Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Naira meets an accident

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik crying in his room and Naira leaving the house. She cries and recalls their marriage. She thinks of his words and drives off from there. Kartik shouts Naira. Naira says Kartik, why did you do this….. He throws the things. He recalls her words. She sees a truck coming her way. Truck stops. Driver says this girl will die. Kartik says what did I do, how can I ask such a thing. She drives to the dangerous construction site. The workers blow mines to break rocks. The man says this road is closed, the blast is going to be big one, it may cause a landslide. Kartik asks where are you Naira…. The bulb blasts. Her pic catches fire. He leaves.

The man sees clear route and signs the other man. He sees a car going and worries. He signs the other man to stop. The other man blasts the road. Naira recalls Kartik and cries. The blast occurs. The men run to see. Everyone comes home. Kartik shouts Naira, I m sorry. Everyone asks what happened. Kartik asks did you see Naira. Suwarna says no, we just came back from temple. Dadi asks what happened. Kartik says I made a big mistake. He calls out Naira. The men go to see and see the car burning. They see Naira lying unconscious inside. They say we can’t wait, we have to get her out, we can call her home. They get a file fallen out of the car and check it. Manish asks what happened, tell us. The man says call isn’t answered. Kartik shouts Naira. Manish says maybe Naira is at home. Samarth says just her phone is here. The man says the girl won’t get saved, call an ambulance fast. Naira says Kartik….. Kartik cries. He gets a call. The man asks Kartik? Kartik gets shocked. He stumbles. Manish asks what happened. Kartik says Naira…. and runs out of the house. Everyone runs after him.

The man says we will try to save her. Other men stop him. Kartik leaves in the car. Dadi says Kartik isn’t fine. Samarth says we will also go. They leave. Suwarna says I hope Naira is fine. She goes to Kartik’s room and sees things here and there. She sees Naira’s burnt pic. She calls Manish and asks him to tell her if he finds Naira, the room was messed up like they had a fight, like any storm came. Everyone worries. Kartik says I m coming Naira. Kartik reaches. The man says the girl isn’t inside. Kartik shouts Naira. The men catch him. Kartik says leave me. The man says she isn’t inside the car, maybe she is close, don’t take risk to go ahead, this area is of mining.

Naira says sorry baby, we would have got suffocated in the car, so I came out, sorry to take this step in anger, I didn’t think of you, we will go back to Kartik. Kartik looks for her. Samarth asks what….. Manish and Samarth see the burning car. Dadi and everyone cry. Kartik gets hurt in his foot. He sits there and removes the thorn from his foot. Naira sees him and says Kartik…. baby your Papa has come, everything will get fine now. He turns to see. He doesn’t see her because of fog/smoke. Naira extends hand to him and cries seeing him leave. She recalls his words and holds her head. She faints. Morey saiyyan…plays… Kartik hears a sound and stops. Another blast happens.

Everyone is seen crying for Naira’s death in her funeral ceremony. Manish consoles Kartik and Dadi. Kartik recalls Naira’s words. He asks why did you leave me. Everyone cries for Naira. Lav asks why did she go to blast site, who had sent her there. Kartik recalls his words. He thinks I looked for her so much and didn’t find her. He recalls Samarth taking him since its not safe to stay at blast site. Kartik shouts Naira….. FB ends. Kartik cries holding her pic.

No Precap

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This is so dumb…and I thought yrrkh was a simple show…it is just copying what ekta kapoor does in every show…can’t blame the producers too much ab wo bhi kya kare ekta has 5 shows in top 5 position so have to follow her path for trp sake. I wish channel focus quality than trp…at the end all shows have to end but at least good stories can be remembered

  2. It’s good, both of them should just move on and spare each other and their families. Big time trust issues.

  3. Now I am sure I will stop watching this show. So called perfect couple, always fighting, dirvoces, remarries, doubts, and senseless romance

    1. If you don’t like the show then don’t watch it stop trying to insult the cast of the show. Bc no matter whatever scene they are doing all of them r trying to into one of the top shows and trying to get u entertainment. So if u don’t like it don’t watch but at least don’t say that it’s sensless bc sometimes this CAN happen in anyone’s life.

    2. i will also do so. Bored due to the same old story everytime. everytime they kill a person and after that they show that the person didn’t die.

  4. 6

  5. what bullshit.. aur kuch bacha nahi inhe dikhane ke liye.. non sense idiotic senseless couple.. big time trust issues..these two are the worst leads anyshow could have.. they suck big time.. better end the show if you can’t show anything senseful like the old days of akshara.. the show became worst from worse ever since naira came.. such a useless and selfish person naira is.. blo*dy attention seeker!!

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