Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi says Urmila that Pari can become Jigar’s wife. Pari comes and says she is right and says it was her plan to fight with Savita and provoke her. She wishes them good luck and leaves. Gopi and Urmila think of telling Pari’s truth. They both go down and are about to tell her truth to Kokila and other family members when a man comes and asks Pari to come out. Kokila asks who is he. He says he is Pari’s father.

Pari sees his dad and happily hugs him, asks what is he doing here. He asks he should ask this question instead and asks her to come with him. She says she loves Jigar and wants to stay with him. He says he cannot live his daughter where there is not a drop of love. He drags her, but she pushes her hand back. He gets anxiety attack. Jigar helps him sit on sofa.

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Kokila asks him to call doc. Pari gives him anxiety pills and says he get anxiety attacks when he gets tensed. Dad says Gopi called him and asked to take Pari from there. Kokila scolds Gopi for calling Pari’s dad when whole family is trying to get Pari married to Jigar. Gopi apologizes Kokila for not informing her about it and says she wants Pari’s dad to know what is going on here and says Pari is trying to marry Jigar, but what if Jigar does not want to marry her, she is worried about Pari’s future.

Pari starts acting and asks Gopi why is she behind her. Her dad says Gopi is right. Pari asks Hetal if she will get her son married to her. Hetal says no and says if Jigar does not want, she will not force hm. Dad says she is right and apologizes Jigar for Pari’s mistakes. Jigar asks him not to apologizes and says Rashi is not in this world and he cannot marry anyone else now. Kokila says Jigar is right and we don’t want to force Jigar to marry Pari without his wish.

She says she is convinced with Gopi and Urmila’s decision to call you as you are Pari’s single parent and has right to take her life’s decision. Dad asks her to come with him. Pari says she will not go, holds Jigar’s legs and requests him to accept her. Kokila asks has she gone insane and says she cannot force Jigar to marry him.

Pari says she did not have so much happiness in life before coming to this house and says she found a mother in her, grandma in Baa, and kids in tolu/molu/mira/Vidya and does not want to leave them. She says she will be alone again in her papa’s house. She requests her to give her one more chance to try to invoke love in Jigar’s heart. Dad permits her to stay here and says he will go back to Delhi via flight. Pari requests Kokila to let her dad stay here. Kokila permits.

Hetal says Kokila and Baa that she cannot see Pari’s dad’s helplessness and says every parent like his/her child to get settled and be happy in life. Kokila asks Gopi’s opinion regarding Pari. Gopi says her decision is same and Pari is not right for Jigar.

Precap: Gopi says she will burn Pari’s badness on auspicious day of vijaya dashami.

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