Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the Iyer sisters fuming and scolding the men. Ishita says Mr. Bhalla will talk to you all now, as you feel this is my lecture. Raman says we went to normal party, we did not know its such a place. Ishita asks why did they lie then. Vandu cries. The men discuss what to do. Raman says ok, I will talk. She asks Ishita to come and he wants to talk to her. Ishita says talk here. Raman says its your loss, come in. Ishita says she will not change and come back. Bala says Raman can get beaten up inside, he was safe with us here. Ishita scolds Raman and he laughs seeing the video. She asks whats so funny in the mobile.

He laughs. She says see what did the inspector say. He says see a first class film, come. He shows the video to her on tv and she is stunned seeing her mad act recorded. She holds her face. Raman says this is you, so you wanted me not to come to hospital, as anesthesia does this to you, I came to meet you to help you and saw this. He gives her two choice, to be quiet and talk in their favor, else he will telecast this in whole society, kids will be afraid of you. She says you are blackmailing me. He says yes. She says give me, I will delete it. He says I made many copies, choice is yours.

She says such a cheater. He says you decide, what image you want to maintain, and please don’t sing in senses. She says what did this happen. Mihika does not give water to Mihir and scolds him. Raman comes being defending to them. Ishita comes. Raman asks Akka, tell them what will you do now. Ishita says they are right, it was a clear case of misunderstanding. The guys clap and thank Raman. Mihika asks did Raman scare her. Raman waves showing mobile. Ishita says they were trapped. Vandu says look at them. Ishita defends them.

Raman asks Mihir to stand with chest out. Mihir acts bold and talks to Mihika. She scolds Mihir and says Raman is playing a game, he is blackmailing her. Vandu says Ishita you should not lie. Mihika and Vandu leave. The guys hug Raman and thank him. He asks them to have water and wine too. Raman smiles. Its morning, Raman is laughing on the dining table. He shows the mobile and scares Ishita, while talking to Romi. Mr. Bhalla tells about 50% sale. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to shop for Raman.

Raman asks Ishita to shop for everyone and shows mobile. Ishita says yes I will buy. Ashok talks to Suraj and tells him that he will not leave Raman and Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla gives the letter to Ishita. Ishita checks it and is shocked reading it. Mrs. Bhalla asks what happened. Ishita says my medical license has been revoked. Simmi translates it. Mrs. Bhalla asks who did this. Ishita thinks about Suraj and cries. Mr. Bhalla is upset too. Ishita says I told you everything, this is the result of it. Mrs. Bhalla says it means Raman scolded him and Suraj is taking revenge for this.

Mr. Bhalla says Raman can’t control his anger. Ishita says it was not his mistake, the man was mannerless, he totally deserves it. She defends Raman and says I will go and talk to them. Mr. Bhalla says I will come with you. She says no, I will go to dentist association, I m not a fake dentist. I will not tell this to Raman, he will be angry. Mrs. Bhalla asks her not to worry. Ishita requests her not to tell anything to Amma. Mrs. Bhalla agrees and prays.

Mihika gives sweets as she got promoted. Everyone say congrats and praise her. Mihika says Sit, the credit goes to you, as you recommended my name to Murti. Ashok says Mihika, congrats. He makes her eat the laddoo and she eats it. He eats the same and holds her. She gets displeased and says excuse me. She says I don’t like this, I did not say anything in fashion show as there are many people, don’t get over familiar with me. She leaves.

Ishita talks to the lawyer and asks why did she send this letter to her. The lawyer says we had the compliant. She asks how can you revoke my practice on one complaint. They have an argument. She asks him to question her, do the enquiry, how did he send notice like this. The lawyer tells about Suraj;s state of septic, he did not get relieve, as she was careless. She says I gave him prescription, I explained him verbally too. She says my husband was there, he can tell everything. He says why will we believe him, why do you keep family while working. She defends herself.

He asks her to bring her statement written. She cries and says its easy to say this, I worked hard to reach this, I m good doctor, and did not do any malpractice, be human. He says I told what I know, I have pressure on this case. She says make me meet Mr Suraj once. He says am I any agent. He says do what you want, but don’t waste my time. Ishita comes out of the lawyer office and says what should I do now, it’s a big problem, shall I take Raman, he is already worried in work, I can’t tell him, I think I should contact Suraj, but I don’t have his number, Sarika can have it.

She calls Sarika and asks about Suraj’s info. Sarika says yes I have it, I will sms you. Suraj gets to know Ishita came to meet him, and he asks her to wait. Ishita waits for him. Suraj calls Ashok and updates him. Ashok says great, let her wait, you do and insult her, that everyone just see, as Raman does such always. Suraj says yes. Parmeet hears this and thinks why is Ishita dealing with Ashok now, what s the new issue now. Suraj says Dr Ishita, now I will show you what will this Suraj Khanna do with you.

Raman says he lost Rs 1 lakh since morning and calls Ishita careless and asks is she really a doctor. Ishita cries and says I m not careless.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. very bad fr ishita 🙁 tht suraj khanna is sooo cruel :@ raman ws cute tday 🙂

  2. Raman was really cute 2day

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