Sadda Haq 8th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 8th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir says go and handle your papa. I saw him in college today but don’t worry he didn’t see me. He says I need answers. I want to clear my doubts. Sanyu says I what doubts? Rnadhir says to find if there is someone in renuka’s life. I hate my life I never thought she could do this. Sanyu says you made a mistake she is not wrong. Love is never wrong, she is alone. Randhir says what you know about love? Sanyu says I just know that any decision taken for love can never be wrong. Randhir says like you chose someone over your family. No one forgets responsibility. Why did my mom give me birth and left me like this, when she had so much to do. Randhir stands up. He says she is harsh and cold but I sure she can’t date someone.

Yoyo comes to parth and says why are you upset? He says I have to go on date with vidushi. Anyone would be upset to know this. Yoyo says you should be happy. Parth says I am forced to go. Yoyo says we all know what you did there in the village. Parth says I was drunk. Yoyo takes out the bottle and says try it today as well. Parth takes the bottle and drinks.

Parth goes to the date spot. he is drunk. Vidushi says hi you look great. I thought you will return me the compliment. We never got to know each other. You have made a negative perception about me. I am not that bad. She holds her hand. Vidushi says its our first date. parth stands up and says yeah its our date and its incomplete without dance. He turns on the music and holds her close for dance. Parth kisses her. He comes closer to her and kisses her neck. Later, parth is sleeping on her shoulder. Vidushi says at least I got some special spot in your life. Even if its for some small time.

Scene 2
Samir comes to sanyu and says why have you called me here? sanyu says you taking time from your busy schedule for my future then I have to be an ideal partner too. Samir says be clear. Sanyu says you got the factory sold because of my future. So why don’t you name your factory on our both name. Samir says what the hell are you saying. I am your husband to be. Don’t you feel ashamed while saying this all to me. Sanyu says what is mine should be named after me. Samir stands up and says in heart I will give all your rights once the factory is named after me. Samir says I will talk to my parents. I a leaving bye. Sanyu says In heart I will never let you take my right.

Parth is sitting in tension in cafeteria. Vidushi gives him tea and says you will feel better. Parth says what happened between you and me was just due to drink. Now there is nothing between us. Vidushi says that means there was something. Vidushi says you have to agree that you love me. You can’t hide it. Parth says you better stop seeing these dreams. This will never happen.

Sanyu gets a text from Samir I couldn’t get time to talk to mummy papa I will talk to them soon. Sanyu says If you can’t talk to them I will talk to them myself. Randhirs gets a call from harsh. He says all my savings have been lost. The banker called me and said they are confiscating my money s security. Randhir says I will do something don’t worry. Randhir says in heart his problems are increasing one by one. SAnyu collides with him. He says you do this deliberately. Sanyu says I never did that. But I will collide to get my right. He wants to open a factory from my dad’s money. I should get th half of shares. Randhir says wife’s everything belongs to husband. Girls don’t get anything. Sanyu says all partners have equal rights both logically and equally. Randhir says she is right. dad has the same right on property as renuka saniyal.

Scene 3
Randhir goes to renuka. He says don’t worry I am not here to fight. I wanna discuss something. Do you have 10 minutes? She nods. Randhir says here is the proposal. I wanna start a tyre manufacturing unit with my pal. can you help me? Ranuka says this very innovative. I am proud of you that you have started thinking about your future. Randhir says we can share the profit as well. Saniyal says I won’t take profit from my own son but I have a condition that you won’t give a penny to harsh. Randhir says I have right to do anything with my money. Randhir says that man is your life partner. He should be your better half. Renuka says harsh sent you here to get the money? Randhir says you always start the blame game. A man comes in and says how dare you to talk like that with renuka. Randhir says who the are you ? he says I can send you out of here right now. Randhir says you get out. Renuka says I don’t want any scene to be created in my cabin. I said that I won’t do anything that will benefit harsh. She hands over him the file. Randhie leaves.

Scene 4
Sanyu goes to Samir’s house. Everyone welcomes her. His dad asks why you came here is there anything important. sanyu says I wanted to talk about something really important. Samir’s mom says yeah sit down. sanyu says papa has invested in Samir’s manufacturer unit. If this all is happening for my future then I should have the share in it.

Precap- sanyu says I should get the right from you all you will be my family. Dadi says don’t ever say that again.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Thank god u updated it!

  2. Was & am lil’ busy with other works.. shall try to comment.. missed u too GC & Ranyukta.

    tdy’s epi – finally, Sanyu has started fighting for her rights with Samir.. atleast 12th spcl epi me ek final decision le lo…

    Parth to vidu – …kyuunki mi tumse kabhi pyaar nahi kar sakthaa??? after all that happened.. nashe me hi sahi.. poor vidu!!!

    Oh i forgot – wasn’t PSB looking hot in white shirt & new hair cut in monday’s epi?? omg!!! I was simply drooling over him…

    who was the man in Renuka’s cabin & in what way is he related to her???

    Precap – excited…

  3. blo*dy conservative family of that chomu sameer
    sanyu is right if she is asking for her share

    1. and worst part is that not only men, but also the women try to supress the newer and broad minded generation!!!!

  4. Me fourth…
    One word for epi-
    Aisa lag raha hai ki his doubt gonna b proved right,poor thing. He is d one who needs a hug right now. But sanyu ko dekhke doubtful lag raha hai….

  5. yeah.. finally this samir topic will end…..

    n plz i dnt want anythng between parth n vidu…. seriously…!!!

  6. O god,ye parth n vidu ka kya h,kiss pe kiss kiye ja rhe h,pure 1 week ke baad dekha sh but no sandhir scene,parth ka pura character barbad kr rhe h..arghhhh it ws boring epi

  7. Day by day show us getting bor….jab tak sandhir special nahi hota show dekhne main maza nahi aayega……..hope in,comming epi show get better

  8. But frnds I don’t think so that Samirs Topic immediate be end .

    Now all of u might hv seen a new Factory Drama coming out , (a competition would suppose to happn) where I think Randhir from her Mom invstmnt & Sanyu with her wud (if not) then with her Fathers Invstmnt.

    Oh nooo! Again Rndr Sanyu compt, (not expctd at all)

  9. Pls share if any of u hv any experin or commnt , & it may be i m wrong as Its just a prediction

  10. Sachme renuka ka koi affair chal raha hai kya?

  11. @meera @nid…i agree wid u both…i mean if Parth does nt luv vidu he should have maitain some distance wid hr….nt purposely bt he is playing wid hr emototions…and its really dnt like it…whatevr vidu is bt hr luv for parth is true……

  12. @meera @nid…i agree wid u both…i mean if Parth does nt luv vidu he should have maitain some distance wid hr….nt purposely bt he is playing wid hr emototions…and I really dnt like it…whatevr vidu is bt hr luv for parth is true……

  13. @aksara,

    I doubt that person who was in Renukas Cabin.(may come out )

  14. @MDH and Achu, u r both right. Me too hv doubt on him

    1. I feel the same way too that guy in the cabin is suspicious…
      Randhir left Sanyukta speechless ..
      Randhir ftw

  15. Good drama but no sandhir scenes hope it would be there Tomm….

  16. @Meera. Missed u. Good to c u back. And although vidu’s feelings r real. But muzhe vidarth ki chemistry bilkul pasand nahi.. Parth jab nashe me hota hai to uske emotions ke sath khelta hai, he is wrong, bt still he deserves someone far better than vidushi..

  17. very nice episode

  18. dekhte dekhte final year start hua… Clg khatam hone ke baad kya hoga ab??? FITE ka 1 year hardly 4 months ka tha..see ,nov 2013 me first yr tha n oct 2014 me 4th year… Kya ME ka 1 year b dikhayenge???

  19. Parth ka look bhi change ho gya,ab to pakka wala hate him 😛

  20. show san and ran love and end family dramas as soon possible

  21. check this link for Param, Ankit & Chirags photo – Param he is choooooo chweet…

  22. really param is lukin soooooooooooooooooooooo cute….

  23. Sona di shared these abt PSB…

    Shared by Sona di
    # sneha
    So many of u asking me the questions below- whether Paramsingh loves to travel? –YES He loves travelling but because of
    his work schedule he can’t .. What kind of person is he when he is at home and what he does when he is at home?– HE is
    the kindest most understanding loving person I know in this world…when he is home he loves playing with pogo
    pogy..surfing on net, watching movies n sleeping.. His childhood memory which I can’t forget? He was merely 10 years old
    he went to the garden to see the electronic machines exhibition he was there from morning till evening all by himself — what
    he did was he watched terminator movie there for the 1st time .. which they played on the display tv 3 – 4 times back to
    back. .His eyes were glued to the TV he dint leave …since then terminator has been his all time fav movie .. What he hates
    the most? Lies,war in different countries, natural calamities taking place..It hurts him to see all this .. he hates it when he
    watches news about wars,,, people
    suffering dying. His fav game which he played alot? He played cricket n football.. 1 thing ull don’t know at all about him?–
    his hair was golden in colour later with age it changed to what it is now.. What he means to me?–My Life my God Message
    for fans and people in general?–SPREAD LOVE, PEACE AND HAPPINESS

  24. i love sadda haq.

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