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The Episode starts with Raman telling his family that Romi made Mihika’s MMS, and when Amma knew this and was heading to Ishita to tell her, he did Amma’s accident. Mr. Bhalla gets angry. Mrs. Bhalla starts crying and says whqat did he do, its because of his bad company, I will explain him. Raman says no, he will be punished now, its our mistake to give him loose grip, I will bring him in track. Mr. Bhalla asks Raman to call Romi. Raman asks Simmi. Simmi says I don’t know about him. Raman says fine you don’t know Ishita and Romi argued. Mr. Bhalla says why did you not ask him, where did he go.

Simmi says I did not know he did this, Ishita scolded him and he went. She says I m worried for Romi a lot. She leaves. Raman says she won’t tell me, I will call his friends, they will be knowing. Appa comes and asks is everything fine. Raman says yes. Appa says I m going to meet Madhu, she is fine and will come home soon. Raman says lets go to hospital, come. Raman tells his dad to tell him if Romi calls him. He leaves. Mrs. Bhalla cries. Simmi brings water for her. Mrs. Bhalla says I can’t believe Romi can do this, such a big sin, I also have two daughters, think if someone did this with Rinki, he has stained my values.

Simmi says don’t blame yourself, guys get spoiled and its about hot blood, he did not realize what he did. Mrs. Bhalla says what did he do with Ishita’s mum, as she is relate to us now.

She says if Raman get him, he will kill him. Simmi says he won’t get him so easily. Mrs. Bhalla asks what are you hiding. Simmi says I made Romi run away. Mrs. Bhalla asks why. Simmi says Ishita scolded Romi and would have sent him to jail, I could not see it so I have sent him. Mrs. Bhalla says even I could not see Amma’s state, he did something so she took his name, and prays for Romi and cries. Romi comes to Bunty’s farmhouse. Bunty says don’t be tensed, he is your brother, will scold you and leave. Romi says you don’t know my brother’s anger, even elders get afraid seeing his anger. He says Raman won’t leave me. First of all the MMS and now this accident drama, don’t know what will Raman do.

Amma complains to Ishita about the hospital and tells her that she wants to go home. Ishita says realx. The doctor asks any problem. Amma says I want to go home, nurse troubles me, please discharge me. Ishita says Amma does not like hospitals. Raman comes and hears this. The doctor says your operation was complicated, its important to monitor you. Raman asks Amma does she want to shift to five star hospitals. Appa says no, she does not like any hospital and is adamant. Raman says Ishita went on Amma. He asks the doctor can he shift Amma home, and he will arrange all medical needs there. The doctor says yes, and asks Amma to take rest and medicines in time. Amma thanks Raman.

Everyone welcomes Amma at home. Raman arranges a nurse at home with medical help. Ishita asks who did this. Raman brings a wheel chair and says welcome home Amma. Everyone smile and take Amma to her room. Mihika says its all perfect., Raman did this alone. Ishita thanks Raman. He thinks to catch Romi. Romi talks to Mrs. Bhalla. She asks where is he.

She asks him did he do the accident. He says no, I did not. She asks why are you hiding then. Romi ends the call. Bunty asks what happened now. Romi says I m unable to tell the truth to my mum. Simmi asks Mrs. Bhalla what happened. Mrs. Bhalla says its good Romi did not do the accident. Simmi says I knew this. Mrs. Bhalla says but he made the MMS, I have spoiled him, I m a woman and could not teach him to respect a woman, shame on me. Simmi asks her not to be upset and beat him when he comes. Mrs. Bhalla says when will he come. Simmi says let Romi be on farmhouse and we will call him in few days.

Raman hears this and leaves. He comes to his room. Ishita talks to him. He says he has to go to catch Romi. She says where will you get him. He says he is hiding at Bunty’s farmhouse, I will get him. She asks shall I come with you. He says no, I will bring him alone, and you have to be with Amma, she may need you. Ishita cooks for Raman and Amma with the maid. Ruhi greets Ishita and Raman. Ishita packs the tiffin and gives it to Raman. Ruhi asks Papa are you going office. Raman asks am I going to school to have this tiffin, I don’t want. Ishita says I made this with love and he is not taking. Ruhi asks him to take the tiffin like a good boy. Raman takes it. Ishita asks him not to be much angry on Romi.

Raman sees the tiffin and finds khichdi and soup. Ishita calls him and asks did you have food, its your fav one, I have put chat masala in eggs and dry fruits in halwa. He says I have khichod and soup here. She says Ayyo, it means Amma’s tiffin exchanged with yours. He says go fast, before Amma sees the eggs. Romi gets someone’s call and says thanks for good news. The bell rings and Romi goes to hide. He is shocked to see Parmeet and says you here.

Parmeet comes in and says don’t be afraid, I will not harm you. He asks how did you know I m here. Parmeet says Simmi is my wife, I can’t see her sad so came to help you. Romi asks are you still in touch with her. Parmeet says yes and says can your sister be without me, you are not married, so you won’t understand, Raman will send you to jail as he does what Ishita says. You can join me, I will keep you good. Bunty asks Romi to go with Parmeet. Romi asks Bunty to leave. Parmeet says don’t worry, I know this address, no one will come. He says you made a girl’s MMS, its fine, Raman won’t understand, he is not like us, he will not leave you. Parmeet speaks against Ishita. Parmeet says he does not know we love the Iyer sisters.

Romi gets angry and asks him to leave as he is fine on his own. Parmeet says Raman will kick you out, I came to help you, and your family will not support you, you are hiding here because of Ishita, she has broken your house, first made me out and now you, think again. Parmeet says don’t take my Bhabhi’s name again with your bad tongue, you tried to molest her, you should be ashamed, but you are filling my ears instead. Romi says its better to go to the jail and get beaten by Raman, than going with you. Parmeet says you are going a big mistake, Raman will send you to jail.

Romi says leave from here if you want to have some respect, just leave silently. Parmeet says Raman will ruin you. Raman comes there and sees Parmeet with Romi. Parmeet and Romi looks at him.

Mihika scolds Romi and asks an answer why did he do this, as he has to take revenge for Mihir. Mihika asks why did you ruin my life Romi.

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