Veera 6th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Veera 6th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veera talking to Ratan and Chaiji. She asks what problem they have with Baldev. Chaiji scolds her for hiding it from them. Veera says yes, as I know we are different so we need time to know each other well, we were finding the right time, we would not go ahead without your permission. She says now that you all know we both are serious, and our families know each other, whats the problem. She says please tell me clearly. Ratan says I gave you the answers, I know Baldev is a nice guy, but you both are different. She says Bansuri did not like you since childhood, will she accept you. She says it will involve families, if you go ahead, we will suffer, its your wish if you feel you are right, I won’t say anything. Ratan leaves. Veera says Chaiji……. Chaiji also leaves.

Dev meets all the contestants and introduces ad film director Anand Rai who will make their promo shoot. He asks them to give their introduction. They greet Anand. Anand says you will be given a theme. They are given the scripts. The promo shoots starts. Ranvi is given the script in English and he does not understand. Anmol asks Ranvi what happened. Ranvi says its in English and I don’t know. Ranvi tells Anand that his English is not good, can I get lines I hindi. Dev says yes and says give him in hindi script. Ranvi gets new lines in hindi. Anand asks Ranvi to be quick.

Anand asks Ranvi to sit on the bike. Ranvi can’t speak in English. Anand scolds him for being so under confident. Dev and Rishabh smile. Ranvi says can I tell the lines in hindi, I can’t talk in English. Anandy says fine, whatever. Ranvi talks in Punjabi and hindi. He speaks from the heart and is very confident. Anand says good and claps. Dev and Rishabh are shocked. Ranvi says no language is big or small, I m not ashamed to talk in hindi. Dev thanks Anand. He tells everyone that they gave good promos, but when the contest starts, they will be in limelight, they will get nervous, seeing the crowd, if you sing well infront of them, then you will be called winner. He says we will shoot for round 1 tomorrow on your chosen song, rehearse the song and create the music track and then audience will decide and your fate.

Dev says the round will be telecast on next day and voting will come in 24 hours. He asks Ranvi to make voting appeal in hindi. Dev taunts Ranvi. Rishabh smiles. Anmol says be careful of Rishabh, he is very strong contestant and Dev is his best friend. Ranvi says he focuses on only himself, he is not thinking about anyone’s bad. Anmol says you are great man and true. Veera talks to Nihaal and asks him to talk to Ratan. She leaves. Ratan asks Nihaal did he know this before. He says yes, it started in Poland before me. I saw them supporting and changing for each other. Baldev is a nice guy, I m shocked that you are against this.

Ratan says no, I know Baldev is nice, but they are different, I m afraid if they marry, then it won’t be forever. If this happens, Veera will be shattered, I have seen her heart breaking before, I want her good future. He says you are afraid for Veera, I understand, but tow different people can also match up. He says I agree that bad things happened with Veera, but she did not break, she went ahead and she has tested Baldev well, you should be proud of her, as she has joined her broken heart and gave second chance to love, you know she gave heart to a right man this time.

Ranvi coms to the bar and talks to the manager. The manager says its good you are taking part in reality show. Ranvi says no, I will work for the advance taken. The manager says no, I know you won’t eat my money, you can become reality star and then perform in my bar, good luck. Anmol says I think someone gave him a mind. Ranvi thinks he knows Megha did this. Veera calls and talks to Baldev and says I don’t think Nihaal has convinced Ratan. He says then what. She says we have to fight for ourselves, do something that Biji likes you. He says what should I do. She says think, I will talk later and ends the call.

Ranci wears the jeans and blazer and looks cool. Gunjan is amazed and likes him. Megha praises him and asks him to show more options, so go and change. Ranvi wears some western stylish clothes. Gunjan says some tips. Megha likes her fashion sense. She says we are working hard on your look, as you will be appearing on tv. Gunjan says about Isha, I think she is acting. Megha says she is smart and knows to play her cards. Megha asks Ranvi to share his story with the audience to win votes. Ranvi says no way, I trust my voice. Megha says try to understand, I m not asking to lie, but show the reality. Ranvi says its against my ethics. Ranvi says he can’t hurt his family.

Ranvi meets Anmol and says he decided the song. Anmol says you got help from right person and says he has rehearsed too. Ranvi comes in the studio and says this is my song. The man says its very difficult, are you ready. Ranvi says yes. Anmol and Rishabh look at Ranvi. Ranvi sings and the music director likes it. He praises him. Anmol says Ranvi is taking guidance from Megha. The man says he does not need any guidance. Rishabh is tensed and gets some idea. He smiles.

Baldev tells Ratan that he loves Veera a lot and will keep her happy. He promises that he will not meet Veera till she allows him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. veeba’s relation is true. ratan should agree with them


  3. Has the writerji forgot that this story is about a brother being as a mother to his sister. ..i miss the back ground music. .veer ki ardass veera……i miss veera and ranvi scences with the background music.i barely watch this show now.Where is the nayi soch???Why are star plus serials becoming so outdated… and so frustrating….

  4. i want to see veeba’s marriage in veer soon because i love veeba soooo much. ummma……

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