that this is the surprise. She tells raj to put on the candles and she will go in kitchen and bring cake. Raj tells that jiju now you are dead and you are going to feel like poison on eating the cake. Jiju comes and then sees that cupcakes and he prays to raj that do something as he does not want to eat the cake and die. He tells him that do something please, please. The driver comes in and keeps the bouquet of flowers and before going he tells happy anniversary to jiju(name is shail), driver is going to go when shail gets an idea and he stops him and tells him that he wished him so he wants to give him the cupcake to eat and shail takes the cupcake and tells him to eat, the driver is very excited and he takes the cake and raj tells him that eat and it is good as sis has made it, as the driver listens that it is made by sis driver says no and tells he does not want, shail tells why, driver says he has diabetes and shail tells that till now he was eating and suddenly he remembers he had diabetes and shail tells him to eat and he forces him to eat even as the driver says no and shail takes the cake in his hand and puts it in the drivers mouth and the driver eats. Sis comes and shail goes to her and tells that cake was very nice and he ate the whole cake and it was excellent, raj has covered the driver , sis sees shails hand and the cream is on it, she tells him that did he eat the whole cake, shail says yes and sis tells that didn’t he feel anything in his stomach shail says no sis tells that there was a diamond pendant in it and shail and raj get shocked and the driver behind raj who ate the cake says ‘WHAT?’ and falls down on the ground.

There avni, devika and akshat are at buah’s house and they are seeing the photo. Buah asks that what is her name, akshat tells arpita, buah looks at the photo and tells she is beautiful and asks her details and avni tells that her dad is a diamond dealer and jeweler and they all live in Jaipur, buah tells that her chachu(buah’s husband) must be knowing that man. Then buah tells them that she will look at the photo afterwards nicely and there akshat also tells that its time they have to go home, then they all take her blessings and go. Buah is looking at the photo.

In the hospital the raj and family have gone to remove pendant from drivers stomach. There sis tells shail that she will not talk to him as he lied to her and gave the cake to driver. Shail tells sorry and tells that he just gave it as a gift, she tells him that she does not want to talk and shail tells raj and raj comes and tells that forgive jiju and tells he is sorry for that, sis tells that she will not forgive him and she goes away from there, shail runs behind her and raj tells him he will do something.

In the car avni and devika and akshat are there. Akshats mobile is kept on the dashboard and it rings and its arpita. Avni is about to pick but Akshat suddenly stops the car and takes his phone away. He tells avni to go and eat ice cream. After that he calls Arpita and says he will call her later.

Raj is also at the ice cream shop. He leaves and Avni and devika come there. Raj and Avni pass by each other. Ek duje ke vaste song plays in background. They fail to see each other. The shop owner tells Avni love increases by eating ice cream in cold weather. Avni says what? The shop owner points at Raj and says he said it. Avni turns back and looks at him, but he just leaves from there in his car. Avni smiles.

In night, Raj is on his terrace. He looks at the moon and remembers Avni. He wonders what has happened to him as he keeps seeing Avni. Why he has started acting so strangely. Such day came for the first time in his life. Other hand, Avni is also in her balcony and she too thinks today was so strange. Raj says he didn’t talk to her, but he still smiles when thinks about her. Avni wonders if its same between her bro and arpita. If that is what you call love. Other side, Raj says no.. how can this be love? No chance. I don’t even know her name. What she does.. nothing. Don’t even know if she will meet me again. Avni wonders if she will find someone with whom she will get connected.. who will be stranger, but will look like her own. Raj says his feelings can’t be love.. but then wonders how love would be. Avni wonders if love that she wants to feel will come in her life. Both leave wondering and smiling.. title song plays in the background.

Avni’s mum is putting medicine in her father’s eye. Avni comes there. Her mum is surprised to see her up so early. Avni says today she woke up without alarm and came to put solution in her father’s eyes. Her mum asks how did you know that new solution was needed. Avni says yesterday when everyone was looking at photos, her dad didn’t see any photos so she understood and she brought new solution for him. Avni puts solution in her father’s eyes and shows Arpita’s photo. Her dad says she’s good. Avni then tells him to read newspaper and she leaves. Her mum looks on while she leaves.

Her mum comes outside and stops Avni. She gives her permission to go to the concert now. Avni says she didn’t bring solution for any negotiation. It was just for her dad. Avni leaves. Her mum gets emotional.

She comes back to Avni’s dad and says Avni has got sensible now. It’s time to find a guy for her. She hopes the guy will be just like her.

Everyone is at dining table. A servant comes and says some Shashtriji has come. Avni’s mum tells him to make him sit outside. Avni’s dad asks about him. Avni’s mum says she has called him to match kundlis of Akshat and Arpita. Akshat coughs. Avni asks her mum if its required for kundlis to match when they all like Arpita. Her mum says yes. Bauji agrees and says kundlis are matched by humans and jodis are matched by the God. If a jodi is matched, then kundlis definitely match.

Everyone is in the hall now. Shashtriji is matching kundlis. Akshat comes there as well and he seems nervous about something.

precap is:- Raj meets avni in the cooking competition n devika is also there n raj gets happy seeing avni n then he asks her to help him in cooking n she helps him making the dough n her hair comes infront of her face n he keeps looking at her lovingly.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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