Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Karan takes a big risk

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman asking Karan why do you take risk. Karan says I helped you before. Ruhi says I told you that Karan messaged me run and I informed you, he helped you all. Ishita asks what happened exactly. Karan says I tampered with Shamshad’s car. FB shows Shamshad asking Munna to take car for servicing, petrol is leaking. Karan says I messaged run to you, but it went to Ruhi by mistake. Raman says you saved our lives. Karan says I did some melodrama. He recalls making Shamshad fall and then saving him. Karan says I have to be with Shamshad and know his next plan, you can catch him. Raman says be careful, they are dangerous. Ruhi thanks Karan. He says no need to thank.

Shamshad asks how was Raman not there, that old man said he is waiting for someone, they don’t have my sim card, its good, we will meet that deal tomorrow. Manish asks don’t you think we should tell this to Sahil and get him out. Shamshad says its not easy, I want to shoot commissioner dead, lawyer has run away, we have to find a new lawyer, Sahil won’t be happy if we stop work, none can reach Sahil, we are dealing with Shaina’s name, so that she gets blamed and Sahil gets a clean chit, call that dealer. He calls and says I will tell you about the deal tomorrow. Ruhi says I need to talk. Karan says I want to thank you, you acted so promptly. She says I should thank you, you saved mum and dad, I m so grateful, you need to take care of yourself, promise me that you will not risk your life again. He smiles and asks why are you worried for me, I helped Raman and Ishita, or do you really care for me. She turns to go. He holds her hand and says I won’t let you go until I get an answer. She says I do care for you. He says I will be careful, I know someone cares for me. They smile. Simmi calls Ruhi. Ruhi goes.

Raman says we need police protection, its dangerous, thanks. He says commissioner will come with police force, Karan’s life could be in danger. Ishita says yes, its risky. Hetal comes and drops some thing. Raman asks what is going on. Hetal says sorry, I will be careful. Raman says relax, its fine. Hetal says I never knew that people like you exist in this world, you are good people. Raman thanks her. He says I never knew she talks so much. Ishita says she has suffered a lot, she gets emotional so soon.

Its morning, Aaliya goes to washroom and switches on geyser. Her phone rings. She gets busy on call. Yug comes to talk to her. Tea falls over his hand. He goes to wash his hand. He opens the tap and gets his hand burnt by hot water. She says I forgot, so sorry, lets apply some medicine, I forgot that I kept geyser on. Simmi and Mihika come. Aaliya says I kept geyser on, he went to wash hand, I was on call. Mihika says its getting worse, get first aid box. Neha comes and asks are you fine Yug. She scolds Aaliya. They argue. Neha takes Yug with her and does the aid. He says I will manage it. Mihika says I thought its Neha’s plan. Simmi says I tried asking her personal questions, she isn’t telling anything. Mihika says go and check her stuff. Simmi goes and checks. Yug says go now, I m fine. Mihika asks Neha to get ice pack from kitchen. Neha goes. Mihika says try to understand, let her sit here. Simmi finds the bag locked. Neha gets ice pack and says this will give you relief. Simmi comes and signs no to Mihika.

Ruhi and Karan come to Raman and Ishita. Ishita asks did Shamshad call up. Karan says no. Ruhi says Karan has a dangerous plan, I don’t approve of it. Karan says I thought to go there and request for a driver’s job. Ruhi says its dangerous, you are risking your life, he will kill you. Raman says she is right, keep a mic using which we can hear you. Karan says fine, I will go and get ready. Ruhi says don’t do anything wrong. Karan says I will take care.

Karan comes to meet Shamshad and says please help me. Shamshad says I will call you when I have to go somewhere. Karan says I lost my job, my boss fired me, what will I tell dad and bear his medical and food expenses, you are so kind, you give me a job. Shamshad says fine, you can work for me as a driver. Karan thanks him. Shamshad says don’t make any mistake, my man will get the car after getting it repaired. Karan says mission accomplished, I got the job. Manish takes his phone and asks which mission got complete, who is it. Ruhi coughs and talks as Karan’s old mum. She says thanks for giving job to my son, Lord bless you. Karan says she is my Bebe, I was giving her good news. Manish says fine, come soon. Ruhi asks are you fine. Karan says yes, don’t worry. Ishita says be careful, don’t call us when around them, you are bugged, we hear everything, I m scared for you.

Simmi says I didn’t get anything, a small suitcase is locked. Mihika says forget the lock, we should check it, its better if we can send her out of home. Simmi goes to Yug. Aaliya says we will go to doctor. Yug says its fine now. Simmi says have this haldi milk soon. Yug says I feel like I m in school. Simmi says Aaliya is taking Yug to doctor. Neha says I won’t let this happen. She says I m taking Yug to doctor. Aaliya and Neha argue. Simmi says Neha worries for Yug, take her along. Yug, Aaliya and Neha leave. Mihika says I made all arrangements, come with me. She shows the same lock and says we will break this and fix this one later. Simmi says you are super talented. Mihika opens the suitcase. Simmi says there would be some ID, check fast, there is nothing here. Mihika asks why has she locked it up, for her clothes? Lets arrange the clothes back and lock it again. A pouch falls. Simmi asks what’s this pouch, it has a bullet shell. They get shocked.

Karan says this is right chance to find about the meeting. Manish comes and catches him. Raman asks are you sure there was no gun with it. Mihika says yes. Ishita says there must be some story behind this, we must find out.

Update Credit to: Amena

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