Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with inspector asking Ishita and Shagun whats the matter. Ishita says she is taking her home. He says she is drunk, she was driving in this state and we will make a challan. Shagun says she is Shagun and asks his name. He says Suraj Kumar. She gets angry and scolds him. She holds his neck and Ishita stops her. He says she has gone mad. Shagun says his name is Suraj. Ishita says shut up and tells inspector that she is taking her, and he can’t stop them as he does not have lady constable. Ishita takes Shagun. The inspector says its strange city, everything is for women, we need help from such woman. Ishita brings Shagun to Ashok’s home. The guard stops them and says Suraj is not permitting you inside. Ishita says is this Suraj’s house. He says Shagun created a scene and he said she can’t enter this house.

Ishita says look at her state, its their matter, they will solve, let her go. The guard says you take her today, Ashok will solve matter tomorrow. Ishita says where should I take her now. Raman is waiting at home and says where did she go, whenever she is out at night, she does something, whats the use of mobile then. He is restless. Mr. Bhalla comes and says man does this when a wife fights and kicks husband out of room. He says Ishita is not at home. Mr. Bhalla says then be ready. Raman asks what. Mr. Bhalla gives the formula to always say sorry to wife even when its not his mistake. He makes Raman practice and says women melt like candle when we say sorry.

He says then they admit its their mistake, its reverse psychology. He shows him to bow down and not look in eyes and say sorry Ishita, I made mistake. He says your mum asked for water, I m going. Raman says I will take her life when she comes home, no sorry. Ishita brings Shagun home, and says shall I takle her to Amma, no. Shagun says she has to go to Ashok, where is he. Ishita takes her inside and asks her not to make any noise. Ishita says Amma is not well and would be sleeping. Raman says pirated dentist did not come home, foolish woman. Ishita knocks the door. He is shocked to see Ishita with Shagun. He asks what is she doing here. Ishita says look at her, she was not in state to drive and no place to go.

He says he won’t let her stay here. She says she will stay here. He says do what you want, are yoi really mad to bring her here. Ishita says she has no place to go. He says go to Ashok. Ishita says she was disturbed, she had fight with Ashok or Suraj I think. Everyone come by the noise. Mrs. Bhalla asks who got her. Ishita says I got her here, she met with an accident, so I got her. Simmi says you are great, you bring anyone anytime, and asks Raman to manage his two wives. Shagun shouts. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to get lost. Ishita says she is not in her senses. Mrs. Bhalla says she won’t bear Shagun. Shagun says I want to go to Ashok.

Ishita tales her to her room. Simmi talks to Parmeet. He says don’t worry, we will sleep peacefully today, everyone is great here, and Ishita is super creator of such strange situations. She says I feel everyone is blind and does not see Ishita is so wrong, the day their eyes opens, they will know. Ishita makes Shagun lie on the bed. Mrs. Bhalla sees them. Shagun thinks she is her maid and scolds her asking her to massage her legs. Mrs. Bhalla scolds her back. Ishita asks Shagun to sleep. Mrs. Bhalla says Ishita crossed the limit of foolishness, she is so good to not see whom she brought, you will regret. Ishita says she is not in her senses, its Delhi, if anything happens with her, what will we do.

Mrs. Bhalla says I have seen the world, I know this all looks good in books, you brought Raman’s first wife in your bedroom. You are foolish, remember you have to pay a big price for this mistake. She leaves. Ishita looks at Shagun. Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman to take care of the situation. Raman comes in his room and looks at Ishita. He takes a bedsheet and leaves. Ishita goes after him. He sleeps on the sofa. She says she did not have any option. Shagun shouts for the servant Ramdeen to shut the AC. Raman asks Ishita Ramdeen to go, and says the lady which it 6 years to get out of my heart, you brought her back. He scolds her and asks her to leave. She gets upset.

Ishita comes in her room. Dil kahin rukta nahi………………..plays………………. Raman is unable to sleep and gets up. He stands near the window. Ishita cries seeing Shagun. Yeh hai mohabbatein………………..plays……………..Ishita is shown sitting near the mirror and shows Shagun in the reflection. Its morning, Amma talks to Appa. She asks him to get ready fast. He compliments her looks. Amma asks Mihika to get ready fast, its late. Mihika asks where are we going. Soumya comes and Mihika asks why did you come sudden. Soumya asks her to get ready.

Mihika asks why did you come, where are we going. Soumya says you did not tell me about your register marriage, Mihir told us, won’t we come in your marriage. Mihika says chill, its formality, 5min marriage, its not a big deal. Amma says its big news, its your marriage today, wear Kanjivaram saree. Soumya gives her a saree. Mihika says no please. Mihika says what was the need to tell everyone Mihir, he can’t keep anything in his stomach, Bhallas should not come there.

Parmeet asks the maid for tea and sees Raman sleeping in hall on the sofa. He laughs on Raman’s fate. He says when his two wives are sleeping on the bed in his bedroom, the man came on road. Its tough to manage. He calls Ashok. Ashok asks the servant where is Shagun, is she in Adi’s room. Parmeet asks Ashok how is he. Ashok asks what happened to call in morning. Parmeet tells Shagun is here at Bhalla house and sleeping in Raman’s bedroom. Ashok is shocked.

Amma comes to Bhalla house and talks to them. She is socked seeing Shagun coming out of Ishita’s bedroom. Ashok comes there to talk to Shagun. Raman faces him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. When is raaman gonna confess his love to ishita and it seems like he’s not

  2. Now i guess shagun will play evil to get back to raman….it will triangle story and Raman will confes his love to ishita after all this nonsense drama…..ooh god do think something different…

  3. Ekta i ll going to kill u we all for that intresting moment in btwn u got this track. Plz get this track to end and plz enter that moment plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  4. I think this is the matter of trp rating is going down plz ekta to raise the trp u should do sme thing different arae plz ya or otherwise we dont give comments or voting.

  5. I hope Raman will confess soon to Ishita n for god sake stop this Shagun drama yaar.

  6. Omg plz stop tis drama dnt stretch mch it mak lose our intrst in wtchng hwevr it ws f9 epi ……..

  7. arey yar param ka drama b bahuth hogaya.. aur abi shagun ki drama b strt hua tho…… omg…

  8. Ekta pleaseeeeeeee yaar enough of shagun . go back to raman and ishu track

  9. ishita is toooooooo goood. how the wife who loves her husband somuch could bring her husband’s first wife to her house .idiotic yaar . raman bhai aap jalde ishu ko propose karo aur shagun ka chapter katham kardo

  10. Ektha in ur direction cant wife take advice from husbands they wil rake decisions acc to their wish,y ishitha didn’t take raman advice about shagun,she could called him and sort out the problem,or she could hav called Ashok,or when inspector came she could hav given Ashok num or house addres to inspector,or she could hav taken to her amma home or mihir home,she could hav called mihir,y only near to raman,madam in your direction keep a scene respecting or take advice from husbands,don’t try to show woman only bearing everything

  11. Don’t try to break relationship between Raman and ishitha and ruhi,if is that u wil never know the value of love or relationship in your real life also,ur ideas are like that so u r alone in ur life

  12. Plz khatam karo yeh shagun ka drama nd and raman and ishita should confess their love to each other..

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