Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone seeing the parcel. They are shocked to see the same grinding machine. They wonder how did this come to them. They are glad and think who has sent them. Bhabho says what is this doing here. Bhabho asks the delivery boys about it. She tells them that she did not win this, its for Taisa. The boys tell her that its on her name. Santosh Rathi. Mohit checks the bill and says its your name on this bill. Sooraj gives the driving test. The man is happy with it. Sooraj asks when will I get license. He says you will be informed. Sooraj thinks to surprise Sandhya.

Everyone is happy getting the grinder. Babasa gives some tips to the boys, and seeing its so less, they don’t take it. Bhabho says who got this here. Everyone start thinking. Meenakshi thinks did Vikram buy this for Bhabho. Vikram says don’t look at me. She asks him did he buy this. Bhabho asks Vikram. He says no, I did not. Bhabho asks everyone. Sooraj comes home and everyone ask hima bout surprise. Sooraj thinks they came to know about the car driving. He then sees the grinder saying I did not buy this.

Sandhya comes home. Everyone think Sandhya has brought it. Sandhya says yes, I got my first salary today and I bought this for Bhabho. I got gifts for everyone, I saw Bhabho liking this, so I bought this. Everyone is happy. Meenakshi asks where is her gift. Sandhya says I got gifts, and asks Laxman to bring the gifts. Sandhya gifts everyone. Bhabho says why did you bring saree for me, I have many. Sooraj says this will suit you. Babasa says keep it, its beautiful. Bhabho takes it.

Meenakshi says you can buy many things from your next salary. She says we want a fridge to have cold water, I don’t want to go to Taisa. Dilip brings Chavi to the bank where she has to work and asks her to go for the interview. Chavi thinks she will not give the interview well and won’t get the job. Taisa comes to them and is shocked to see the same grinder machine at Bhabho’s place. She asks Sandhya to read the document and tell her. She asks Bhabho did she also buy this. Meenakshi says yes, Sandhya bought it.

She asks Sandhya to teach them and Taisa together how to use the machine. Taisa asks when did you buy. Laxman says Sandhya brought it just now with her first pay. Everyone smile. Taisa says Bhabho is very lucky to have three sons earning, but her bahu brought it for her. Bhabho says I m proud when my bahu brought this, and answers Taisa well. Everyone look on. Bhabho talks in Sandhya’s favor and says Sandhya has won the trophy on her own, by her hardwork. She says when my bahu is doing her duty, I m proud of her.

Taisa smiles. Bhabho says sons and bahus are equal to me. Taisa leaves getting a big lecture from Bhabho. Bhabho smiles saying she is really very lucky. Sandhya is happy and comes to her room. Sooraj says all your gifts made everyone happy, clothes for everyone, but what for me. She says I m sorry, I forgot to buy anything for you. She pulls his leg and lies to him. She stops him and gives him a keychain with S initials. She says I bought this for your scooter. Piya…………….plays…………… Sooraj says its very good. She says I love surprises. Sooraj thinks he will also give her surprise.

Bhabho uses the grinder machine. Sandhya says its great, as you are making roti today. Bhabho says I have three earning sons and three earning bahus who are independent. Chavi comes and says no Bhabho, three earning bahus and two sons. Everyone is shocked.

Laxman tells Mohit to become constable. Mohit gets angry and scolds him. Bhabho slaps him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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