Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone posing for family pic. Raman takes Adi with him. Adi does not smile, and everyone asks him to smile. Shagun signs him to smile. Ishita sees him sad and recalls his and Raman’s words. She makes Shagun stand with Adi, and says we don’t have Adi’s pic, I need one good family pic and goes out of the frame, and clicks their pics. Raman and Shagun kiss Adi and she takes a pic. She says this is Adi’s happy family, and shows Raman. He says we will see later, come here. Shagun says thanks for clicking family pic with Adi and his parents. Raman holds Ishita and makes her stand. They pose for the family pic. Adi smiles. Shagun plans to kick out Ishita from their family.

Mihir holds Mihika and asks is she happy with Ashok, the man whom he used to hate, she loved him, did she never love him, did she always lie to him for four years, how could you not think about me, was my love weak. She says leave me, I m Ashok’s wife, how can you touch me, are you not ashamed. He says you were going to be my wife, tell me the truth. Vandu comes and stops Mihir. She asks Mihika to stop acting, as they can see she is not happy. Mihika says you stop acting, I m happy with this marriage. Mihir says she is lying, why did she do this with me, I loved her truly and did she not love me. He cries. Vandu says calm down, and control yourself, don’t drink.

Ashok comes to Shagun and says Namaste ji, don’t be so rigid, did you meet me wife, I will call her. He sees Ishita talking on phone. He goes to her and greets her as Mrs Raman Bhalla. He says you are my Saali now, and a sacrificing idol, but time is great, we did not think Raman and I will become relatives. Raman comes in between and scolds Ashok asking him to be away from his family. Ashok says I m part of your family pic, I m your wife’s sister’s husband, we are one happy family. Raman says shut up, and they argue. Ashok reminds him that he has dirt in his house, he is legally married and one woman man, and he has got two women at his home. Raman gets angry and Ishita stops Raman.

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Ashok asks Ishita to see Raman that he still loves Shagun, and is happy around her, their old love can get revived again, and if its about any hottie like Shagun. Shagin says disgusting, you feel I m so fallen to fire the house who supported me, I respect Raman and Ishita as husband and wife, Raman is just my children’s father for me. Ishita asks Ashok to mind his marriage, he does not know relations, and scolds him. She says Shagun was imp and still imp in Raman’s life, she is Raman’s children’s mum, and its their anniversary, so what, we will celebrate this day, if they did not meet, we would have not got Ruhi and Adi, I m not sacrificing idol, I m not jealous and insecure as my husband is great, Raman’s loyalty is for me, you are not half the man like Raman, so please don’t tell anyone about marriage, he is not like you to kick 6 year relation and move on, lets go Raman and Shagun.

Raman says I m saying last time, I will not let you be alive, change else you will pass away, happy new year. Ashok says this happens in family. Vandu brings Mihika and asks what happened to you. Mihika says mind your own business. Vandu says tell me the truth, or I know what to do. She locks her in washroom. Mihika says you know I have claustrophobia, I can’t breathe. Vandu says yes, I know, I used to do this to make you say the truth in childhood, tell truth or stay there. Mihika says open please, I will say the door. She comes out and hugs Vandu. Vandu says tell me the truth now. Mihika cries and says come and takes her.

Ishita thinks she won’t become reason of Adi’s pain. Mihika tells everything to Vandu about Mihir, Ashok has blackmailed me, he said if I did not marry him, he will make Mihir get death sentence. Suraj acted and did drama, he has bribed everyone and did coma drama, I was caught, it was about Ruhi’s custody also, I knew Ashok was planning, he would have separated Ishita and Ruhi, I had no choice, I m sorry. Vandu says you have grown up, you did big sacrifice and bearing all pain alone. Mihika says promise me, you won’t tell this to anyone. Vandu cries and hugs her.

Mihika comes to Ashok. He says lets leave, its boring party. She leaves with him. Mihir looks on and feels hurt. The announcer invites all the couples on the dance floor. Raman asks Ishita for dance. Ishita asks Adi to come, and get Shagun along. Adi asks Shagun. Raman and Ishita dance on the song bin kuch kahe, bin kuch sune………….They look very happy. The partners change and Raman dances with Shagun. The Iyers and Bhallas praise Ishita having a big heart. Adi smiles seeing Raman and Shagun. Ishita goes and Raman looks for her.

The new year arrives and everyone clap. Shagun and Raman wish each other and hug. Everyone celebrate. The man says there is one more celebration, Aditya Bhalla’s parents wedding anniversary. Ishita brings the cake and Rama is shocked. She smiles. Everyone is shocked and discuss. Raman asks whats this. Ishita says its for Adi, he did not celebrate his parents’ anniversary, he would wish this. Shagun thanks Ishita and cuts the cake with Raman. (Celebrating anniversary after divorce, totally crazy!!) Adi smiles and makes them have the cake.

Ishita says now the gift is pending. He says gift? She hands over the earrings. He is stunned and sees her ears. He says no. She says its earrings for me, but for Adi, its his mum’s respect and love, our relation is higher than this thing, Adi will like it, please…. Raman agrees and gifts Shagun the earrings, forwarding his hand. Shagun and Adi get glad. She asks are you sure. He says ya. She takes them and smiles.

Raman says Adi is carom champion, and you gave me Shravan. Bala says he is also good. Adi says its fine. Raman changes the partners, and Raman becomes Adi’s partner and jokes on Shravan and Bala. Adi laughs and enjoys the family time with his dad for the first time, living his childhood to the fullest.

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