Veera 9th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Veera 9th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gunjan bringing Ranvi to show him Baldev and Veera. Baldev gives Veera her birthday gift and she smiles. Ranvi comes there and sees Baldev standing far and someone hugging Veera. Gunjan sees this and is puzzled. Baldev smiles. Veera hugs Nihaal. Ranvi sees Nihaal as he turns and is shocked. He thinks that he is responsible for Sampooran’s death. Veera and Baldev are shocked to see them. Nihaal says Ranvi and smiles. Ranvi gets angry and Veera stops him. Ranvi says how dare you come and meet my Veera. He asks Veera to keep quiet.

Ranvi asks him why did he come back, what will he take this time. He says you have cheated my mum, and now my sister. He says leave from here and don’t show your face again. Veera says I called him here. Ranvi is shocked. Gunjan looks on. Veera says I called Nihaal Chachu, we met by coincidence. She says he is our Neel Sir, who helped me on Poland to make our dad’s dream true. Ranvi says you are telling this to me now. How can you hide this from us? How can you do this? He says you don’t know who is this man, he has ruined our life.

He says he does not value any relations, he can’t feel pain, you don’t know how he cheated us. She says I know the truth. Ranvi is shocked and looks at her. He asks do you know everything, and then you called him here. They cry. Ranvi says I m hurt seeing him, but I m more hurt that you have called him here knowing everything. I did not know you will do this. You have hurt me, you have not respected me and Biji. He leaves angrily. Gunjan goes after him.

Nihaal says I did a big mistake by coming here, I should have not come here. I should go back soon. Veera says no, please, don’t do this, I called you here to erase this pain and unite broken relations. Nihaal says see, Ranvi still hates me. Veera says no, I know him very well, I know love can come in his heart and we need to end this misunderstanding. Nihaal says no Veera, nothing will change, I can’t hurt anyone. I can’t see problems in between you and Ranvi.

Baldev says you came here and how can you go without solving anything, will you not be hurt. He asks him to unite with everyone. Veera says yes, give me some time, everything will be like before. Baldev says yes, please agree to Veera, you can stay at my house as guest for few days. Nihaal says no, this can’t happen, I have to go. Veera says please, if you trust me, I promise I will make everything fine. Nihaal agrees. Veera thanks him. Ratan is worried as Ranvi, Gunjan and Veera went without telling her. Ranvi comes home looking upset.

Ratan asks what happened. Where are Gunjan and Veera. Gunjan comes. Chaiji asks Ranvi what is the matter. Ranvi looks at Sampooran’s pic. He says he has come back Biji. Ratan asks who. Ranvi says the man who has cheated us being between us, the man who has killed my dad, Nihaal…………….. Ratan and Chaiji are shocked. He says the sad thing is Veera has brought him here. Ratan is stunned by this revelation. Ranvi says she has hidden this from me. He says she has disappointed me today.

Chaiji holds a worried Ratan. They look at Sampooran’s pic and cry. Ranvi is very upset and Gunjan comes to him. Ranvi tells her everything, and says I have seen loneliness in my Biji’s eyes, why did Veera do this, why should I forgive him. Gunjan consoles him and says she agrees with him, but he has to be strong and take care of Ratan. She hugs him. Ratan sees Ranvi breaking down and cries. She comes to her room and talks to Sampooran’s pic. She says the pain and wound which we have hidden and moved on, it came back infront of us again. She says I had forgiven him to lessen my pain, but today Ranvi isin much pain, as he is unable to forget this and can’t forgive Nihaal.

Baldev says Nihaal everything is the same, come. He takes him to his home. Veera says she has some work and will go home. She says Nihaal Chachu I will meet you later and leaves. Baldev gets inside with Nihaal’s bag and Bansuri asks him Baldev whose bag is this. Balwant and Bansuri look as Nihaal enters and are shocked seeing him.

Ranvi and Gunjan talk to Veera happily.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Veera nay nihal ko ni pechana tha tu ranvi ay kaisay pehchann lia nihal ko???and veera serial ka nam change kro becaz it is not about siblings anymore. .now it has become lovers story…so stupid

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