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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the strike union guys coming in the hospital. Raman stops them and asks them what do they want. They ask them to stop the work. Raman says my wife is unwell, she is being treated, you all are doctors, and you are doing strike. Raman scolds them. Mihir and Bala support Raman. Raman says he will kill them if they go ahead. The man scolds Raman and they get into an argument. Mihir asks them to leave. Bala says my sister is admitted and she needs treatment, we will not go. The man says we will kick you out. Raman pushes them. The police comes and those men leave.

Raman and Mani talk to the doctor. The doctor says she should not fast, we have to control situation in 24 hours, we will keep her in ICU.. Yeh hai mohabbatein………………plays………….. Raman sees her through the glass door. Appa asks Raman not to worry as everything will be fine, Ishita is strong and will fight with anything. Raman asks them to go home, as they are here. Mani says yes, I will drop you. Raman says he will keep them informed. They leave. Raman sees Ishita. Kabhi kam na hogi ye chahatein…………….yeh hai mohabbatein………….plays………………

The nurse comes and he sees Maatangi as her name badge. He smiles and asks her to come. He thinks about Ishita’s words that Amma named her Maatangi before. He says get up Ishita, I can’t be without fighting you, I don’t find peace good, please get up my Jhansi Ki Rani. Bala gets a call and says why are you calling me, I told you I m busy in hospital, what, who told you, you don’t need to come here, I will come outside. He ends the call and says where did I get stuck, Raman may see me.

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Suraj asks Ashok whats the matter, hat he is wearing black specs. Ashok says nothing, Conjunctivitis . He says he is thinking about Mihika and reminds them about attitude queen, Mihika is like that. Suraj asks about getting rid of Shagun. Ashok says its hard to forget Mihika, like Shagun was passion for me 6 years before, now its Mihika. Bala says he has to go to Vandu. Raman asks him to go. Bala leaves. He comes out of the hospital and a black car comes.

He says look stop this nonsense, this time I m not coming. The door opens and he sits in the car unwillingly. He leaves. Mihika asks Mihir to take Raman have something. Mihir says I will get juice for him, he won’t have food. Mihir says you started using new phone throwing the old one. She says she is using to make calls. He asks did you buy or… She says no one gifted me. He says you will change BF too tomorrow as you changed phone today. She says why are you saying this. He says I bought it with difficulty and you replaced it. She says she can’t live without him. He says it has hurt him a lot. He says enough, I can’t joke more. She says I love you and hugs him. Raman says I love you too, we have to spend time and will gift many phones so that you don’t get any BF. Raman sees them and smiles. Raman thins about Ishita. He cries and says I m missing Jhansi Ki Rani, I did not think I will have this feeling for you.

Mihika asks him to have food. Raman refuses. Mihir says he will get juice for him. Raman stops him and cries. He says its because of me, Ishita tortured herself to accept my family’s tradition, I m so insensitive. Mihir says she will be fine, why are you blaming yourself. He says I did not know this, if anything happens to her, I can’t forgive myself. Mihir says you have ti be strong, you are her strength. Raman says she is my strength. Mihika looks on. Raman says I m sure nothing will happen to her.

Its morning, Mani wakes up Raman and says Ishita got conscious and shifted to room. Raman meets her and talks to doctor. He says she won’t fast now. The doctor leaves. Raman says no more fasting now. Ishita says I heard, but Navratri is not over, I will not break fast. He says you will die, you are doctor, listen to other doctor, you fainted, you can’t tolerate fasting, you have to do what I say. Mani hears Raman scolding her and leaves. She says she won’t break the fast. He says have it, don’t be stubborn.

They argue. She says she is fine, she is not weak. He says he will slap her now. Mani comes and asks how is she feeling. Raman stands far getting angry. Mani asks her to have food. Ishita says she will not eat for anyone. Mani says for Ruhi. He smiles and calls Ruhi. Ruhi comes there. Raman asks who got her here. Mani says I got here to make her meet Ishu. Ruhi says she was missing Ishita a lot and asks how is she. Ruhi says everyone lied to me and cries. She says Abhi uncle told me everything and said you gto unwell as you did not had food.

She says food gives us energy and our body is machine, food is fuel. Ishita says she is fasting. Ruhi says fine, you be at hospital and I will be at home, everything will mess up and they will leave me to Shagun. Ruhi says mum’s heart is big, Mata Rani won’t stop you from having food. She says some sweet innocent lines and makes Ishita and Raman cry. Ishita hugs Ruhi. Dil se dil ka rishta jo hai…………….plays……………… Mani too cries. He gives her the soup. Ruhi says please for my sake. She makes Ishita have the soup. Raman smiles.

Mani says Raman, everything has a way to do, anger makes thing worse. Ruhi thanks Mani for bringing her here. Ishita too thanks him. She says she is half fine seeing Ruhi. Mani says you will be fine having food by her hands. He goes put to get water. Raman stops him and says you and me need to talk. Raman asks whats his problem. Mani says you don’t know how to talk. Raman says Ruhi gets scared, she is attached to Ishita, did you think this. Mani asks him to control his speaking ways, Ishita was not having food, only Ruhi made her eat. Raman says don’t teach me to deal with my wife and daughter.

Raman and Mani have an argument. Raman says you are her best friend, where were you when she was in problem and her family had problems, I helped her and the things you know, anyone can tell her, where were you when she got married, why did you come now. I m her husband and I know my duties well. Mani says you are saying she is your wife and nothing to others, fine, she did duties well, she is good wife, mum, what did you do, your own brother say you just shout, I have seen she is disturbed, what do you know about her, you married her 6 months before, you are not a good husband, relations are made slowly and you are failed one. Raman says look…. Mani says wait a min, I have not finished yet. Raman looks on.

Ishita asks Raman to taunt her and Raman says he can’t go leaving her, as he is her husband and doing his responsibility.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. happy to see the caring side of raman

  2. wow raman tear for ur jansi ki rani ka ishu ko wow bhai wow yaar ur amazing man.and raman dont change ur atitude.we like u as ur.per show ur love also to ishu will sound good.and abhi we known ur a positive character and try to make raman and ishu relation good but raman is right u should not come inbtw raman and ishu.we want more raman and ishu not abhi and ishu.and by and by raman ur jealous tho superb yaar.we just love it.raman express ur love naa.woh bhi jaldi se.

  3. the makers r degrading the character of raman. they shld know that it is his story, he is the male protagonist. raman shld change and change a lot. he shld actually understand that he is not fit for ishita. he shld think abt her khushi & that khushi can happen with Mani. he shld try to unite them both thinking that he is not the person for ishita and he came in between mani and ishita. this will elevate raman’s character as a person. Mani shld then realize that there is no person like raman and ishita and raman r born for each other. ishita shld also understand raman then that he has changed completely nd that she is his life. love will then prosper and become very strng. ishita not breaking teh fast at the request of raman was disheartening. raman’s performance is very touching.

  4. mani the cupid comeon yaar tune kar dikhaya

  5. today ruhi made me cry. she is amazing…

  6. So sweet <3 <3 <3

  7. ruhi thu tho awsome yaar

  8. Sumeet (Abhimanyu) resembles more of Hrithik Roshan. I first saw him 10 years back in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi as Gautham virani, son of Tulsi. Even after 10 years, he looks the same.

  9. He is damn cute

  10. awsum episode

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