Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mani and Raman having an argument. He says relations grow slowly. Raman says look. Mani says wait a min, I have not finished yet, you did not give her respect and status of a wife, you are selfish, you think about you and family, what about Ishu, you did not give her anything, you are husband, but not a good one. Mani leaves. Raman questions himself am I not a good husband, I m good I m doing everything. He thinks about Ishita’s words that their marriage is just a compromise. He says actually yes. Ruhi comes and asks what happened Papa, come Ishi Maa is calling, are you thinking about her, she will be fine, she has soup too, she will get fine soon, come fast.

Raman says yes lets go. He goes to Ishita. She asks whats his state, and mood. He says he is fine. She says she is fine, don’t worry. He says he is not worried, he will get peace at home. She asks him to scold her, as she can know he is normal. He says he is her good husband. She asks him to go and get his look good, go and have bath, you look terrible. He says its my responsibility, I won’t leave you alone here. She says I m not alone, Mani is here and Amma Appa are coming, you take care of yourself too, go home, check the Mata Rani Jyot, help dad and Simmi too.

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He says they will manage, stop this. She asks him to call him Jhansi Ki Rani and smiles. He says he is thinking something new. He says if you want anything, call me. He leaves. He comes home and talks to himself after getting a good look and freshen up. He is irritated about Mani. He says is Mani eyeing my wife, so he was saying I did not do anything for Ishita, what does he know, I did so much, what else should I do. He talks to mirror image and says Mani has complex with me, I won’t fail, I will prove it to Mani that I m husband no 1.

He says I will shut Mani’s mouth permanently. He meets Bala and asks him to give advice as he is ideal husband. Bala says no. Raman says I have seen Vandu happy, and Ishita praises you, whats the secret. Bala says we all are different, I keep in mind to do anything keeping her happiness in mind and keep the seven vows of marriage. Raman says I had promises in Tamil, that’s the problem, but I know it. Vandu comes and asks when is he going hospital, take this bag for Ishu, Amma made food for her too, but its not allowed there. Raman takes the bag and leaves.

Raman comes to Ishita and says its 12.30, no one woke her up, I will not leave them. He sees her sleeping and smiles. Yeh hai mohabbatein………………plays……………..He says see her, she looks innocent while sleeping. She says I m in my senses, don’t try anything with me. He says what. She opens her eyes and asks why was he staring at her. He says you keep mouth shut rarely that’s why. He asks her to have food. She says soup is boring. Mani comes and says food is here. Ishita says no. Mani changes the food and shows Chinese food. Ishita gets glad. Raman says she can’t eat outside food. Mani says I got it from my five star hotel, its fresh and made with lots of love. Ishita likes it.

Raman murmurs to make Mani, the Nagmani have the poison in Naag Panchami. He tells the ward boy I will have this. He says Mani has spoiled my life since he came. Bala talks to phone and scolds the lady. Shravan says Appa, lets play. Bala asks him to watch tv. Shravan insists and says you did not buy video game for me. Bala scolds him. Shravan says you don’t have time for me, you are always busy and scold me. Vandu says don’t trouble dad, he is sad for Ishita. Shravan says nobody cares for me and leaves. Bala goes. Vandu says what happened to him these days.

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Shravan comes in the compound and sits alone. The black car comes. The driver gives him the video game. Shravan says wow, is it for me, who gave it. The driver looks around. Shravan looks inside the car. The driver makes him sit inside and leaves with him. Shravan’s ball is left on the bench. Raman comes somewhere and says I will show Mani what I can do. He calls the ward boy and asks him to do his work. The ward boy says you saved my job. Raman says I guarantee your hospital food won’t be wasted, I will eat it, give this food to my wife.

He brings Pasta for Ishita. Ishita says I can’t believe it, my fav one. Raman says have it fast before anyone comes. The warden comes and scolds Raman for getting outside food. She says Ishita is ill, she has to have doctor given diet, if she gets infection. Raman murmurs if I do it, then they will say Character Dheela hai. He asks her to ask Mani, and Mani denies it. She asks Raman to make Ishita have this food after she goes home. Raman says fine. She leaves. Mani smiles. Raman says you did not get Chinese? He leaves annoyed. Ishita and Mani laugh.

Shagun talks on phone and boasts about Ashok. She waits for Ashok. She calls Ashok who is at his home. She asks where are you, have you seen the time. H says he is tired, he has back to back meetings. He plays video game. He says I can come if you say, but it will be crores loss. She says fine, buy gift worth lakhs from me, bye. Ashok smiles and says women believe any lie. Mihika comes to Shagun asking about Mihir. Shagun says he is getting ready. Mihika says we are going on movie date. Shagun asks which movie. We also had movie plan, but Ashok cancelled it, he has lots of meetings, anyways, I will freshen up. She leaves. Mihika says Poor Shagun, Ashok is not at office, I have to do something.

Amma tells Vandu that Mihika will come late as she went to movie with Mihir. Bala asks for Shravan. Amma looks outside and says he is not here. Appa says maybe he went to Bhalla house, I will call him. Bala tells Vandu did Shravan feel sad, did I scold him a lot. Appa comes and says he is not there, Neelu is saying he did not come there. Vandu says where did he go. Bala says don’t worry, I will find him. Raman talks to the ward boy. Ward boy says you saved me by having the khichdi. Raman says don’t worry, how to become a good husband, show Mani who is SRK and who is Ranjeet, I will find on internet how to be a good husband.

He reads some site and treat wife being a gentleman, and says do I beat her with hunter….. take wife for shopping…. And hold heer shopping bags….. give surprise gifts to wife….. she did not get into the dress I gifted her…..praise your wife…… no, so that she speaks a lot and my ears bleeds…. Don’t call wife fat…… this should have been known first…… say yes to everything wife says….. it means donate the ears, maybe a sad man wrote this. He checks next site. He reads to kiss your wife. He says what, chee, its vulgar site, it would have been understood about other’s wife, kiss own wife?

Romi wakes up Raman saying we have to go hospital to take Ishita. Raman gets up. Romi kisses him and teases him. Raman slaps him light and asks are you mad. Romi says caught you, you were practicing a lot yesterday. Romi then advices him asking him to keep teeth clean and do something extra than kisses on cheek, as its common for brothers. Raman looks at him.


Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Haha Raman so funny.

  2. raman is acting immature and he is making a fool out of himself. not appealing watsoever. he is a father of 2 children and an intelligent businessman. he is reading the net to woo his wife. just looking stupid. a love story has turned out to be a silly laugh riot. I fully lost my interest in this show now. expected so mcuh but all went in vein. thank god this wasn’t a movie. the critics wld have given a minus 5 to this.

  3. Precap is funny!

  4. Superb episode and funny

  5. who kidnaped shravan?

  6. Thnks to …mani
    Fr making. Raman..feel jealous

  7. Superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  8. Raman Is acting too foolish nd Wah dah heck ix mani stil doing thre he shld go. Can’t wait for I shunt oh bck home Raman shld buy her gifts nd they shld b sooooo much in love. I wish yeh hai mohabbatein never ends.

  9. ishu is so frank with mani,,,,,,why ishu laugh on raman,,,if i were at raman place i would have beaten mani alot

  10. raman just stop it as u were gud husband of shagun like that,,,shagun didnt cared but ishu will

  11. Raman is a father of 2 children and an intelligent businessman. he was good husband of shagun he is reading the net to woo his wife. just looking stupid so strange

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